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Addiction continues to be a very large problem in America, with some areas experiencing a rise in addiction rates close to a thousand percent in just the last ten years. Even though there are more treatment centers available now than ever before, more people are failing during treatment and relapsing more than ever, indicating that methods used at these facilities are far from working.
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The protocol used at these facilities involve the use of highly addictive prescription medications to treat addictions like heroin addiction. They combine talk therapy and 12 step programs that outline the inabilities of the patient and have left them feeling defeated right from the start; leading a startling majority right back into addiction. A new method is needed to change all of this; one that takes each individual into consideration, finds a way to help them get back to where they were before addiction and bring them a cure that helps them regain control and become empowered.
This new approach is not only possible but it is happening right now at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary provides a drug treatment center unlike any other and its rousing success has left experts and specialists awestruck as the approach goes against all of the treatment protocols they have been taught for years. The Holistic Sanctuary is a place where patients get the ability to take their lives back and CURE themselves of addiction.
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Addiction Treatment Centers: The Holistic Sanctuary

We use the resources nature provides, such as oxygen, the sun, natural foods and supplements and more to help the patient rebuild their brain and reset their mind back to where it was before addiction so they feel vital and alive like never before. The Holistic Sanctuary is an addiction treatment center that shuns traditional practices of prescription drugs and talk programs that insist the patient has a disease that can never be cured. Through the use of Ibogaine, a proven natural substance, addictive cravings can be stopped and a deep level of understanding is achieved so patients do not want or need to use drugs anymore. This therapy is used in conjunction with other customized programs using therapies such as stem cell therapy, IV infusion, amino acid drips, oxygen therapy, natural cleanses and much more. Each patient receives 6 hours a day of one-on-one therapy to guide them to healing.
The Holistic Sanctuary, is an Addiction Treatment Center that uses the Pouyan Method; an exclusive system created and invented by the Sanctuary’s founder Johnny Tabaie. This method has helped over 1000 patients since 2011. Most of these patients of whom failed at various other facilities but achieved success here, making Johnny Tabaie a revolutionary leader in addiction treatment.
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    We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
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    In 2017, almost 20 million American adults (12 and over) struggled with substance abuse disorder, a worrying number for the professionals. Moreover, more than 70% of the adults were going through alcohol addiction, whereas 38% would deal with illegal drug disorders.

    Unfortunately, 1 out of every eight adults should get help for both drug and alcohol addiction. Busy metropolitan areas make people lose focus from their addiction treatment, which is why people living in large cities choose to travel out of their district for treatment. Looking for addiction treatment centers outside your area isn’t difficult. However, finding a recovery center that offers results and ensures your lifetime recovery is a challenge.

    Top-rated addiction treatment centers- what’s unique about them?

    Like everything else in life, there are many options to choose from, and centers promise long-lasting recovery for people with substance use disorders.

    Should you be dealing with drug or alcohol dependency for the first time, a treatment center in your neighborhood may help. As long as you havent been struggling with addiction for a long time, outpatient treatment could help with your recovery for some time.

    The comprehensive approach to treatment

    According to traditional therapies, addiction is a chronic disease, so treatment will help the patient handle the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction for the rest of his life. At a non-conventional recovery center like Holistic Sanctuary, we believe that addiction is just a sign of various imbalances of the body, mind, and soul. Finding the deep cause of the addiction and teaching the patient how to solve the grave problems and deal with life without substance use will help complete patient recovery.

    As you can see, even if your addiction is low, it will only worsen unless you’re following a comprehensive program for treatment. Best addiction centers would take a different take of your addiction, aiming to heal the body, mind, and soul. That’s why a treatment center like Holistic Sanctuary stands out, helping patients gain recovery from their addiction forever.

    Innovative protocols and therapies

    Traditional treatment for patients with drug abuse hasn’t given results for years now, and patients have turned to alternative therapies in recent years. At Holistic Sanctuary, professionals from various areas of expertise take a different approach to addiction and treatment.

    Innovative protocols for detox, liver detox, parasite/candida cleanse, coffee enemas, and sacred plant medicine will help the patient with addiction go through a less painful detox that gives long-lasting results and isn’t addictive. Daily amino acid IV drips, Gaba repair, Myers cocktail, Mitochondria repair protocol, and ozone and HBOT therapy, will help the brain get to the pre-addiction stage for later complete recovery. It’s all done at our recovery center, and testimonials of patients tell it all.


    Back in 2017, more than 8 million American adults struggled with addiction and mental health issues. At a top addiction treatment center, professionals can identify co-occurring mental health conditions with drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike other centers, the Holistic Sanctuary is an addiction treatment center providing only natural methods and substances. One-on-one counseling sessions help the patient identify the deep causes of the addiction and manage the co-occurring mental problems.

    Customized treatment

    One of the many reasons for which traditional health services have a high rate of relapse is the lack of personalization of the treatment. Addiction treatment is different for every patient, something that professionals at a top addiction treatment center consider.

    At our addiction treatment center, every patient is analyzed by various professionals who take a close look at the medical history, previous treatment, and possible co-occurring mental issues. Once they have a clear image of one’s addiction, they create a personalized treatment that aims for complete recovery. The procedure is designed with much consideration to the patient’s personality, values, and interests.

