After deciding to seek help for your addiction problem, the next step is to choose where to get treatment. While there are many rehabs all over the country, each has its unique treatment plans and environment. You can opt to look for a ‘luxury rehab near me,’ or you can decide to travel for treatment.

Each decision has its advantages. However, it is essential to find a treatment facility that fits your needs, no matter the location. So, if you’ve resolved to get the help you need away from home, we at The Holistic Sanctuary are here for you.

Is it difficult to find a luxury rehab near me?

It takes a lot more than willpower to cure alcohol addiction or drug addiction. Rehab centers are a familiar presence, but we cannot say the same about luxury rehab. Nine times out of ten, patients need more than medical and psychological treatment. For people accustomed to living the very best life, the exigences for rehab centers are just as high. Usual amenities and conventional therapies will not do it. The need for luxury rehab centers is real, even if not many people dealing with addiction afford luxury rehab.

Excellent rehab for celebrities had to be invented, but it’s also people with financial power and high social status-seeking help at luxury rehabs. Substance abuse knows no social status, and famous people or executives also have a high risk of developing an addiction.

When selecting luxury rehab, clients should pay attention to specific aspects. The addiction treatment used for patients, the variety of therapies, the use of holistic methods are some to name. Does the rehab center drug also provide nutritional and spiritual guidance? These are only a few of the many questions to answer before selecting a rehab center. 

The location of the rehab facility is also essential. The majority of top-rated luxury rehabs are found in most unusual places, and the Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t make an exception. The blue ocean and the lovely sun help people relax and focus on their addiction recovery more efficiently.

Don’t forget to check the amenities. Even if patients feel comfy at home, they also want to feel pampered and well taken care of when following addiction treatment. Top treatment centers will impress with the high-quality amenities, access to spa and gym private rooms, and only the very best for lining, food, and treatment. Mental health cannot be obtained unless people are relaxed and calm.

Luxury rehab centers vs. traditional centers- who has the edge?

It’s easier to understand the differences when taking a look at the details.

How to describe luxury rehab centers in a nutshell?

A luxury rehabilitation center makes the perfect choice for celebrities and executives seeking treatment for their addiction. Some of the top rehab centers have been compared to the most exquisite 5-star hotels. Luxury treatment is all about private rooms with private bathrooms, organic linens, hot tubs, gyms, and the healthiest food.

But the high-end amenities, accommodation, or services are only one side of the story. The therapies are just as efficient, and the professionals are experienced and trained in addiction treatment. A treatment center of this sort will ensure a personalized plan for substance abuse. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary includes psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses, but also holistic medicine practitioners, shamans, and life coaches. They all work for creating and developing an individualized treatment for every patient. 

Detox in high-end drug rehab has nothing in common with detox at regular drug and alcohol rehabs. In centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, detox is made with natural substances and remedies, so that the withdrawal symptoms are easy to handle by the patients. Doctors will permit patients qualifying for sacred plant medicine, whereas experienced shamans will guide the ceremonies for administering ayahuasca or ibogaine.

What’s specific to traditional drug and alcohol rehab?

The conventional treatment programs for addiction are created for people who lack the financial resources for luxury rehab. The treatment may give results, especially for people who don’t need residential treatment.

Traditional treatment centers will also provide professional and medical care for their patients. The quality of the treatment may significantly vary. Some may ensure a high number of professionals take responsibility for their clients, whereas others will not have the same care and attention. Needless to say, the chances for individualized treatment or 24/7 care like in luxury rehab are minimal.

Detox, evaluation, and support, group counseling sessions, and family sessions are also offered at conventional rehab. On the other hand, group sessions aren’t considered at The Holistic Sanctuary, due to the firm belief that people should only focus on their addiction treatment. Aftercare programs are also provided at traditional alcohol and drug rehab, even if the personnel isn’t as dedicated as the one working at a luxury rehab.

It’s common for traditional centers to offer sports facilities and gyms, as well as some nutritional guidance for patients. However, the clients won’t be able to have organic, non-GMO, and raw diet or superfoods like they do at the Holistic Sanctuary or other exquisite rehab.

Some conventional centers may also include art therapy, yoga, music therapy, and such. Patients will not have the chance to benefit from innovative treatments like HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, floatation therapy, and other fantastic therapies for addiction.

Why Should You Travel for Rehab?

Sometimes, traveling for rehab may be the best option as some places might not have the type of high-quality treatment you need. According to NIDA, treatment is efficient for one’s addiction when also addressing the medical, psychological, legal, social, and vocational issues.

Here are some of the advantages of traveling for rehab:

  • Traveling for rehab allows you to access the best treatment programs available. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we are the only licensed five-star luxury rehab in the world that provides the Pouyan method of treatment. Our efficient, holistic protocol heals our guests from the inside out.
  • Going away to a luxury retreat at a different location also prepares you mentally for your recovery journey and allows you to begin again somewhere new. When you put distance between you and physical triggers, it helps to reduce the cravings to use again. The physical distance also encourages you to commit to your treatment plan.
  • Mostly, going to treatment rehab is voluntary. That means that you can leave at any time if you no longer wish to be admitted to a treatment facility. But being far away from your home reduces the temptation of leaving rehab, thus increasing your chances of completing treatment.
  • You’ll be able to put yourself first. Many individuals who decide to participate in inpatient programs near home or outpatient treatment are mostly still concerned about the lives of their friends and family. Although this isn’t wrong, it might make it hard to focus on yourself and put your recovery first. Being away from your loved ones can be hard, especially in the beginning. However, many people discover that it significantly contributes to their successful recovery as they’re able to put all their efforts into becoming and remaining sober.
  • Some people are worried about the stigmatization that comes with going to rehab. Many are concerned that if anyone discovers they went to seek treatment for their addiction problem, they may be judged and discriminated against. They’re afraid of gossiping about or even the professional ramifications that may come with leaving for rehab. As such, privacy is crucial. Traveling to a different location for treatment reduces the chances of being recognized while in rehab.

Here for You, Every Step of the Way

Traveling for your addiction treatment or not is entirely up to you.  That said, there are several factors you need to consider, such as the treatment options available. If you’re looking for a luxury rehab in a peaceful environment and using a scientifically-backed treatment protocol, we’re it. To get the help you need, give us a call today at (310)-601-7805.

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