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The Holistic Sanctuary is the most exclusive Luxury Rehab and healing center in the world offering its guests a life changing experience in a 5 star top notch oceanfront setting. From the first moment you arrive at our Luxury Rehab Center you realize very quickly why we are different. Every guest who enrolls will be given a private master suite with organic sheets and linen, served 100% organic non GMO cold pressed juices cleanse, with superfoods,. They receive only 1 to 1 therapies, no groups, daily HBOT sessions, daily massage, daily reiki, daily yoga, daily powerful vitamin drips, all one-on-one holistic therapies. You will be healed using our advanced holistic medicine approach. We use only holistic medicine, alternative medicine, evidence-based medicine, and sacred plant medicine. We will not force you to do group meetings, talk about your problems all day with a therapist or in group sessions, we will not load you up massive toxic pills like Prozac, Lexapro, Xanax, Wellbutrin, Suboxone, Seroquel or other medications that make your feel like a zombie, or make you feel like you have no soul,  these things ruin your health and highly addictive. Instead you will undergo the most advanced Luxury Holistic Rehab healing system that has been healing and curing people for a decade. All Guests will receive 150 hours of one-on-one therapies per month, no groups, not endless talk therapy, no psychobabble, just pure holistic healing with an individualized treatment approach.

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Also our luxury treatment center provides far more than any treatment programs could provide, with our powerful modalities and healing system and our cutting edge protocol to help our guests get cured from disorders like PTSD, Depression, Trauma and especially substance abuse and alcohol dependency. Even though we are not drug rehab, we do reverse and cure alcoholism, mental illness, medication dependence and all addictions. We are a world class healing center through and through. Our facilities are located Baja California Mexico in a 5 star resort-like, and our Tulum Mexico  location is our 7 Star Elite Luxury Rehab Center. Not only will you leave The Holistic Sanctuary center feeling reset, reborn, revitalized and refreshed. You will feel renewed and you will be transformed into a new and healthier you. Then you will be ready to begin the next chapter of your life in recovery, free from mental health, spiritual health and physical health issues and start thriving once again.

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What Truly Sets us Apart From Any Other Luxury Rehab Center

Until now, traditional rehab centers and luxury drug rehab facilities have been focused entirely on talk therapy, group therapy and endless prescribing of addictive prescription drugs. This outdated disease model has killed and destroyed people’s lives by over-medicating a generation. That’s another reason why people now realize most if not all rehabs do not off a real cure or and healing, so now, people demand something that works. Most drug rehab facilities in America have guests sharing bedrooms and bathrooms, and even some have subpar conditions, GMO’s /genetically modified processed foods with pesticides. These rehab centers have dominated the industry at a national level, they are making a killing financially and do not offer any type of cure or healing for clients. Sometimes for people who can afford them, luxury rehab centers have been the best choice because at least you get high end accommodations and tennis courts and pools and spa. Unfortunately many such luxury rehabs believe in the disease model as well, the lie that has been spreading like fake news by the controlled and bought and paid for mainstream media. The medical mafia has an agenda and curing patients is not one on them, they create customers, not cures.
Even top luxury rehab centers do not offer a real cure for their high profile clients.  Almost every rehab facility in the United States has 2+ occupancy in each room. The name “ethically sound” has no place in these rehab centers because of the lack of focused attention and true integrative healing methods that are crucial to heal a person. But The Holistic Sanctuary is nothing like any of these outdated and bleak rehab centers. If any rehab center offers shared room, you know right away they are trying to fit in humans like sardines to maximize space for profit. At The Holistic Sanctuary in baja california we have a 25,000 square foot, with 20 bedrooms, oceanfront facility and only have 3-6 patients at a time who never share a room or a bathroom, even our yoga therapy is one to one! We only offer private rooms with their own private  bathrooms and all other therapies are 1-1. Our staff to patient ratio is 25 staff to 3-6 patients, as we only offer individualized care. We do not cut corners and no expense is spared to maximize healing.

