The Californian state doesn’t just have the highest population or the most extensive surface. It’s also the former wild west, home of the bold and the brave, and now of the famous and wealthy. After all, it’s the home of Hollywood and the dream location for web startup companies. With so many of the Californians living the posh life, some would wonder how come the Californians need to go to rehab. And it’s the luxury treatment centers California that make the first choice nine times out of ten.

Why are luxury treatment centers in California so popular?

Addiction knows no gender, race, sex, and it certainly doesn’t understand social or financial status. Regardless of what people may think, it’s not only the poor who struggles with drug addiction. Executives and movie stars do it too. The only difference is that people with high social status and celebrities buy expensive wine and get the best pot in town.

In the Californian state, famous people and high executives end up with drug addiction, but community rehab centers aren’t the solution. It’s not that the methods don’t work (even though there’s plenty of evidence that they don’t give results as they should), but people living a luxurious life need something more from an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles.

For them, the professional’s healthcare had to create and run a luxury rehab center. People living the high-dollar life are willing to pay the extra buck for the luxury addiction rehab center.

How do the extravagant rehabs attract patients?

Merely paying the extra buck doesn’t mean that luxury rehab treatment qualifies as luxurious. Specific factors turn regular rehab into the exquisite type, where only the executive and celebrities have access.


People continually living under the spotlight want to carry their addiction treatment away from the public eye. Fans sitting on the couch tend to be extremely judgemental with the movie stars, and the public tends to blame dependence. Luxury rehab facilities ensure monitored access, private rooms, and private bathrooms.

The Holistic Sanctuary ticks most boxes and makes no compromises for providing intimacy for the patients. At our luxury rehab center, access through the gate is monitored, and patients may focus on their treatment in private rooms with private bathrooms.

Excellent services, amenities & everything in between

At a high-end addiction treatment center, there is no waiting in line or re-warmed food at the cafeteria. On the contrary, only the best amenities, accommodation, and services are provided to the pretentious clients. As for the food, gourmet meals are already yesterday’s news. Raw, organic, and non-GMO food is the best at the moment.

The amenities and accommodation at the Holistic Sanctuary are excellent, and only the very best is used for ensuring comfort for patients. Organic linens, exquisite decorations, and comfortable beds are provided to patients. Even though a comfy bad won’t bring one heal, it will help with the patient’s mood. When clients feel comfortable and pampered, they engage better in the therapy sessions. The treatment programs have a better chance of success when patients are relaxed and at peace.

As for the food, it has been known that people who go to drug rehab have poor health. Their eating habits are poor, and the body lacks the nutrients it requires for healing. At our drug rehab center, patients switch to raw, organic, and non-GMO food. Healthy dieting at our treatment center helps the patients focus on healing, as they have the energy for it. Moreover, the nutritionists in the team teach clients about the role of healthy dieting for complete recovery.

The team and therapies

To be clear, at a luxurious Californian rehab, someone is watching over a patient 24/7. Moreover, the professionals come from broad areas of expertise to develop the best treatment for every patient.  Patients are provided an impressive amount of new, ancient, and innovative therapies for addiction treatment.

For example, the team at our luxury rehab center comprises psychologists and psychiatrists, as they address mental health issues that come with dependency. Your loved one will participate only in one-on-one therapy sessions so that he/she can focus on healing.

Alternative medicine practitioners will teach the patients how to meditate, do yoga, or enjoy the therapeutic process at The Holistic Sanctuary. Patients receiving approval from the doctors will benefit from sacred plant medicine. HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, floatation therapy, telomere repair are some of the many methods used at our luxury drug rehab.

Personalized therapy

With conventional drug dependency therapy no longer give results, it’s understandable why patients have been looking for new and better therapy for dependency. Complementary and alternative treatment programs have become more prevalent in recent years, but it’s the customized therapeutic plan that patients trust the most right now.

