Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

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Any expert would tell you that any type of alcohol treatment literally saves a life. In any alcohol addiction rehab, there will be a team of dedicated experts that are committed to helping people recover and lead a fuller, happier, and healthier life. Many of these people themselves used to be addicted to alcohol. Interestingly, there are many alcohol rehabs centers with all kinds of approaches. Obviously, one of the major mistakes to commit would be in adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Dipping into the well of healing and wellness, there are more than a thousand ways to help people find the healing they need from alcohol abuse. Obviously, being addicted to alcohol stems from countless of reasons. A person who has been into alcohol abuse can be classified in two types. One can be a functioning alcoholic, meaning that you has an alcohol problem but can turn it off and on. The other type can be a complete alcoholic, meaning that someone is fully dependent on alcohol and trying to abstain from it gives them more health problems.

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Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab

There are at least two types of outpatient alcohol rehab programs. There is the intensive outpatient program, and there is also the regular outpatient alcohol addiction rehab program. Although only one simple word is added to each of them, each phrase now implies a major difference in meaning. Dictionary defines intensive as “very thorough and vigorous.” The intensive outpatient program requires more focus and careful assessment of the problem, even if it is outpatient.
Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab

An inpatient alcohol rehab is a little different from an outpatient alcohol rehab. The most obvious difference is that you stay at the holistic alcohol treatment center instead to be treated at home. Of course, there are many people, for whatever reason, who simply do not respond well to an outpatient alcohol rehab program. In that case, they need more guidance, and an inpatient alcohol rehab program is the way to go for them. Naturally, the patients in this setting are closely watched to ensure that they do not relapse It is harder to resist an inpatient care if the alcohol addiction is deemed serious.

Admittedly, even inpatient alcohol addiction rehab clinics can have a varying degree of success. Those who suffer from alcoholism should be willing to try different approaches. One conventional approach may not apply to the some individuals. Treatments and responses vary from person to person.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a rehab center that stands out for its high success rate in dealing with their patients. Realizing that some people need alternative healing methods to beat their alcohol addiction, this alcohol rehab have known long beforehand that not everyone is going to respond to traditional western healing methods. However, with careful study, a qualified alcohol and drug treatment center should have taken all the considerations concerning the basics of alcoholism or alcohol dependence and the repercussions on one’s health.

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What can you expect from The Holistic Sanctuary?

The Holistic Sanctuary Alcohol Addiction Rehab: The Basics of Treatment

For starters, all alcohol addiction rehab and treatment centers will have confidential treatment for their patients. The Holistic Sanctuary upholds the essence of privacy. This means that they respect their clients’ decision to have their treatment dealt with confidentiality. If the client does not want someone to know about their treatment, then the center will have to conceal that. Also, like any other alcohol treatment clinic, there are also a variety of stay options available.

For The Holistic Sanctuary, clients have the option of a 4-week or a 3-month stay. The 3-month stay is already an ample period for patients to effectively defeat their dependence on alcohol. However, the center offers the client a free extended stay if the patient experiences relapse.

Why do you think The Holistic Sanctuary believes that their treatments are effective? Because experience is an important factor and that the ability to achieve wellness by understanding the mind and the body are tickets to discover the powers of natural healing.

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    The Holistic Sanctuary: a new approach to alcohol addiction treatment

    Johnny Tabaie is the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, and he is dedicated to helping people get better from their addictions simply because for him the issue hits close to home: he had a mother who ultimately lost her life because of her struggle with an addiction to crack cocaine and a battle with depression; a brother who committed suicide because of his meth addiction; and he himself went through a 20-year battle with addiction where he had constant thoughts of suicide as well.

    Johnny Tabaie’s holistic alcohol rehab and treatment center is different because he knows what finally worked for him. He deviated from the traditional western school of medicine and embraced eastern medicine traditions for him to finally conquer his addictions and his demons. From there on, he is dedicated to having his luxury alcohol rehab center take a new approach to holistic alcohol treatment.

    The manner of laying the foundation for treating alcohol addiction sets The Holistic Sanctuary apart from other alcohol rehab centers. The first thing rehab centers may teach is that alcohol addiction is untreatable. However, The Holistic Sanctuary is adamantly against that. Other alcohol rehab centers also teach that the only way to treat alcoholism is by prescribing dangerous medications, with a whole host of side effects, including liver and kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and even suicidal thoughts or mania or even addiction to the prescription meds.

    We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
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    One of the things that Johnny Tabaie realizes is that these approaches do not work for the great majority of people dependent on alcohol and other drugs. Simply put, he realizes if he had entrusted his fate to these typical drug rehab facilities he would have lost his battle with addiction and became yet another victim.

    Now, the questions lie on the kinds of methods The Holistic Sanctuary follow and observe. Treatments that are not prescription drugs based have actually been effective for many people over the years. What can Pouyan Method do and what is a pre-addicted state?

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    The Pouyan Method

    Pouyan Method was developed by Johnny himself. This method combines plant-based medicine with holistic techniques such as ayahuasca, NAD iv drips, and ibogaine treatments, to name a few.  This method not only cures the patients physically, but also thoroughly addresses their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. Indeed, this is the only treatment facility in the world that offers the Pouyan Method and a lifetime guarantee.

    Returning the brain to its pre-addicted state

    Initially, Johnny Tabaie seeks to start a new state with the brain before the client became addicted. His clinic does this by first clearing the body of any harmful chemicals, then he will restore balance to the gastrointestinal tract and reduce any consequences of an unhealthy diet. Next, he will take steps to stimulate the body’s natural transmission of serotonin, which is responsible for helping the individual get an appropriate mood and a desirable emotional well-being.
    The Pouyan Method developed by Johnny Tabae

    The Holistic Sanctuary: developing a solid after-care program and embracing the new you!

    Johnny Tabaie is extremely confident that his methods will work for anyone that becomes his client. With that said, he realizes that any good alcohol rehab and treatment program should also include a solid after-care program. This is one of the reasons why he includes testimonials of those who have found healing from their addiction. Johnny knows that his clients’ testimonials will have a beneficial effect to others who will realize that leading a happy, healthy, and addiction-free life is not only possible but is actually reachable. With The Holistic Sanctuary, relapse is simply a thing of the past. It does not affect your future, because it is no longer part of it and cannot be part of it.

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