More than 23-millions of US residents struggle with addiction. Should someone you love deal with addiction, getting professional help at rehabilitation centers in California increases their chances of healing.

An addiction without treatment may lead to unpleasant consequences, affecting one’s personal life, job, financial status, and even legal troubles.

If you or a person you care for is ready to make a commitment, luxury rehab centers in California are available. Whether drug or alcohol addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or job burnout, the health problem you’re dealing with, the Holistic Sanctuary is one reliable rehab center to try. Our evidence-based treatment is designed for identifying the leading causes of your addiction and teach you new ways to deal with life’s difficulties. 

What’s the importance of luxury rehab centers in California?

Many people render that overcoming the addiction is rather easy on their own; it makes no sense to go to a rehab center in California or anywhere else. Sadly, the challenge is more emotional and physically consuming than people think. With addiction still being seen as a chronic disease, the risk for relapse is rather high, especially when choosing a conventional treatment program for substance abuse. It’s not that people don’t find the inner will for healing, but it isn’t easy to find treatment providing true healing.

Patients determined to put their addiction to an end should take a look at a luxury rehab center in California. The Holistic Sanctuary is a perfect treatment center within the category, providing its customers and resources and tools needed for leading to long-lasting results. The risk of relapse is significantly reduced, and patients recover forever from substance abuse.

A luxury rehab center addresses famous people but also executives and people with financial resources. Movie stars are always under the public’s eye, and they want to keep their drug addiction treatment as low as possible. And it’s only the luxury rehab facilities offering the intimacy and high-end amenities they need for recovering.

How do luxury rehab facilities attract customers?

It goes without saying that luxury treatment programs aren’t as affordable as programs in your neighborhood. Apart from the breathtaking location and extravagant amenities and accommodation, a luxury rehab center brings significant advantages to the table:

The rate of success is higher.

People who go to a top rehabilitation facility in California enjoy the whole experience, as it’s a welcoming and positive environment, helping them receive positive thoughts for healing. The Holistic Sanctuary is no ordinary rehab center, as one’s treatment program means private rooms and private bathrooms, daily access to gyms and spa, massage therapy, and practice yoga and meditation. They get to relax and come at peace with themselves, focusing on their addiction and treatment.

The programs take many weeks.

The longer the treatment, the higher the chance for success. It’s typical for luxury rehab programs to last at least 30 days, and our treatment center is no exception. There are 4-weeks and 12-weeks treatment programs, and the number of therapy sessions may differ too.

A holistic approach to treatment

The majority of luxury rehab facilities don’t provide just conventional therapies for treating people with addiction. The patients are provided with a generous diversity of treatments, but they also have access to holistic and complementary therapies.

The team from the Holistic Sanctuary includes professionals from various areas of expertise. Doctors and nurses monitor the patients throughout their treatment, but also give permission when shamans administrate sacred plant medicine to patients who qualify.

Additionally, patients do yoga and meditation and learn about the importance of organic and natural dieting for mental health and addiction therapy. Only natural remedies and therapies are used at our center, with floatation therapy, acupuncture, or Reiki as some of the many treatments provided at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Is it worth to pay for a luxury rehab center?

Even if most of the time it’s going to worth paying the high dollar for a luxury rehab program in California, you should be careful when choosing a plan. Some aspects are fundamental to check before picking an extravagant rehab program:

The success rate

It’s essential to observe the success rate for the alcohol rehab center of your choosing. At the Holistic Sanctuary, there are numerous testimonials of former patients talking about their experience and full recovery at our center. It’s easier to pick an addiction center for your loved one when you get to see other people’s stories.

Check the treatments

Even if you’re not working in the industry of mental health or have no knowledge about addiction treatment, you should still go over the methods and therapies provided. The addiction treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary includes various methods, but patients also benefit from customized programs. No treatment works for everyone, so the treatment for addiction is personalized to each client. You need to contact us to find out the details.


A luxury rehab center isn’t going to be located around the corner. Typically, a top rehab facility is found in secluded areas, away from the public’s eye. It’s common to find them on top of the mountains or the Pacific Coast.  A luxury rehab center in California doesn’t come as a surprise either.

The Holistic Sanctuary is one facility for addiction that impresses with the breathtaking view of the ocean, with sunsets that calm patients. Clients find it easier to focus on their healing when the fantastic blue of the ocean or the sunny days lead to positive feelings and a peaceful mind. Mental health comes easy too. Keep in mind that it’s not only the luxury center in California that changes the rules of treatment; we can do it.

How does a luxury rehab center differ from a regular treatment center?

Luxury rehabs are built on the principle that curing an addiction doesn’t have to be dreadful and insanely difficult for giving results. Decades ago, a treatment center would mean stringent rules and severe conditions, forcing people into staying sober.

Nowadays, the approach has changed, and environments have got more comfortable even at a standard rehab center. Also, if the drug addiction treatment got more relaxed at a conventional rehab center, the luxury rehab center takes it all to a whole new level. At the Holistic Sanctuary, clients enjoy pampering accommodation and the attention of dedicated personnel. Every patient is essential, and every patient’s journey counts for the staff.

Here are the main differences between conventional rehab and luxury rehab:

Amenities, accommodation, and services

You will find a luxury rehab facility in the most fantastic location, but the amenities and services are excellent.

Customers at the Holistic Sanctuary have private rooms with private bathrooms, enjoy soft organic linen, and have personnel supervising them 24/7. Unlike a traditional treatment center, the patient-staff ratio is low, so that there’s always someone watching over the patients and their addiction treatment.

Healthy and organic food

You’re not going to see cold or greasy food at a luxury rehab center. The clients at Holistic Sanctuary enjoy cleansing juicing for detox, but they also benefit from organic, non-GMO, and raw food throughout their addiction treatment. Nutritionists teach them about the role of healthy food in their lives, so that new and healthy dieting stays with them after completing the program.

Experienced staff

Professionals from all domains of health care are part of the team at any high-end alcohol rehabilitation center in California; it’s the same for the Holistic Sanctuary. Doctors and nurses run blood work, check the liver, kidney, and heart, and approve for patients before sacred plant medicine.

Yogi and holistic medicine practitioners teach the customers at our center about new coping skills. Experienced shamans conduct the ceremonies for sacred plant medicine, whereas life coaches teach their customers how to live a better life.

Let’s not forget that psychologists and psychiatrists manage patients with addiction and co-occurring mental conditions. They make sure that your loved one’s mental health throughout the entire treatment.

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