Addiction is difficult to overcome all by yourself. Persons with a substance use disorder experience chemical changes in their brains, which makes it hard to function normally without the substance. When an individual decides to get help, that’s not a guarantee that the addiction treatment will give results. Long-term sobriety requires new ways of coping, thinking, and addressing triggers and issues. A drug addiction treatment can offer the necessary strategies, support, and therapy to help your loved one avoid drug use and prevent going to rehab again.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we are the leading luxury drug rehab in California, offering comprehensive and successful addiction therapy protocols. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our guests recover from their addiction by using the most effective treatment plan worldwide and providing that approach in a serene and comfortable setting.

What does a luxury drug rehab in California have to offer?

Luxury drug rehab centers function on the principle that recovery can be a lot more than medical expertise. Healing doesn’t have to be painful, and it can be more pleasant when everything around the patient is beautiful and comfortable.

Fantastic amenities and accommodation at rehabilitation centers in California will lower the risk of overstimulation and agitation. The healthier the patient feels, the higher the chance to relax and go into the process. For anyone living well, a rehab center will provide the best setting for recovery.

A luxury drug rehabilitation center is a lot more than a beautiful treatment center. It has a reputation thanks to the results, whereas the team includes prestigious and experienced professionals.

What makes a luxury drug rehab in California stand out?

It’s the whole package that makes a luxury rehab stand out from the opponents. The location, amenities, therapies, and accommodation may be more comfortable to notice, but it’s the attention to the smallest details that complete the picture.

The treatments

When enrolling your loved one at an addiction rehab, you should expect to benefit from the most innovative and efficient therapies.

For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, patients will enjoy luxury detox, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, but also HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, floatation therapy, and such. Customers at Holistic Sanctuary will benefit from the most innovative treatments for treating addiction and gain mental health.

The proprietary Pouyan Method is a treatment program eliminating the drug residues from the body and prepare it for receiving the healthy nutrients it needs. NAD IV therapy, a healthy diet, and sacred plant medicine will help the brain get to the pre-addiction state. Only afterward will the body and mind be ready to receive positive thoughts and beliefs, leading to complete recovery.

Patients at our rehab center learn how to do yoga and meditate and relax for receiving the treatments. One-on-one counseling sessions will help them identify the root causes of their dependency. Life coaches, psychologists, and psychiatrists at our treatment center will teach them about healthy and new coping mechanisms and life’s constant challenges, as they’re essential for mental health.

Amazing amenities and services

Patients in luxury drug rehabilitation facilities will appreciate the high-end amenities, the luxurious accommodation, and everything in between.

Private rooms with private bathrooms, organic lining, and constant access to the gym, spa, and daily massages are some of the many selling points of the luxury treatment centers. The Holistic Sanctuary isn’t an exception.

The access is guarded so that the patients’ privacy is ensured at our luxury drug rehabilitation center. Clients may take care of their healing away from the public eye. When feeling protected and pampers, people are more willing to accept change and to heal. It’s why they call us and don’t wait to get help from our team of professionals.

Let’s not forget that the patient to staff ratio is low at a luxury rehab, so every client at our luxury treatment center is supervised 24/7 by experienced staff.

Customized treatment

One of the many reasons traditional drug rehab doesn’t give results is the inability to adjust the addiction treatment to every patient. It’s not the case for luxury rehab facilities and not the case for the Holistic Sanctuary.

Every admitted patient in a luxury rehabilitation center in California will be scrutinized by a team of professionals who will use the medical history for accurately diagnosing the patient. Dual-diagnosis is regular at luxury rehab centers, and the patients with co-occurring mental conditions will benefit from proper treatment. It’s also the case at our treatment center.

Once the diagnosis is over, a customized treatment plan is established for every patient. The methods and remedies included in the treatment are adjusted to one’s specific needs, particularities, level of dependency, interests, and mental health.

Experienced professionals

At luxury rehab facilities, professionals from various areas of expertise will be involved in treatment. Yogi, comprehensive medicine practitioners, life coaches, shamans, but also nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists are included in the team at luxury rehab centers.

Healthy diet

It has been revealed that people with drug addiction are in poor health. At our treatment center, patients are offered only natural, organic, non-GMO, and raw food. The 80% raw food diet, along with the juice cleanse and super shakes and superfoods, give one’s body the nutrients it needs for recovery.

Additionally, patients learn about the importance of a healthy diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle after completing the treatment.


It’s expected for patients at luxury rehab centers to build meaningful relationships with the staff. Healing takes time, and the professionals creating the Holistic Sanctuary treatment program are dedicated to their patients. Please don’t wait to contact us for checking in at a luxury rehab center like the Holistic Sanctuary. We’re ready to give you some help even after completing the treatment programs.

How does a day at a luxury rehab center look like?

At luxury treatment centers in California, patients are received through a guarded gate, which happens at the Holistic Sanctuary. Every patient is analyzed and provided a series of natural remedies for reducing the cravings for nicotine, caffeine, and foods. The NAD IV therapy, green coffee enemas, and more will lower the tolerance for patients addicted to medications. The preliminary steps at our treatment center will sustain the pain-free detoxification and the administration of sacred plant medicine. Only patients who get permission from the doctors will benefit from sacred plant medicine at our luxury rehab center.

The next steps will include comprehensive methods for strengthening the body through stem cells. Patients will feel happier and notice better mental health, focus, power of concentration, and also observe the effects of physical harm from drug addiction, traumatic brain damage, and even post-operative impairment. The brain wants to heal, which may surprise many following treatment programs.

At our treatment center, the therapies help with stem cell production, sustaining the neurogenesis for healing the brain. Superfoods with Omega-3, HBOT therapy, and light exercises will encourage the development of new brain cells that don’t disappear fast.

Meditation is also taught to the patient, and Kundalini yogi will present a great diversity of meditation methods for every patient. Breath-work, guided meditations are developed until patients discover what works for them. People who contact us are amazed by our variety of therapies.

How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Sobriety

The decision to go to rehab takes a lot of courage and determination. After seeking treatment and leaving rehab equipped with coping skills and detached from an unhealthy lifestyle, how do you make sure you remain motivated to stay sober?

Here are tips for staying inspired to remaining sober and enjoying getting your life back on track.

  • Create Structure – Addiction and chaos go hand in hand. Develop a structure to help maintain order in your life even when things seem overwhelming. Overcoming addiction entails changing your lifestyle, which isn’t easy. So, the best way to modify unhealthy habits is by replacing them with healthy and better ones, then sticking to them.
  • Celebrate Every Milestone – Recognize your progress, no matter how small it may be. Also, focus on your daily accomplishments instead of worrying about tomorrow.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships – Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you. Addiction is termed as a disease of loneliness. As such, allow people who’re concerned about you into your life.

Start Living a Healthy and Happy Life Again

Our luxury drug rehab in California isn’t just about excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings. We prioritize the wholeness and healing of our guests using the Pouyan method, a one-of-a-kind treatment module with an outstanding success rate. Give us a call at (310)-601-7805 to find out the pathway to recovery and a happy and healthy new way of living.

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