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For those who seek a natural, holistic approach to addiction recovery for themselves or a loved one, the process of choosing a facility may be slightly daunting. How can one know for sure that a program is truly the “all natural” solution it claims to be? Our founder and program director at the Non 12 Step Holistic Drug Rehab The Holistic Sanctuary, explains:

“Many Luxury drug rehabs that claim to be non 12 step rehabs that are holistically based lose credibility by offering toxic medications for therapy, serve meals that are not 100% organic but are instead full of pesticides and worse yet, GMO (genetically modified foods).”

Why would a center claiming to be a non 12 step rehab drug rehab center embrace policies that seem to be at odds with a natural healing approach? Johnny Tabaie continues, “In order to keep costs down, they must offer second class treatments and cheap, processed foods that perpetuates disease. This is a sad common practice but it is truly a malpractice and travesty.”

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What is a Holistic Non 12 Step Drug Rehab?
Do They Exist?

Fortunately, there’s good news: Truly holistic non 12 step drug rehab centers do exist. As a voluntary consumer, you have a choice when seeking the best possible treatment for yourself or your loved one. Ask any facility you are considering if they:
  • Only serve organic, non-genetically modified foods, soy free gluten free, dairy free diet.
  • Not use group meetings, but only use one to one sessions
  • Use only Organic Sheets and Linen
  • Supply the patients Organic Vegan Shampoo
  • Offer alternative, non-pharmacological treatments to treat addiction, depression and PTSD
  • Don’t believe in a disease model based with unproven theories of disease management
  • Believe in a 100% recovery not prescribe toxic addictive medications
  • Never rely on band aid medications that are toxic and addictive
  • Use Sacred Plant Medicine and superfoods that are non toxic, non addictive and effective
  • Incorporate Ancient Plant Medicine Ceremonies to Heal the clients
  • Offer Daily Massage, Daily Reiki, Daily Yoga, Daily Amino IV Drips, Daily HBOT sessions

The Best Non 12 Step Drug Rehabs

The Best Non 12 Step Drug Rehabs

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Best non 12 step rehabs transform lives and heal souls

Johnny Tabaie maintains a commitment to Non 12 Step drug rehab practices at his own facility. The full range of treatments available are too extensive to list but its components include options such as:
Ibogaine TreatmentAyahuasca Ceremonies, NAD Brain Repair IV Drip Therapy, amino acid therapy, yoga, hypnotherapy,, craniosacral, bio-neurofeedback, metaphysics, motivational training and much more.
These are time-honored practices based in the most solid foundations of Eastern and Alternative Western medicine. They do not support the theory that addiction is an incurable disease but rather a symptom of a problem that manifested in addictive behavior and can be reversed and eliminated. These are the healing modalities offered at the most successful Non 12 step holistic drug rehab centers in the world, and they are all offered at The Holistic Sanctuary.
To learn more, contact The Holistic Sanctuary today. A Non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab specialist will be glad to speak with you.

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Non 12 step rehabs how it works holistic sanctuary

Non 12 step rehabs how it works holistic sanctuary

Non 12 step holistic drug rehab centers

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