Truth be told, there are more Luxury Rehabs in California than we can count, but not all centers are the same. They may have a fancy looking website, multi million dollar mansion and even serve fancy gourmet meals, but those type of things only create the illusion of healing and comfort, they will not heal or reverse any mental health issues, addiction or depression. Yes there are plenty of Rehabs with Luxury Accommodation and comfort, but don’t they offer a world class healing system with cutting edge approach. We’ll tell you why, they spend most of their budget on marketing and not on a quality healing system. However, If you are one of those people seeking the most powerful healing system, in a beautiful oceanfront facility, look no more, your search ends here.

Regardless of what you may think, people living the extravagant life also have problems with mental health and must face their demons. As a matter of fact, people of high networth, social status, bitcoiners or investment moguls, even A list movie stars seek the Best Luxury Rehabs in California to deal with their mental health, drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse disorders know no gender, race, social status, or level of education. People living in luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angeles luxury rehabs may also end up with some sort of addiction and or mental health issues. Actually, getting drugs is easier for them, whereas drugs and alcohol is widely available to everyone.

For people with financial net worth and social status, Luxury Treatment Centers California for Depression has to be different. Luxury Rehabs in California were born some decades ago, and the popularity of a Luxury Rehab in California for Mental Health is on the rise. Patients now have many options to choose from; they need to decide which Luxury Rehab Centers in California for Sex Addiction is right for them.


What to look for in a Luxury Rehab California?

Some will think that it’s only the exquisite amenities, excellent accommodation and gourmet meals are specific to a luxury rehab center in Los Angeles. Whether it’s on top of the mountains or right on the beach, a luxury rehab facility should impress not only with the location, but also how effective the healing model is they offer.

Even though all of these aspects count for clients, many elements make the Luxury Mental Health Treatment Centers in California stand out. Customized care, access to holistic therapies, low patient to staff ratio, or privacy, security and their identity. See The videos on this page and learn more how we holistically heal our clients.


Which Luxury Rehabs California elements count the most for patients?

When the substance abuse treatment costs are the last thing to check, it’s evident that other aspects come into play for picking a best luxury rehab center. When you live in Malibu, and your neighbor is a famous rock star, the chances are that you’re used to posh life. Some aspects will help you pick the best luxurious rehab center for you or your loved one.



It may be the very first thing to care about when looking for  the Best Luxury Alcohol Rehabs in California. People of high social status want to keep both the drug addiction and the addiction treatment private. At The Holistic Sanctuary Holistic Mental Health Treatment Center access is made through a guarded gate at all times. The drug rehab center is located in a secluded area, away from the public eye. Moreover, patients have private rooms with private bathrooms, enjoying the privacy they need when treating their drug or alcohol addiction.


Customized treatment

At luxury rehabs in California, outdated western medicine and talk therapy treatment is yesterday’s news. The Luxury Treatment Program California should be customized to every guest, with consideration to the underline and specifics of the issues like depression ,ptsd, anxiety, trauma, alcohol or drugs. Not all mental health issues or addictions should be treatment with the same protocol.

 A team of professionals from various areas of expertise will analyze every patient at The Holistic Sanctuary and check the medical history to make an accurate image of addiction. Holistic Mental Healthy Retreat and Dual-diagnosis is also provided, as the risk for patients with drug addiction or alcoholism to have mental health issues is high.

Holistic Mental Health Depression Anxiety treatment will be personalized, matching the patient’s particular needs, values, and personality.

Unlike all other luxury detox centers, at The Holistic Sanctuary, only one-on-one therapy sessions take place. Patients need to focus exclusively on their substance abuse treatment and need all the emotional and mental resources that they can get. Even if some people may find group sessions beneficial, they may lose focus of their journey to healing, this is an inside job, not a group effort. One must focus on personal healing.


Various therapies

Western medicine aka pharmaceutical maintenance drugs,  pills and potions are yesterday’s news, especially since the rate of side effects relapse is still very high. Patients with mental health issues, addictions to drugs, sex or gambling will go to a luxury drug rehab in Los Angeles that provides both evidence-based and effective holistic treatment.

At The Holistic Sanctuary Holistic Mental Health Healing Center, we believe a comprehensive approach for depression, trauma and addiction treatment is essential. Yoga, Meditation, or Reiki are some of the alternative medicine therapies provided to patients. However, they also benefit from innovative protocols, sacred plant medicine, and revolutionary therapies. HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, floatation treatment, and telomere repair are only some of the many to name.

With traditional rehab having a high rate of relapse, professionals understood that they need to have a different take on addiction. A holistic approach to substance abuse or drug addiction is common for the luxury centers, and The Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t make an exception. The team will help patients get to the deep roots of their issues and addiction, which typically signals imbalances of the mind, body, and soul. The therapies will aim to solve those imbalances, increasing the chance for long term healing and recovery.