man in hyberbaric chamber

HBOT Chamber for drug and alcohol addiction treatment

What’s included In the Gold Package at The Sanctuary Treatment Center

check golden Weekly Blood Work and Liver Panel

check golden EKG ECG Tests/Heart Check Up/Cardiology Workup

check golden 24 hour Nursing Supervision and Professional Compassionate Care

check golden In House ER Doctor for ibogaine treatments

check golden Private Rooms/Suite W/ Individual Bath, Organic Sheets and Linen

check golden Daily Access To The GYM

check golden Beachfront Amenities

check goldenDaily NAD+ Iv Drips

check golden10 days  of Proprietary Brain Repair Iv Drips

check goldenAmino Acid Iv Drips

check goldenDaily Carbon Sauna

check golden Daily Yoga

check golden Daily Meditation

check golden Daily Massage

check golden Daily IV drips

check golden Daily HBOT Sessions

check golden Min 1-7 Ceremonies with Ancient Plant Medicine Ayahuasca and Ibogaine,  Changa and 5 MeO DMT (All clients MUST be cleared by our medical staff to undergo any of the sacred plant medicines)

check golden Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO (Proprietary)
check golden Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes (Proprietary)

there is a cure banner

What does our method do?
What does the method offer?
What’s the goal?

check golden Creation Rebirth Of New Neural-Pathways In The Brain (Proprietary)
check golden Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Brain Repair Protocol (Proprietary)
check golden DNA Repair Therapy (Proprietary)
check golden Mitochondria Repair Therapy (Proprietary)
check golden Stem Cell Activation Therapy (Proprietary)
check golden Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary)
check golden Candida / Parasite / Virus / Pathogens Cleanse Detox Elimination Therapy (Proprietary)
check golden Spiritual Awakening and Out of Body Experience (Proprietary)
check golden De-Calcification Of The Pineal Gland (Proprietary)
check golden God Molecule Activation – DMT –(Proprietary)
check golden Cellular Detoxification Cleanse (Proprietary)
check golden Chakra Balancing Therapy (Proprietary)
check golden Reset Dopamine Receptors (Proprietary)
check golden Reset Serotonin Receptors (Proprietary)
check golden Reset Gaba Receptors (Proprietary)

Our main purpose is to help clients recover from addiction to substance abuse without making them feel like they are being in a hospital. The focus of every aspect of our luxury Rehab is to help addicts recover from their addiction in the most comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful sanctuary. We create a healthy and conducive environment that will maximize the opportunity for our guests to learn how to break down behaviors and thought patterns. This way, they can move toward greater well-being and recovery.

This luxury treatment approach has been successful in helping guests recover. We know that there will be stresses associated with leaving home to participate in our inpatient program, and clients’ attention is divided between where they are and where they want to be. The Holistic Sanctuary was designed with comfort and luxury in mind. Unlike the utilitarian environment emphasized in most rehab centers, our executive drug rehab can make the entire addiction recovery process more personal and relaxing for our guests.

We Know and Understand Your Needs

The Holistic Sanctuary provides effective and proven natural methods and programs, which supplement the mental and emotional work being done through our rehab center. We are an alternative to the standard luxury rehab centers, that creates a more relaxing environment for our guests. By providing high-end amenities to our guests during the program, they will have a better foundation for working through recovery rather than being uncomfortable physically, emotionally, and mentally while dealing with their health issues.Master Suites

The luxury rehab environment available in our rehab facility can remove the stress of being away from home, family, and what is familiar. This allows each guest to focus on recovery entirely.  In addition, The Holistic Sanctuary creates a more welcoming rehab and recovering atmosphere for clients.

The decision to seek addiction recovery can be difficult. However, by feeling welcomed and included in the curing process, our guests are more likely to stay in the luxury drug rehab and successfully recover from substance abuse.  It is our goal here at The Holistic Sanctuary to facilitate a more welcoming environment by showing guests that recovery is not about the utilitarian approach they may have experienced in the past. Instead, the 5-star setting shows patients they are valuable and worthy of being comfortable as they recover from drug addiction. This can help contribute to self-worth during the  recovering process.

All High-End Treatment Centers Must Include These One-on-One Holistic Programs Daily. If they don’t, you are being taken for another ride.

