What is the private drug rehab cost?

Private drug rehab costs are usually on the high-end, and the Holistic Sanctuary is no exception, but for good reason. We provide services – treatments, amenities, setting – that no others do. Add to that the fact that your chance of relapse is dramatically minimal when you leave our private rehab, and you can think of your expense with treatment as an investment in yourself and your addiction-free future, rather than one of many expenses on your path to recovery.

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The Holistic Sanctuary stands out as one of the most reliable holistic treatment centers out there. The personnel’s dedication, the comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, and the exquisite amenities and accommodation are the most impressive benefits it puts on the table. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment for your soon to be long-lasting recovery.

Holistic Treatment Centers in California

The Holistic Sanctuary
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