There’s a decrease in opioids overdose deaths in the sunny state in the last years, but it doesn’t mean that the substance misuse rates are decreasing as well.

One of the good things when living close to celebrities is that rehab in California is a frequent appearance. Nobody can complain about finding an addiction treatment center for substance misuse in Los Angeles, San Diego, or any other place in for that matter.

Why there’s a constant need for rehab in California?

The home for celebrities and rich people is also ranking first when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab treatment in the U.S. It seems that rehabs in Ca have provided addiction treatment for narcotics abuse and mental health issues to more than 150,000 people over 12.

With so many famous people and executives living around Hollywood, it’s obvious why drug and alcohol abuse are common. It’s also understandable why high-end rehab centers are so popular; people using and abusing illegal substances also have the money for choosing the top rehab centers.

Most of the patients enrolled in a treatment center for heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other types of opioids misuse and mental conditions.  However, in many rehabilitation centers, the treatment is available for other illegal substances.

For instance, The Holistic Sanctuary is a rehab center where psychological issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, or job burnout are also addressed. The chance for full recovery is high, as the professionals at our treatment center also manage dual diagnosis conditions. Substance abuse and mental problems are more common than you think, but our rehabilitation center in California ensures successful treatment for both.

Are the rehab facilities here different from those outside the state? How?

It’s clear for everyone that people living close to the movie stars are different and have particular lifestyles. Celebs and executives, people with high social status, are accustomed to the high-dollar life and look for best rehab centers in California.

Even if substance use and mental health services administration provide free-treatment programs for people with addiction, it’s only natural that private and expensive programs are accessible.

Here are some of the many aspects that make the Californian rehabs different from other rehabs in the country:


Clients looking for addiction treatment here care a lot for their private life. They don’t like people to know about their addiction, but they also want to keep their treatment away from the public eye.

Long-term treatment

The benefits of residential rehab programs over the outpatient programs have been highlighted for many years now.

Short-term or outpatient programs are a solid choice for people with a low level of addiction or who cannot take a break from their lives.

The residential rehab programs ensure the most effective therapy for your loved one. In a treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals go deep into the causes of addiction and use methods for complete recovery from addiction.

High-end amenities, accommodation, and services

It goes without saying that when Hollywood studios are just around the corner, people looking for rehabs want more than regular treatment centers. They’re used to living the high dollar life, which is why rehab facilities here took it to another level.

For example, the Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment center attracting with the extravagant amenities, luxury accommodation, and breathtaking location.

Besides, the patient-to-staff ratio is low, which means there’s always someone watching over your loved one. Patients are supervised 24/7, and professionals are dedicated to all patients. Also, only one-on-one sessions are developed so that every patient may concentrate exclusively on his recovery.

Comprehensive treatment and innovative therapies

No one goes to a Californian private rehab and expects a standardized program and a limited number of therapies. At Californian private rehab centers, patients can try numerous and various treatments for treating addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides clients a high number of therapies. Moreover, only natural methods and substances are used for rehabilitation. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, but also HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, telomere repair, or stem cell therapy are some to name.


It’s never a good idea to give up on drugs on your own. At Californian rehab centers, patients are offered innovative detox methods, which alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Only natural methods and substances are used for detox at the Holistic Sanctuary. The withdrawal symptoms are a lot less severe, and the detox process is gentler on patients too.


Unlike free medical health institutions, the private Californian rehabs don’t have waiting lists. Whenever you’re ready to heal, contact our Holistic Sanctuary to make an appointment.

Long-lasting results

All things considered, it’s only natural for people enrolling in Californian rehabs to recover from their drug addiction for a very long time. After all, they discover the causes of their addiction, learn healthy ways of coping with life’s challenges and stay away from triggers of their dependence. They also learn how to do yoga, meditate, or eat organic food for complete and lifetime recovery. And that’s just the brief picture of what patients checking in the Holistic Sanctuary will experience.

Get ready to find healing today!

Despite what you may know, you no longer need to live with drug and alcohol dependency. The Holistic Sanctuary is the rehab in California, creating programs and treatments that will help you live a life without illegal substances forever. It enables you to find your inner peace and the new self who no longer needs to use and abuse for handling life! Give us a call to find out when you can embark on your journey!

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