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Addiction continues to be a very large problem in America, with some areas experiencing a rise in addiction rates close to a thousand percent in just the last ten years. Even though there are more treatment centers available now than ever before, more people are failing during treatment and relapsing more than ever, indicating that methods used at these facilities are far from working.
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The protocol used at these facilities involve the use of highly addictive prescription medications to treat addictions like heroin addiction. They combine talk therapy and 12 step programs that outline the inabilities of the patient and have left them feeling defeated right from the start; leading a startling majority right back into addiction. A new method is needed to change all of this; one that takes each individual into consideration, finds a way to help them get back to where they were before addiction and bring them a cure that helps them regain control and become empowered.
This new approach is not only possible but it is happening right now at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary provides a drug treatment center unlike any other and its rousing success has left experts and specialists awestruck as the approach goes against all of the treatment protocols they have been taught for years. The Holistic Sanctuary is a place where patients get the ability to take their lives back and CURE themselves of addiction.
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Addiction Treatment Centers: The Holistic Sanctuary

We use the resources nature provides, such as oxygen, the sun, natural foods and supplements and more to help the patient rebuild their brain and reset their mind back to where it was before addiction so they feel vital and alive like never before. The Holistic Sanctuary is an addiction treatment center that shuns traditional practices of prescription drugs and talk programs that insist the patient has a disease that can never be cured. Through the use of Ibogaine, a proven natural substance, addictive cravings can be stopped and a deep level of understanding is achieved so patients do not want or need to use drugs anymore. This therapy is used in conjunction with other customized programs using therapies such as stem cell therapy, IV infusion, amino acid drips, oxygen therapy, natural cleanses and much more. Each patient receives 6 hours a day of one-on-one therapy to guide them to healing.
The Holistic Sanctuary, is an Addiction Treatment Center that uses the Pouyan Method; an exclusive system created and invented by the Sanctuary’s founder Johnny Tabaie. This method has helped over 1000 patients since 2011. Most of these patients of whom failed at various other facilities but achieved success here, making Johnny Tabaie a revolutionary leader in addiction treatment.
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