Individuals suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism mainly view luxury rehab centers as a last resort. That’s because they dread the thought of being in a conventional treatment center for recovery stigma associated with going to addiction. But the truth is, those who go through addiction treatment are treated with care. If you’re looking into luxury rehab centers, you’re assured of the same comfort as a high-class treatment center.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we are an exclusive and luxury rehab that offers personalized treatment and seaside detoxification in Mexico. What’s more, our dedicated team of experts uses a scientific-backed treatment to help people with addiction of all kinds.

What to Expect in Luxury Rehab centers?

Going to a luxury rehabs comes with many advantages. Here’s what to expect at some of the best rehabs in the US:

Dietary Training

Your diet is crucial during and after recovery. A healthy body and mind can ensure continued recovery and will even help you fight off the urge to use the substance again. Besides, if your drug addiction caused considerable damage to your body, a proper diet will significantly improve your wellbeing and mental health.

Many luxury rehab centers will provide you with organic meals and superfoods to ensure that your recovery is completed and you live a healthy lifestyle. The Holistic Sanctuary is one of those rehab centers where treatment includes raw, organic, and non-GMO food.

Training and Exercise Equipment

Your physical health is essential for recovery, as your body adapts to functioning without the substance of abuse. At a luxury drug rehab, exercising is also highly recommended for your mental health. Many luxury rehabs have well-equipped gyms. Some even have trainers who can help you develop the right exercise routine according to your strengths and medical history. Daily access to the gym, spa, and massage treatment is offered to patients coming to luxury rehab centers, and the Holistic Sanctuary is a great example to give.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a vital aspect of recovery in any luxury drug rehab. It’s mindfulness that enables individuals to overcome their cravings and helps them to deal with difficult situations and emotions after leaving the treatment centers. The Holistic Sanctuary is one of those treatment centers where yoga is part of our treatment program for bringing wholeness and mindfulness to our guests.

All-Round Experience

If you’re hesitant to leave the comfort of your home to attend drug rehab, you don’t have to go to a luxury treatment center. Luxury rehab facilities offer guests with an all-around experience with resort-living, gourmet meals, holistic therapies, and close attention and care from staff.

When you check into our luxury treatment center, it will feel as though you’re on vacation. There will be a lot of work to obtain your recovery. But even as you’re trying to deal with an addiction problem, it will be great to do it in a peaceful environment that luxury rehab centers provide. That means you won’t mind being at the luxury rehab center, which will increase your chances of staying and getting to the root cause of your issue.

One of the main reasons luxury rehab programs give results is the comfortable and relaxed feeling of patients. People choosing the exquisite centers don’t worry about being watched and only participate in one-on-one therapy; the chance for recovery is higher, and the healing process goes smoother. It’s yet another reason for which luxury rehab facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary give results.

Privacy and confidentiality

Luxury rehab facilities don’t make any compromises when it comes to the privacy of their patients. At the Holistic Sanctuary, access to the rehab facility is guarded. Moreover, patients benefit from private rooms and private rooms, while the staff supervises the patient’s treatment 24/7. The staff-patient ratio is also low at luxurious centers, and clients benefit from the care and attention of staff. Recovery from addiction is a more comfortable process, for sure.

Clients don’t worry about their recovery being watched by the public eye, which helps them concentrate on treatment while proceeding their healing at the extravagant centers.

Inpatient or outpatient luxury rehab facilities? What should you choose?

Not all patients need to follow the inpatient rehab treatment for curing. Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs will let the patients reduce the time that spends away from jobs and daily responsibilities.

Outpatient treatment programs develop regular sessions that don’t affect one’s work, school, or a home program. Patients don’t live at the treatment centers, whereas inpatient alternatives require them to live at the rehab facility throughout the treatment for addiction.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we provide inpatient programs as we genuinely believe that patients need to find a better path for living a good life. It’s what helps them focus exclusively on their treatment and recovery. They take distance from the triggers and may concentrate on their recovery 100% when healing at luxurious therapy centers.

While enrolling in luxury drug rehab programs, patients learn how to meditate, eat healthy food, or do yoga to manage stress in life. However, all the new skills will be practiced after completing the treatment program at the exquisite rehab centers. No treatment can change one’s lifestyle overnight, and taking the brain to the pre-addicted state, like in the Holistic Sanctuary, is a long-time process.

Should someone in your life struggle with drug addiction, you may give them some help and find an inpatient luxury rehab center. This type of treatment program will provide the most intensive therapy for addressing drug or alcohol addiction, helping them clean and achieve life-lasting recovery.

How can one know that a luxury rehab program is right for them?

Most luxury rehab centers are residential, providing the patients the most comfortable and exquisite accommodation, amenities, and services. Addiction treatment goes smoother when patients feel pampered and well taken care of.

Here’s who is going to need to enroll in a luxury rehab program:

  • Patients who want privacy for their addiction treatment
  • Patients with suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Patients with co-occurring conditions that require professional treatment
  • People are also dealing with medical conditions.
  • Patients presenting a high risk of violent behaviors
  • People with high risk for developing severe withdrawal symptoms
  • People who didn’t get results when enrolled in a conventional rehab facility

How long does a luxury rehab program last?

Inpatient luxury rehab programs will last more than four weeks. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients may choose between different lengths for treatment, from 4 to 12 weeks. However, a 4-weeks may include a different number of therapy sessions.

Recovery is a long journey, and professionals at all luxury rehab centers know it. It takes time to bring the brain to the pre-addiction state or to help patients receive positive thoughts about their recovery. Detox doesn’t happen overnight, and people need time to practice new and healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges.

The luxury rehab programs are typically quite flexible, and adjustments can be made. The programs for addiction therapy are customized to every patient’s necessities, as there is no universal treatment. Not even the best rehab center in the world can brag with discovering a single addiction treatment that works the same for all patients.

Should you travel or find a luxury rehab center close to home?

Location is fundamental for luxury rehab centers, so unless you live on the Pacific coast, the chance for you to find one close to home are slim.

Luxury rehab facilities are found on top of the mountains, on private beaches, or breathtaking locations away from the public’s eye.

The Holistic Sanctuary attracts clients from all over the world. Patients will find that the beautiful ocean view relaxes and calms down, giving them the power to focus on a complete recovery.

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At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have a one-of-a-kind philosophy that enables our professional team to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment for every guest struggling with addiction. The treatment plan in luxury rehab centers is aimed at addressing each aspect of their specific addiction and the circumstances that caused them to use it in the first place. Although no treatment for addiction is the same, the results of drug rehab turn our center into one of the most representative luxury rehab centers. So, if you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, and take a look at one of the most prestigious treatment centers, give us a call at (310)-601-7805 to start your journey to recovery.

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