At our treatment center, the professionals analyze every patient, check the medical history, and appreciate the level of addiction. Once they get a clear picture of one’s case, they create a customized therapy plan for every patient. Interests, values, and personality are also considered, which is why customized therapeutic plan ensures a high rate of success.


More often than not, patients need to go to rehab after going through the detox phase. Luxury treatment facilities ensure detox, but many of them provide alternative and fantastic detox therapies.

Some of the best centers out there only use natural methods and substances for the detox phase. Withdrawal symptoms are less severe, and detox is more comfortable to take. It’s no longer a surprise why so many Californians choose the luxury addiction treatment facilities these days. It’s also the case of Holistic Sanctuary, where sacred plant medicine therapy is used for detox. As there are no chemicals or medications used for the first step of the drug treatment program, the withdrawal symptoms are less severe. The natural detox is gentler on patients, and the whole process is less stressful for patients.


At a luxury rehab like the Holistic Sanctuary, the staff-to-patient ratio is low, which means that many staff members watch over every patient. Clients are closely monitored 24/7 throughout the detox and at all times so that no one jeopardizes the therapy process.


There are no waiting lists at luxury rehab; people don’t need to call and wait for months for a free spot. It’s the same at the Holistic Sanctuary, where the staff is ready to welcome their patients anytime. And no shortcuts will be made nor sacrifices on comfort either. Every patient gets a private room with a private bathroom every single time.


In a traditional or community drug therapy facility, professionals lack the time and the interest to establish deep and beautiful relationships with their patients. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients grow deep and meaningful relationships with the personnel. Even if they complete the treatment program, they reach for help whenever they need it. The team members are dedicated to every patient, willing to provide support whenever they need it.

Should you travel abroad for luxury rehab?

With the location being fundamental for luxury rehab facilities, one may think that these high-end facilities are only found in the middle of the jungle or on top of the mountains.

However, there are plenty of luxury rehab facilities right in the country. The location is still breathtaking, and the scenery is always one to remember. For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, the patients may enjoy the beautiful blue of the ocean while taking a walk under the moonlight. The crushing waves make the perfect sound for relaxing and focusing on recovery, ultimately.

What is a day like at a luxury rehab?

One enrolling in a high-end treatment program should expect privacy right from entering the center. The Holistic Sanctuary has monitored access through the gate, and a limited number of people are allowed to go at the same time.

The amenities, accommodations, room, and surroundings are presented to the patient. The staff members of the Holistic Sanctuary are ready to answer any question and provide the regulations for the treatment. No chemicals, drugs, or illicit substances are allowed at our luxury rehab, medications included.

The experienced professionals will analyze one’s case, taking a good look at the details and medical history. Once they have formed an informed opinion on your situation, they will design and run a customized treatment for every patient.

The therapies help the patients identify the deep roots of their dependencies. Professionals teach the patients how to deal healthily with life’s challenges and to live a drug-free life. All programs last for at least four weeks, with several therapy sessions varying according to one’s specific needs and dependency level.

Residential or outpatient programs?

All therapies used at our Holistic Sanctuary aim to take the brain to the pre-addicted state. Breaking the habits of addiction takes time, and patients need to follow the customized therapy for obtaining results. Therefore, residential treatment is fundamental, as outpatient programs will not work for patients at our luxury rehab.

Some luxury rehab facilities will also ensure outpatient programs. This type of drug rehab gives results for low to medium dependency people, who cannot take a break from daily responsibilities. Patients who completed a residential therapy plan may also want to continue the program with outpatient plans.

As long as you’re aware that outpatient therapy plans don’t give long-lasting results, you shouldn’t rule them out if your dependency is low.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith?

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the most trustworthy luxury centers  California, and the testimonials of former clients are the best proof. High-end amenities and accommodation, the healthiest food, and breathtaking location make patients relax and feel pampered. But it’s the innovative approach to drug therapy, the customized plans, and the personnel’s dedication that increases your chance for healing. Give us a call today for all the details.

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