4 Week Silver Package

Cost/Price & Treatment Option Information


NOTE: To Be Approved for this option, “You Cannot be on any medications, any drugs, or suffering from any physical or mental health issues, sleep issues for Silver package”

The Silver Package Option “starts at $40k” per 4 weeks, the minimum stay is 4 weeks. This option does not included Brain repair IV’s, HBOT sessions, NAD IV drips. These must be added at additional cost. This is not a one size fits all program. Not everyone qualifies for only 4 weeks, if you are in good health its possible, if you are not in good health it will take longer, If you have “any addictions” or on “any medication” or even have “any mental health issues”, you will “not qualify” for this package.  Yes, correct, you will need a longer stay and will only be approved to enroll in the Gold Package, for a time frame of 4-12 weeks. To enroll you must qualify and to be accepted into the program by the medical team. This ensures we can safely help you heal with the correct and safest time frame needed to help your unique case, incorrect medication discontinuation is dangerous and will worsen the issue. Repeat- Please keep in mind this is not the same as Gold Package Or Platinum Package.
We Offer Our Proprietary Treatment called the Pouyan Method. The Silver Package Includes Up To 50 Hours of Private Holistic Sessions. All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions. Our past patients have repeatedly said our system is equivalent to 10-20 years of therapy in 4 weeks stay. Treatment Includes 3-4 Hours of individualized “holistic treatments” each day. Don’t be fooled by the copycats out there, if they don’t have a HBOT machine in-house and include Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Kambo, DMT, NAD, Reiki, kundalini yoga, Massage, IV drips, 50 total hours of one on one holistic therapies in 28 days, they are a knock off. After 10 years of perfecting our system it’s an honor to have wannabes and copy cats but they have been known to cut corners and have injured patients so make sure you do your research and you choose wisely.

What’s included in the Silver Package The Sanctuary

  Weekly Blood Work and Liver Panel
  EKG ECG Tests/Heart Check Up/Cardiology Workup
  24 hour Nursing Supervision and Care
  In House ER Doctor full supervised for ibogaine treatments
  Private Suite W/Private Bath Organic Sheets and Linen
  Daily Access To The GYM
  Reiki 2x per week
  Yoga 2x per week
  Meditation 2x per week
  Massage 2 x per week

3 Daily Coffee Enemas

  NAD and Powerful IV drips 2x per week
  1-7 Ceremonies with Ancient Plant Medicine Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, Changa and 5 MeO DMT (All clients MUST be medically cleared to undergo any of the sacred plant medicines)
Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO (Proprietary Superfood Diet)
Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes (Proprietary)

cure for heroin addiction
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What We Do To Cure  PTSD Depression Addiction?
Patients Get 150 hours of 1 to 1 therapies per 4 weeks.

What does The Pouyan Method do?

Creation Rebirth Of New Neuro-Pathways In The Brain (Proprietary)
Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Brain Repair Protocol (Proprietary)
DNA Repair Protocol (Proprietary)
Mitochondria Repair Protocol (Proprietary)
Stem Cell Activation Protocol (Proprietary)
Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary)
Candida / Parasite / Virus / Pathogens  Cleanse Detox Eliminate (Proprietary)
Spiritual Awakening and Outer Body Experience (Proprietary)
De-Calcification Of The Pineal Gland (Proprietary)
God Molecule Activation – DMT –(Proprietary)
Cellular Detoxification
Cleanse (Proprietary)
Chakra Balancing (Proprietary)
Reset Dopamine Receptors (Proprietary)
Reset Serotonin Receptors (Proprietary)
Reset Gaba Receptors (Proprietary)

Other Treatment Options Gold Package $50k Per 4 weeks

You Get Daily Body Work/Massage Therapy
You Get Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
You Get Daily Energy and Reiki Healing
You Get Daily Sessions of pure oxygen HBOT
You Get Daily IV Drips- NAD, Myers, Vit-C, Gaba repair IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 3-5+ hours per day
You Get Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
You Get Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions
ONLY Plant medicine facility that offers DMT, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine that is a Licensed Clinic, NOT UNDERGROUND CLINIC, you can be sure you’re safe and in good hands with professionals.

Gold Package At The Holistic Sanctuary

What’s the goal?

If you are reading this, you may have heard about us from a friend or loved one. You probably also heard powerful life changing experiences that have happened at our world class Sanctuary. The truth is we heal people from all walks of life and those who are suffering from all forms of life threatening issues. Issues of PTSD, Depression, Trauma and Medication Abuse, but it doesn’t stop there! If you read through our website and watch our patient testimonials, you will see Heroin Addiction is being CURED here. We can’t stress enough how easy it is to cure ADDICTION! We have it down to a science, no cookie cutter style, or outdated ineffective methods, group meetings and or prescribing toxic medications to our guests. Let’s face it, if that stuff worked, they wouldn’t have a lousy 3-5% success rate. The reason why we are different is because we use Super Foods, Super Plants, Holistic, Advanced Alternative Medicine, and that’s a proven way to get these life-changing and life-saving results. Our secret weapon is the Pouyan Method.  This powerful protocol was created by our founder Johnny Tabaie. He created this out of his desperation to save his own life. After 17 failed Drug Rehab Centers and whole lot of experts who just prescribed toxic medications, he realized this nasty slew of medications made him worse, and the side-effects were just outweighing the benefits. So he took his health into his own hands and created a system that not only cured himself 14 years ago, but has systematically treated and healed over a thousand people in just 10 years.

With all the videos, testimonials and reviews from his patients, the US government still refuses to look into supporting his work and has banned true healing from America WHY? We’ll tell you why, because there is no money in a cure. Until more people speak up and demand real healing and real Addiction Treatment that works, we may never see Johnny Tabaie’s work in U.S. healing centers.

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The Cost Will Vary Case by Case.
After a simple phone call and evaluation we will know the total length of cost, and length of treatment.
This will be determined depending the patient’s unique case.

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