  • Daily Massage
  • Daily Reiki Sessions
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Vitamin Infusions IV Drips
  • Daily HBOT Oxygen sessions
  • Daily Wheatgrass Shot
  • Organic Sheets and Linen
  • Private Suites with Jacuzzi
  • Sacred Plant Medicine
  • Stem Cells

If you are at a Rehab Center that is claiming to be a Luxury Rehab but offers none of the above then you can bet it’s just another facility located in an expensive location but will not offer real cure, just the same old song and dance and just another overcharging Top luxury rehab.

Luxury Rehab: Physical Approach

Treating the body at our Best Luxury Rehab facilities helps move the guest’s body to greater physical and mental health, including the body’s physical addiction to drugs and alcohol abuse. When a guest is physically healthier, he or she is in a better position to work through the psychological and emotional components of the addiction cure process. Here at the Holistic Sanctuary, we heal the body to help our guests feel better mentally and emotionally.

Psychological Approach

Treating the mind during the Luxury Treatment process is at the root of our addiction treatment. In addition to addiction, many individuals face co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and other traumas which have had a significant influence on who they are and how they became addicts. The Holistic Sanctuary has many luxury treatment programs that all tailor a holistic individualized treatment plan to the unique needs of the patient. Through this, we are able to effectively change our guests’ thought patterns and behaviors, provide effective coping skills, and help them achieve complete cure.

Luxury Drug Rehab: Spiritual Approach

Finally, treating the spirit during recovery requires developing an integrative healing program for every person’s spiritual and emotional needs during rehabilitation. This helps reinforce treatment provided for the patients’ minds and promotes a sense of well-being throughout the healing process.

Our Luxury Drug Rehab Offers Natural – Pure – Holistic Treatment

As an elite treatment center, our luxury rehab centers are able to provide innovative, effective substance abuse treatment methods within its approach. This includes advanced holistic rehab elements, such as one-to-one therapy, as well as alternative and natural elements, such as the proprietary Pouyan Method for the mind body and soul. This method uses sacred plant-based medicines and therapies to promote wellness rather than merely treating symptoms. As a result, our guests benefit from improvements in their underlying conditions instead of masking the outward expressions of those conditions. For example, green coffee flushes and hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy are used to eliminate drug and alcohol toxins from the body. This not only moves the body toward greater health, but it helps rid the body of elements that contributed to remaining in an addiction state.

This luxury approach gives each client exactly what is needed to achieve success through Luxury Treatments and Rehab. With the variety of addiction treatment elements available and the comfort provided by the resort-like atmosphere, it helps guests achieve recovery goals in the stress-free, welcoming environment of our luxury rehab centers.

Aerial viewOne of the reasons this Private Luxury drug rehab and treatment approach is successful is the extensive one-on-one programs taking place for guests each day. Through these  sessions, our guests are able to get mental and emotional support as well as express their needs and wants about the program and their life. The more the High End Treatment staff is able to get to know the guest and their needs, the better the treatment plan can be tailored to their unique experiences and needs. The professional services provided by our center and its staff has become so effective that our luxury rehab centers offer a lifetime guarantee of addiction recovery with successful completion of the Platinum 90-day program.

Experience The Best in Luxury Addiction Treatment

Recovery does not have to be utilitarian and carried out in a hospital-like environment. Creating a luxury experience in a recovery program elevates healing and allows Luxury addiction treatment work more effectively. Stress free environment also ensures that guests are comfortable and stress-free while they work toward greater health and wellness in a life of sobriety. From the holistic approach to a non 12 step rehab plan to the beautiful and luxurious setting at the luxury rehab, we provide effective, discreet, and agreeable integrative drug rehab for anyone who enters into our treatment programs. Our Best luxury treatment center will help move every person to greater physical, mental, and spiritual health in a magnificent holistic space.

After an investment of 30-90 days of self-care of total healing, you will have a lifetime of sobriety and a healthy, happy life before you. If you are ready to free yourself from addiction in a  Best Luxury Rehab that will make you feel as relaxed and stress-free as an extended luxury vacation, reach out to the Holistic Sanctuary and start the road to your new life today.

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