    Top accommodation and amenities

    Surely you can go to the community recovery center and come back home every night. Will it work for you? Maybe. Will the program cure you of addiction forever? Probably not.

    At a prestigious addiction treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary, healthcare means a lot more than a couple of sessions every week. Our clients have private rooms with private bathrooms and sleep in most comfortable beds with organic linens. Daily access to the gym and spa is ensured, as comfort and feeling good is fundamental for lifetime recovery. People don’t just get help for a couple of weeks; we make sure that their lives change for the better forever.

    Healthy food

    People with addiction often skip and forget about healthy dieting or eating altogether. A top center includes gourmet meals as part of the addiction treatment.

    At Holistic Sanctuary, we took healthy dieting to a whole new level, helping the patient switch to raw, organic, natural, and non-GMO food. It’s the best diet to give the body the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs for healing.


    People need connection, need someone to believe in them, and to sustain their recovery. A reliable top center provides aftercare treatment, supporting their patient’s efforts to transition to a drug-free lifestyle.

    At Holistic Sanctuary, the low patient-to-staff ratio leads to deep and meaningful relationships between the patient and the staff members. We know that recovery takes a long time and that living a life without substance abuse is more comfortable to say than done. Patients call and ask for help even after completing the program, getting the support they need for complete recovery.

    Finding drug addiction treatment centers near me – How to do it?

    There are many aspects to consider when selecting a center for your illicit substance abuse. You need to consider if you have the moral support of your family and employer to take some time out from your regular life.

    Even if outpatient treatment programs give results for people with low addiction, you should aim to follow the residential program right from the start. Inpatient addiction treatment helps people with illicit substance abuse disorder to focus exclusively on their treatment.

    You should do diligence about the treatment centers near you, ask around, go online, and read the reviews. A prestigious center like Holistic Sanctuary provides testimonials from previous patients. Who’s the best to talk about recovery if not former clients who live a drug-free life?

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the center representatives, find out if they provide customized treatment, the facilities and amenities, and everything else that may interest you.

    Price shouldn’t be a decisive factor when choosing. Regardless of what you may think, top centers like Holistic Sanctuary are more affordable than before. Just give us a call to find out about the costs that come for your treatment.

    Finding addiction treatment centers near me – is it difficult?

    As long as you have the will and the power to focus on your treatment for substance abuse, it shouldn’t be challenging to find the best option for you.

    We render that proximity to home is never an excellent factor in choosing a treatment center. As the quality of the program, a variety of methods, proprietary protocols, or customized treatment give the value of treatment.

    Ensure that you check as many options as you need to make an idea about what’s out there. The professionals at a reputed center like Holistic Sanctuary await. You just need to give them a call.

    Alcohol addiction treatment center – How do you spot a reliable option?

    We know that addiction isn’t and shouldn’t be treated as a chronic condition. At Holistic Sanctuary, we aim for lifetime recovery, and not for better management of the symptoms.

    We also make no compromises when it comes to natural methods and natural substances. Our proprietary protocols with natural elements and sacred plant medicine will eliminate all chemicals, alcohol, and toxic residues from one’s body with less pain.

    Innovative therapies will make the brain go to the pre-addiction stage, but only with natural substances and methods. The only way for the body to heal from alcohol addiction is to clean it naturally. Yoga, proprietary chakra rebalancing, individual counseling sessions, HBOT and ozone therapy, physical activities will improve the mind, body, and soul. Our patients don’t just learn how to cope with the addiction, but they also learn how to deal healthier with life’s constant challenges.

    A reliable center like Holistic Sanctuary provides customized addiction treatment for every patient and takes no shortcuts when it comes to obtaining real and long-lasting recovery.

    Residential/inpatient vs outpatient

    Some professionals consider that outpatient addiction treatment results in people who cannot take a break from their family and job responsibilities—patients dealing with drug or alcohol addiction for the first time will obtain results with outpatient addiction treatment.

    With residential programs, though, patients have the chance to focus on their treatment exclusively. The procedure is complete, addressing problems of the mind, body, and soul.

    Holistic Sanctuary provides only residential programs. We stand by our belief that addiction is only signaling the patient that deep, unsolved, or poorly managed traumas or other issues still exist. We can only help you when you put your life on hold, focusing exclusively on your complete recovery.

    Every detail counts for your treatment. Sleeping comfortably on organic linens, having the privacy you need throughout the entire treatment for addiction, eating the healthiest meals, or practicing yoga relax you. When you’re relaxed, you get more positive about your healing, and the physical activities, daily walks in the most serene scenery will sustain the treatment.

    The treatment is created especially for you, and you only involve in activities that work for you and your addiction. And none of these cannot be done unless you take distance from your life, where addiction was the primary coping mechanism. You have to be away from the environment of your addiction and the triggers, for at least 4weeks.

    One last thought

    People today have better chances for recovery from their addiction and co-occurring mental problems. Take a good look at the addiction treatment centers, and make an idea about what you need. But we already know that you need customized treatment, proprietary detox protocols, innovative therapies, and top-notch accommodation and amenities. Give us a call to see how to begin your healing.

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