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People are struggling with addiction all over the world, and some of them are sick of conventional treatment rehabs. Regardless of what you may think, drug and alcohol addiction isn’t new, and humanity has been facing it for centuries. But, that’s even more apparent today  because addiction doesn’t select based on race, gender, social status, or financial possibilities. People with low income and people of higher means deal with substance abuse too. Some Luxury treatment centers have been upgraded to Elite Luxury status specifically to cater to the latter category of people. In contrast, the treatment they offer is by and large the traditional one for drug addiction. Few other rehabs have chosen to provide luxury treatment conditions, because it’s their philosophy that the utmost conditions in every respect will create the right environment for mental, bodily, and spiritual recovery.

No matter where you’re coming from, or what you’re going through in life, addiction will not disappear until you go to drug rehab for treatment. Some of the best rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, offer the world’s best luxury rehab based out of California to cover the entire USA, with proven treatments that you simply cannot get elsewhere. More than 1200 patients following treatment programs at our luxury rehab treatment center achieved long-time recovery since our opening in 2011.

Regardless of where you’re coming from, or what you’re going through in life, addiction will not disappear until you take action. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we offer the world’s best luxury rehab based out of California to cover the entire USA, with proven treatments that you simply cannot get elsewhere. We have healed over 1200 patients in our existence since 2011.

What are the advantages of treatment at luxury rehabs?

It’s common for the most exquisite luxury rehabs to run on complementary principles. With conventional rehabs constantly failing their patients and ensuring addiction recovery for only a short period, the need for alternative rehab centers became evident.

Unable to provide individualized treatment for their patients, the conventional rehab treatment facilities present a low chance for long-lasting addiction recovery. Patients usually have one drug replaced with another, and end up living with the addiction for the rest of their lives. They may learn how to manage the dependency, but they never truly gain recovery.

As we’ve mentioned, people with various backgrounds, financial or social status become addicted. At luxury rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, we understand their desire to keep their struggle private and to benefit from the best amenities and most effective therapies. It is why we created our luxury rehab treatment center in the first place.

Will you find luxury rehab centers in your town? Probably not. Is it going to be pricey? Let’s just say that you will pay the extra buck for lifetime recovery.  But everyone wants to get better on his/her terms, so why not pay for treatment at some of the best luxury rehab centers?

The luxury rehab treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

The Holistic Sanctuary provides inpatient/residential treatment programs, and amenities on a 5-star luxury rehab center. Everything happening at luxury rehab centers will create a comfortable and pleasant environment, and ours doesn’t make an exception. At our luxury treatment center, the focus is on the patient, and the primary purpose is just one: complete recovery.

You will find luxury rehab centers in a most fantastic location, and so it’s the case for the Holistic Sanctuary. It’s located on the Pacific coast, and our rehab centers aren’t your standard option for addiction recovery. Accessing luxury rehab centers and access to our addiction treatment center is always monitored. Only a limited number of persons can access through the gate, and our luxury rehab is located in a secluded area on the ocean coast.

The therapies included in addiction treatment are groundbreaking, and their number is always rising. Most other luxury rehab centers will only offer a limited number of therapies. Not so at the Holistic Sanctuary. Yoga, swimming, massage and energy therapy, fitness and nutritional counseling, floatation therapy, spa treatments, HBOT and ozone therapy, telomere repair, and stem cell therapy are some of the many therapies for treatment at our luxury rehab.

What should clients expect at our luxury rehab facility?

There are many great things to expect at our high-end rehab center, so here are the most significant to name:

We treat patients, not addictions.

Many traditional rehab programs don’t succeed because they only focus on creating addiction treatment. There’s little to no interest whatsoever in treating the patient as a whole or identifying the root causes of addiction.

At our luxury rehab center, we concentrate on helping the clients find out what made them develop addictions. And as they find the psychological and spiritual causes, we also repair their brain and bring it to the pre-addiction state. Throughout the addiction treatment, we help them build skills to deal healthily with life’s challenges and show them how to overcome addiction forever. And that can only be done when the body, mind, and soul are ready to receive a complete recovery.

Unlike many luxury rehab centers, at The Holistic Sanctuary, there are only one-on-one counseling sessions. We consider that the patient has to focus exclusively on his/her treatment and that the gains from group and family sessions are somewhat limited. The family dynamic may also be toxic, affecting the success of the treatment. Therefore, at our luxury treatment center, there are only individual sessions. The team’s personnel are dedicated to the patient, building deep and meaningful relationships with the patients. It’s one of the reasons patients reach out to our luxury rehab center after completing the treatment.

