There are many exceptional rehab facilities; however, few are luxurious. Moreover, those looking for the best treatment centers may not be entirely sure what criteria to follow when choosing high-end facilities for substance abuse treatment. Beautiful surroundings, which are synonymous with luxury rehabs, are calming and comfortable. That said, long-term recovery is the ultimate goal, and it requires quality care.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we are a luxury rehab in California with an entirely peaceful setting to foster recovery. Our exclusive healing center offers a one-of-a-kind, tried, tested, and proven Pouyan method of treatment for addiction.

What’s to say about Luxury Rehabs in California briefly?

Luxury rehab centers are regarded as high-end facilities. Some of the amenities include luxurious settings, non-standard program enhancements, and a private room. It’s not unusual to find gourmet chefs, yoga, and Reiki therapy. These luxury facilities offer entertainment and recreation so that guests can enjoy when they’re not in therapy sessions.

At our treatment facility, you can expect:

  • Holistic therapies
  • Organic meals
  • Sacred plant medicine
  • Total healing of the body, spirit, and mind
  • 7-star luxury accommodation
  • Oceanfront suits
  • And more

Are inpatient rehab programs standard?

Inpatient treatment at luxury rehab centers ensures patients the feeling of spending their stay at an exquisite luxury hotel. The rehab programs don’t include just methods proved to treat people with addiction, but also teach them how to live a healthy and drug/alcohol-free life.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the patients do yoga, meditation, acupuncture, but also learn from nutritionists how to eat healthily. The personnel guides the patients throughout the process of discovering the deep causes of drug addiction and heal from addiction forever.

Inpatient rehab centers vs. outpatient centers- which one is better?

Not all patients struggling with addiction will need to get substance abuse treatment at inpatient clinics, let alone luxury type.

Outpatient rehab centers give the patients the possibility to still carry with their life and jobs. They don’t affect much life, career, or day-to-day responsibilities.

Patients enrolling in an outpatient treatment center will keep living at home, whereas inpatient treatment asks the patients to live at the center throughout the addiction treatment.

At luxury drug facilities such as the Holistic Sanctuary, patients benefit from high-end amenities, excellent accommodation, numerous therapies, and experienced personnel. They feel that the staff is continually focusing on their recovery and that the customized treatment is adjusted to their specific needs, level of addiction, and even personality.

Even if an outpatient rehab center gives the clients the chance to still go to work and stay at home, luxury rehab centers put a time out to their lives, taking him/her away from triggers of their addiction. A  luxury rehab like the Holistic Sanctuary has a higher rate of success as all efforts of both the patient and the staff concentrate on healing the patient from addiction forever.

Who needs to go to luxury drug rehab centers?

Residential drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs provide continuous inpatient treatment. Patients with a high level of addiction and financial resources choose luxury rehab for complete recovery. At luxury rehab, they benefit from most exquisite accommodation and amenities, and the drug-free environment sustains their treatment.

Here are some categories of patients who will find luxury rehab as the best choice for healing:

  • People with mental health conditions, with suicidal thoughts and behaviors
  • Patients with co-occurring conditions
  • People presenting a high risk of violence
  • Patients are also dealing with various medical conditions.
  • Patients who didn’t get any results with other forms of drug rehab treatment
  • Celebrities, famous people
  • Executives

Do clients get privacy at luxury rehab?

Drug and alcohol treatment for people with high social status, celebrities, and executives is even more challenging. These people are always under the public’s eye, and recovery is a slow process when everybody is watching you.

For the executive, drug abuse and treatment for it can jeopardize their position at work and even cause losing the job.

Patients who want privacy throughout their treatment need to find treatment rehab centers that provide exquisite amenities, accommodation, therapies, and intimacy throughout the entire stay. Luxury centers offer this kind of pampering, and the Holistic Sanctuary ticks most boxes within the category.

What to Look for in a Luxury Rehab

Before choosing a rehab center, you should consider the following:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan

Every individual is unique and so are their needs. As such, the right luxury rehab should come up with a customized treatment plan. Substance abuse harms the entire body. Therefore, the treatment plan at a luxury rehab should be holistic. Holistic treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

To overcome addiction, the brain has to be rewired, the body needs to heal, and the individual has to be equipped with new coping skills and techniques to avoid relapsing. Hence, an outstanding program should have physical and psychological health treatments in its care plan.

  • Staff Credentials

The quality of care for the guest is of the utmost importance. And this can only be delivered by certified and highly trained specialists. Ideally, a treatment facility should have staff with full credentials that include addiction therapists, psychologists, and a psychiatric team. Credentials to look for include LPC, LMSW, MD, LCDC, Ph.D., MSN, RT, and LCDC.

  • Privacy and Peace

A luxurious treatment facility is well-equipped, sensual, and private to support the healing of the body, spirit, and mind. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we’re located in a serene environment away from the distractions and bustle of daily life. What’s more, our programs are focused on one-on-one care.

What should patients expect during their treatment?

Luxury rehab should ensure the newest methods in terms of treatment possibilities. At the Holistic Sanctuary, a team comprised of professionals from various areas of expertise will analyze every patient before creating a customized treatment plan.

Here’s what they will check:

  • Mental health and overall health
  • Physical conditions
  • Substance abuse patterns
  • General medical history
  • Level of family support
  • Social needs and employment
  • Demographic such as language, age, culture, ethnicity and so on
  • Suicide thoughts and risk for risky behaviors

Once the professionals get the information, they will develop a personalized treatment plan for every patient.


Typically, luxury rehab centers will provide medicated detox, which poses a high risk for severe withdrawal symptoms. It’s not the case at the Holistic Sanctuary, where professionals only rely on natural substances and remedies for eliminating all drug and alcohol residues from one’s body. The Holistic Sanctuary is not your regular alcohol rehab, but you may find it innovative and successful.

Sacred plant medicine, proprietary nnAD IV vitamin drips, and organic cleansing juicing are used for alleviating the withdrawal symptoms. The reactions are less severe, and the detox process is more comfortable to handle by patients.


Clients of a luxury rehab should expect customized treatment. The patient-staff ratio is low so that every patient is supervised and monitored 24/7.

The Holistic Sanctuary makes no compromises on customized care, so every patient is well taken care of at any given moment. Luxurious facilities offer fantastic services, and the Holistic Sanctuary takes the treatment to a whole new level.

The variety of therapies provided to patients is incredible, with yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massages, and HBOT therapy as some to name. Stem cell therapy, telomere repair, DNA and RNA repair therapy, floatation therapy, and one-on-one counseling sessions are provided for customized treatment.


At luxury rehab, patients will be able to reach for help whenever in need. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients are just one phone call away from support, as recovery is a long process.

With You Every Step of the Way

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of those luxury facilities with an advanced approach and ancient scientific-based healing method that ensures the full recovery of our patients. We desire nothing more than to see you healthy and whole and live your life to the fullest. To begin recovery, get in touch with us today on 310-601-7805.

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