Evidence-based Holistic Detox Luxury Setting

Not all patients will struggle with severe anxiety, PTSD, depression should be thrown on drugs and medicated, because these outdated ineffective medications may and will cause side effects and always will do more harm. Most clients seeking Luxury Treatment Centers in California need holistic healing not to be subdued with synthetic man-made pills and potions. Some clients may have sleep issues or depression, they need to reset the brain chemistry, not to be automatically put on medications. A detox may not even be necessary, just some holistic healing and a reset of the nervous system and re-balance the neurochemistry.

Guests and clients with moderate to severe addictions to oxycontin, xanax, and SSRI will have to go through our highly effective holistic detox. Due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, clients will avoid avoid going to a rehab center, even if it’s a luxury type. However our Sanctuary Treatment Center has a painless powerful holistic system with  upto 100% success rate and a total painless withdrawal free detox

Medical detox is standard, but it doesn’t give long-lasting results. Plus, it can cause other side effects and new addictions and can be very painful for guest when they get home. No other Luxury Rehab Facilities in California provide holistic natural detox, but at The Holistic Sanctuary that’s all we do. Natural substances and methods are used for eliminating chemicals, drug residue, or alcohol from one’s body. Patients who have permission from the doctors in the team will also benefit from sacred plant medicine. NAD+ IV vitamin drips and coffee enemas will be used to clean the body and provide the minerals and vitamins it needs for rapid healing.

Not only that, the natural detox is gentle on the body, but it doesn’t cause any other mental health issues and addictions too. The results last for a long time, and patients go easy throughout the detox at The Holistic Sanctuary treatment center.



Oceanfront accommodations has been known to have incredible healing effects, so a luxury rehab center   is the most beautiful location preferably beachfront. Clients at The Holistic Sanctuary will walk through beautiful scenery, whereas the view from the windows will recharge their spirit and soul.

Patients with depression, and PTSD, and some drug and alcohol addictions get positive energy from nature, so mental health treatment becomes more efficient.


Amenities & accommodation

People used to posh life styles aren’t going to go to a regular treatment center in a busy loud environment, with smog and sound of traffic or hustle and bustle. Not only that, the treatment facility should only offer private suites, not shared rooms. Most luxury rehabs offer 2 clients per room. At The Holistic Sanctuary Treatment Center all our clients get their own rooms. have to be customized and comprehensive, but the amenities and accommodation should be luxurious too.

At The Holistic Sanctuary treatment center, patients have a spa-like feel, as the accommodation and amenities remind of a oceanfront luxury hotel, and not of luxury drug rehab. Private rooms with private bathrooms, organic linens, plush bedding, and comfortable beds are provided to patients. When people feel relaxed and pampered, they’re more open to receiving positive thoughts about their treatment.

A organic bedding and luxurious room may not heal one of the addiction. But it can help the patient feel at peace, knowing that his recovery matters.

At this luxury rehab, patients have daily access to the spa, hot sauna, and the gym. They also benefit from therapy massages and physical activities. The treatment programs aim to make the body healthy, and physical activities give the energy one needs for complete recovery.



Gourmet meals are also characteristic of luxury rehab facilities, as no vacation feels like a vacation unless you have fantastic food.

At The Holistic Sanctuary we teach the clients about the importance of healthy and organic dieting for spiritual and mindfulness living. Raw, natural, and non-GMO food is provided to the patients. People with mental or physical health issues and addictions are in poor health, and the body lacks the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it requires for healing and recovery. The holistic healthy dieting will give them what they need, easing the healing and spiritual awakening they seek.



Holistic Treatment Programs at a regular rehab centers california rely on experienced and well-trained personnel too. But they’re handling too many patients, so quality care and customized treatment are out of the question.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury rehab facility where the staff-to-patient ratio is high, meaning more staff to clients, 5-1. Therefore, a good number of healers, nurses, and professionals will take care of every patient 24/7.

Our Holistic minded team’s and professionals are dedicated to their work and guests, growing deep and professional relationships with our guests.



Luxury Holistic Treatment for depression, ptsd, trauma and addiction or alcoholism is a long and challenging road. Clients need to know that the staff members are ready to help whenever they need support. At The Holistic Sanctuary, the clients can contact the staff members even after completing their treatment programs. It’s a luxury rehab where every patient’s recovery is essential.


How to begin Your Holistic Journey?

Luxury rehabs California are set for client who have the means and financial resources for topnotch customized care, exquisite accommodation, and innovative protocols for addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary Treatment Center, stands out with the location, world class protocol and creative approach, amenities, and housing. It doesn’t disappoint on any level of care, so you should give us a call to see how to begin your healing.

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