Amazing location

You won’t find a luxury rehab center around the corner in your neighborhood. People enrolling in luxury rehab programs look only for the very best, and the location needs to be one to impress. Patients can find many luxury rehab centers in California or other places, but The Holistic Sanctuary stands out with its setting. Nature’s healing powers have been discussed and researched for years now, and it’s a given that people feel better when spending time in the scenic outdoors. The fantastic ocean views from the windows of the private rooms, walking on the private beach, or in the secluded forest are attracting clients to our facility. Some of our patients are executives, celebrities, or people with high social who need to keep their addiction treatment private.

As one of the most prestigious luxury rehab centers, we attract our patients also with the most relaxing views and peaceful beaches. The serenity of the blue ocean and the sun setting into it will make anyone feel that recovery is the most pleasant journey.

Impressive amenities & services

The attention to detail and the luxury amenities help the patients feel pampered, focusing on their recovery. Access through a guarded gate, daily massages, or unlimited access to the spa make the patients feel relaxed and calm throughout their treatment. It has been revealed several times that people tend to accept more natural positive thoughts on their recovery when feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Private rooms with private bathrooms, access to the gym, and even organic lining are the details that accentuate the difference between a regular rehab center and the best luxury rehab centers like our rehab.

Let’s not forget the low staff-to-patient ratio, as we make sure that every patient is supervised 24/7 by a high number of professionals. Professional staff members are there to help their patients throughout the addiction treatment, offering attention and compassionate care at all times.

Gourmet meals are typical for the luxury rehab centers, but we took dieting to the next level at the Holistic Sanctuary. Our team’s nutritionists will help the patients switch to organic, plant-food dieting, teaching them about the role of food for a drug-free life. The food is organic, and people learn how to eat healthily after completing the addiction treatment. Natural, non-GMO, and raw food are provided to the patients to get all the nutrients they need in the process of recovery.

The importance of healthy food has been noted over and over again by research. We know that patients with addictions are in poor health by the time they reach out for professional help at rehab centers. Our team of professionals relies on healthy and organic raw-food, preparing one’s body to accept the recovery. Not only that, but no medications or chemical substances are included in addiction treatment so that the natural principles aren’t sacrificed at any moment.

Experienced professionals

Professionals from different areas of expertise are involved in your recovery at rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary. Medical nurses, doctors, psychologists,

psychiatrists, but also Yogis, or experienced shamans, are part of the team of professionals working at our luxury treatment center.

Life coaches, gym teachers, and practitioners of complementary medicine work together for developing and supervising their patient’s individualized treatment.

Various and innovative therapies & customized treatment plans

Most reliable luxury rehab treatment centers provide a significant number of complementary therapies for the treatment of addiction. Sacred plant medicine, yoga, meditation, stem cell therapy, or HBOT therapy aren’t new, but the combination of these methods that give impressive results.

One of the reasons conventional drug rehabs fail their patients is the inability to adjust the programs to the patient’s specific condition. At top rehab centers like our clinic, the treatment includes a broad range of therapies, and a group of professionals will analyze the patient from the moment he/she sets foot in the facility. They will look into the patient’s medical history, previous addiction treatment, and various aspects of making a clear image of the patient’s addiction. An individualized treatment plan will be created according to one’s level of addiction, state of health, and psychological and spiritual values.

The dedication to addressing addiction with 100% natural remedies is never sacrificed. Even if patients deal with co-occurring mental issues, the protocol doesn’t use any toxic substances or chemicals for solving mental health problems. Only natural methods and elements are used to treat and manage the mental health issues that patients may struggle with.


It’s typical for luxury rehab treatment centers to provide detox for patients with a medium to severe addiction. Unlike many luxury rehabs, at The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer natural detox, with natural substances and methods. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe, but the results are longer lasting than with medicated detox.

Many of the chemicals used for detox in luxury rehab treatment centers cause other addictions, but that’s not the case for a natural detox.

Sacred plant medicine is part of the detox process, but only patients with approval from the doctor at our luxury rehab will benefit from it. Additionally, coffee enemas and proprietary vitamin drips will be included in the treatment so that the body is cleansed and receives only natural minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It’s fundamental for the lifetime recovery and success of the treatment.


Unlike the traditional rehab centers where people have to wait for months, our patients are welcomed as soon as they make the application. There are no waiting lists, and every patient is essential. The treatment and dedication are the same for all of our clients, and nobody should have to put their health and recovery on hold.

High-quality aftercare

The treatment doesn’t end when the patients leave the luxury treatment centers, as the path to complete recovery is never easy. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients establish a sincere and affectionate relationship with the professionals throughout the one-on-one sessions to benefit from moral and emotional support every time they need it. Patients can reach for the professionals every time they feel that the lifetime recovery is jeopardized. Recovering from addiction takes time, and the journey to complete treatment may take longer than 90 days.


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