Substance abuse is slowly rising, and rehab facilities provide various therapies for patients. People struggling with drug and alcohol addiction have many options to choose from, increasing one’s chance for recovery.

Whether you’re looking for outpatient or inpatient dependency treatment, at some point, you will be able to decide between 12-step programs or alternative programs. With many of the conventional 12-step plans failing to ensure recovery for patients, we understand why you would be interested in going to a non 12-step rehab California.

What’s fundamental for a non 12-step rehab in California?

There are many differences between the 12-step and the ones with no 12-steps plans, and patients should look into it before making the decision.

At a glance, the 12-step plans see dependency as a chronic disease, just like the conventional therapies do. Patients are addicts, and people end up like that because of their inability to choose. The physical effects of the misused illicit substances play an essential role too.

On the other hand, most of the unconventional

programs help patients become aware of the dependency, guiding them to admit responsibility for every poor decision in the past.

What’s typical for the alternative treatment programs is that patients manage to take distance from the victim mindset that blames circumstances and other people. Throughout the addiction treatment, patients discover the qualities that pushed them to substance abuse. However, they also learn why they decided to abuse drugs or alcohol. Identifying the cause for the dependency is an essential step for addiction treatment.

More often than not, a 12-step therapy plan will not meet one’s personal needs, failing the patient to achieve recovery. Addiction recovery is an own journey, and many of the 12-step programs cannot consider every patient’s needs, values, and specifics. 

Dependency is a lot more than a chronic disease, and professionals have to look for healing ways. Patients need more than managing to keep the addiction under control; they need to discover why the addiction was born in the first place. Taking a step back from the standardized approach of 12-step plans was fundamental for the development of other therapeutic methods.

Is motivation fundamental for addiction treatment?

Another aspect making a difference between the 12-step and non-12 step programs is the patient’s motivation and how the motivation impacts the treatment.

In the case of conventional 12-step therapies, the patients put their trust and power in the “hands” of a higher power to guide them throughout the treatment for addiction. For some time, the principle has worked, but patients end up believing that their recovery isn’t in their hands. It\s not up to them to heal from addiction. They always need to seek the higher power to sustain their efforts and therapy program.

This kind of approach may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for all patients looking for addiction recovery.

In the case of non-12 step programs, though, it’s entirely up to the patient to follow the plan. For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, patients are encouraged to believe in their recovery. The treatment includes numerous therapies that relax the patients and makes them more open to receiving positive thoughts about their healing. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and one-on-one sessions help patients to identify the causes of their addiction. They learn how to deal with life’s challenges without reaching for alcohol or drugs. The power is up to them, and the treatment center is only teaching them how to do it.

What are the benefits of non-12 step drug programs?

A non-12 step treatment program typically includes various therapies for addressing addiction and methods for tackling mental health related to addiction. The risk of co-occurring mental conditions for people with addictions is high, and a reliable treatment center doesn’t skip it.

The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary run a full analysis of every patient, taking a look at the medical history, and performing dual-diagnosis. The team includes doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists to make a clear image of every patient and his/her addiction. Later on, they will develop a customized treatment, using exclusively natural methods and substances.

One of the most significant benefits of untraditional rehabs for addiction is the principle of personalizing the treatment. Unlike the conventional opponent, unable to adjust the method to every patient particularities, it’s typical for non-12 step treatment to be adapted to one’s addiction, specifics, interests, and personality. Group therapy may not be used within these programs too. For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, there are only one-on-one sessions for every patient. It’s considered that people have to focus exclusively on their treatment, and the benefits of group sessions aren’t as crucial for one’s recovery. 

What should one expect at a non 12-step treatment program center?

People deciding on their terms to follow this type of treatment should watch for some aspects. Not all rehab facilities are the same, and the unconventional rehab centers are incredibly various.


Some rehab centers may require their patients to carry out the detox at home. Unless your addiction is low, you should never try to give up on drugs or alcohol cold-turkey.

People react differently, and withdrawal symptoms can become severe. Many rehab centers provided medical detox, whereas others take a non-traditional take on this first step of treatment. Detox at the Holistic Sanctuary, for instance, is only made with natural substances and methods. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe, and the detoxification is gentler on patients. Clients who get approval from the doctor benefit from sacred plant medicine, whereas nad IV vitamin drips are provided so that body gets the nutrients it needs for recovery.

No matter which kind of detox the rehab facility is providing, professional monitoring is essential. At the Holistic Sanctuary, for instance, patients are supervised 24/7 by a good number of professionals. Detox is made in a safe place, and doctors and nurses may act if anything takes for a turn. Additionally, patients have private rooms with private bathrooms so that everyone’s detox is a private matter.


Once the detox phase is over, patients continue the treatment for addiction. The variety of methods is impressive, especially in the case of non-12 step programs.

It’s common for these programs to ensure customized treatment for every patient. Not everyone achieves recovery through praying and believing in a higher force like with a 12-step plan.

The team of professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary comes from different areas of expertise. When someone is admitted, they will analyze the patient, the medical history, the possible psychological issues, and such. Together with the patient, they will develop and run a customized treatment for every single patient. Yoga, meditation, HBOT therapy, telomere repair, or stem cell therapy are some of the many therapies utilized in a center like the Holistic Sanctuary.

There is no treatment program giving results for all patients with addiction, as everyone’s addiction and healing are different.


The journey for healing doesn’t happen and cannot happen overnight. Unless your addiction is low, the chance for one to heal in less than four weeks is minimal.

Moreover, residential programs seem to be more effective than outpatient programs. That’s because it takes time to break down the habits of abusing drugs or alcohol.

The patients at the Holistic Sanctuary may enroll in residential programs, but they also get to develop meaningful relationships with the personnel. Even if they complete the program, they may still look for help whenever they need it.

What are the common types of non 12-step treatment programs?

There are different rehab programs, focusing on meeting the preferences and needs of every patient.

At a treatment center that doesn’t provide 12-step plan for recovery, all of the following or only some of the next methods can be used for one’s treatment.

Holistic treatment

With holistic treatment, addiction becomes just a symptom of imbalances in one’s body, mind, and soul. The treatment aims to address body, mind, and soul problems, as they\re all connected for one’s true healing.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, individual counseling sessions and meditation, yoga, acupuncture, or Reiki are used to address one’s problem and restore balance on a mental, spiritual, and physical level.

Dual diagnosis treatment

The risk for patients with addictions to develop co-occurring conditions is high, and mental illnesses are common. The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary are ready to identify and to treat the co-occurring psychological issues. However, they only use natural methods and complementary medicine therapy for treatment.

Group therapy

Many professionals believe that people need to develop a support network and that participating in group therapy provides that kind of support. The therapy creates a deep sense of connection and belonging among patients. Additionally, it gives the clients the chance to hear other people’s stories and comprehend that they’re not alone or isolated.

A different perspective is also common, and it’s the case of the Holistic Sanctuary, where individual sessions are more beneficial than group sessions. There’s a strong belief that people should concentrate exclusively on their addiction and healing to get the best results.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Deciding to go to rehab is the first step to healing, no matter the kind of program you’re choosing. The Holistic Sanctuary is a non 12-step rehab California that takes a comprehensive approach to addiction and treatment. Beautiful scenery, exquisite amenities and accommodation, organic food, and various therapies used for customizing one’s treatment are fundamental for your recovery. Give us a call whenever you’re ready to take the first step in your long-lasting healing.

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