One thing that people with addiction cannot complain about at the present time is not having therapeutic options. Drug and alcohol rehabs are to be found throughout the entire state of California, competing a network of outpatient and inpatient centers.

For many years, healthcare professionals have defined dependency as a chronic disease, and so addiction facilities in California and everywhere in the country run therapy programs for managing the symptoms, not healing the patient. It means that the efforts concentrate on how to help the patients live with and manage their dependency for the rest of their life.

However, there’s a new and refreshing take on addiction in the last years. Nowadays, patients want more from the therapy facility and the program. Finding a rehabilitation center in California that tackles therapy with a comprehensive and multifaceted approach is slowly becoming the norm.

What’s peculiar about a rehab center in California?

Unlike other states, in the Californian state, it’s not only the regular people struggling with addiction and going to rehab. Plenty of executives, famous people or computer moguls turn to drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s because they’re easy to get, to handle the pressure of being under the public eye, or only for mingling at parties, it’s the topic for another time. What counts is that therapy and California addiction centers are different from any other state. Keep reading for the details.

Drug and alcohol detox at Californian rehabs

One of the many reasons for which patients postpone treatment is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. For many, the first step is the most challenging, and it’s the severity of the detox process that stops patients from looking for professional help.

At many rehabilitation centers in California, though, staff members are watching over the patients 24/7. Private rooms and private bathrooms are also ensured to take the first stage of the treatment more comfortably, increasing the chance for recovery.

Medical professionals monitor the patients so that everybody goes through detox as smooth as possible. There’s also the category or alternative rehabs that use only natural methods and substances for detox, which leads to less severe withdrawal symptoms. Cleansing the body from the chemicals, alcohol, and drugs with natural elements and techniques make the detox phase a lot gentler on patients.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment programs?

Even if the variety of treatment programs is impressive in the Californian state, two categories are the most significant to name: the inpatient and outpatient programs.

Californian inpatient drug rehabs

Once the detox is over, the patients still present a risk for relapse. Taking them out of regular life and away from the triggers is the most effective treatment, especially when addiction is high. At an inpatient treatment center, patients learn healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges and cravings.

Californian outpatient drug rehabs

When the level of addiction is low to medium, or the patients cannot live away from home and jobs, the outpatient programs make the best choice. The outpatient programs can also work as a choice for people who just completed inpatient treatment but feel like they need to carry on with it. It helps them come back to the regular life on a slower rhythm, but everybody knows that the path to complete healing is long and tricky.

Is specialized addiction treatment the best solution for your case?

Top California addiction treatment centers pride themselves on customized programs. They rely on both modern therapies and alternative medicine therapies, aiming to heal one’s body, mind, and soul.

People looking for lifetime recovery are slowly switching to the specialized addiction treatment programs, as they’re a lot more sensitive to patient’s particularities and needs.

How to pick a rehabilitation facility?

People looking for a treatment program for their loved one need to check several aspects first. It’s a good thigs that there are so many Californian rehabilitation facilities, but it makes the selection process more challenging for patients.

Selecting between inpatient and outpatient programs isn’t enough. You have to check many aspects, with some of them being essential for achieving lifetime recovery.


Many rehabs in California ensure medical detox for patients with substance abuse disorders. Detox is the first step of addiction treatment, and it scares many patients on the cause of withdrawal symptoms.

Even if medical detox may work for your loved one, you should consider a treatment center that ensures a gentler detox process. For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary near Los Angeles, only natural methods and substances are used to eliminate the drug and alcohol residues from one’s. The withdrawal symptoms are a lot less severe for patients, and the detox phase is more comfortable to take. Sacred plant medicine and NAD IV vitamin drips are used for easing out the withdrawal symptoms.

Even if some clients may feel ready to detox at home, it’s not recommended, especially when the addiction is high. Things can go south all of a sudden, which is why patients should be supervised through detoxification.

At our treatment center, patients will be monitored 24/7. The staff-to-patient ratio is low, so every patient is controlled by a good number of staff members at all times. Moreover, every client has his/her room with private bathrooms, so that he/she has the intimacy they need throughout the entire addiction treatment.

Residential treatment program

Every year, there are more than 20 million in the United States fighting with substance abuse, but only some will seek professional help for alcohol addiction. As a matter of fact, 11% of these people will look for mental health services and addiction therapy.

There are numerous Californian rehab centers with both outpatient and residential programs, with the latter providing a better chance for complete recovery.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a Californian rehabilitation facility providing only residential programs. The team truly believes that a patient has to take distance and break from the daily responsibilities, regular life, job, and family for healing completely. Spending at least four weeks away from addiction triggers is fundamental for one’s lifetime recovery.

Our rehab in California aims to take the brain into the pre-addiction state, which cannot happen overnight and definitely cannot happen with people returning home every night. Patients learn how to develop new and healthier habits for dealing with daily challenges, and they need a safe and comfortable environment for it. 

At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients can spend at least four weeks in a great location, with exquisite amenities, accommodation, and services. The food is organic, and non-GMO and patients learn about the importance of healthy eating for a durable recovery. They also have access to Gym, spa, therapy massages, and try the most innovative therapies for addiction. Our alcohol rehab ensures HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, telomere repair therapy, and comprehensive approach to addiction.


Professionals agree that the path to healing is long and challenging to take. People need to build meaningful relationships with the staff members, as they need constant support throughout their treatment. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients can call for the help they need when the journey for recovery seems too difficult.

Begin your healing today!

The Holistic Sanctuary is a trustworthy rehab center in California, where all aspects of healing are considered. Beautiful location, excellent services, and innovative and comprehensive therapies are used for every patient’s customized plan. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and you should give us a call when you’re ready to take the first step.

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