Many things are needed for one’s recovery from addiction, with detoxification being the first step to take.

The variety of therapies offered today is fantastic, and people can choose between different types of detoxification. Unlike medical detoxification in regular rehab centers, luxury detox means a lot more than cleansing the body from narcotics residues and chemicals.

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the most popular luxury detox facilities in California, and the professionals impress with their experience. The facility takes a cognitive-behavioral approach on drug and alcohol dependencies, recognizing dependency as a condition that can be treated through self-analysis, personal responsibility, and self-directed change. Guests with families can get help through specialized programs designed for them and their families.

What makes luxury detox different from regular detox?

The primary purpose of detox remains the same, as detox means fundamentally removing chemicals, toxins, and drug residue from one’s body.

With detox being challenging for your loved one because of the withdrawal symptoms, it’s understandable that luxury rehabs provide detox that is, or should be, as gentle on one’s body as possible.

Here’s what detox at The Holistic Sanctuary looks like:

  • People undergoing high-end detox will benefit from medical staff supervision 24/7. The patient-staff ratio at a luxury rehab is low, so every patient at the Holistic Sanctuary is closely monitored.
  • Patients with substance use disorders have private rooms with private bathrooms, and the luxurious amenities and accommodation make the detox phase more comfortable.
  • There are no stress factors affecting people’s detox process. Patients follow inpatient programs so that they don’t have to deal with pressure from family or work. They don’t need to go anywhere or take care of any problem. They only need to focus on their drug addiction cure, with detox as the first step to take.

What medical issues are connected to detox?

There are several medical difficulties related to detox. As you’re drinking excessively, you will increase the risk of alcohol poisoning. Sadly, the situation can go south and lead to death all of a sudden. Medical treatment has to be provided by professionals with long-term experience if alcohol poisoning has already begun.

Even if the alcohol amount doesn’t pose a risk for your life, detox is needed to stabilize the condition. Should the patient also deal with various health conditions, even the minor withdrawal symptoms may pose a risk for the health. Medical complications with chronic illnesses, fluid imbalances, tremors, and other symptoms will need to be monitored and stabilized throughout the detox.

In case of severe symptoms, medications will help patients with anticonvulsant medication controlling seizures. Some medicines have sedative abilities, relaxing the patient’s most severe symptoms. When you’re taking medication for chronic conditions, medical monitoring is fundamental.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, only natural substances and methods are used for detox. Therefore, the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms is significantly reduced. Even so, doctors and professional nurses are monitoring the patients, being ready to help if anything doesn’t go as planned.

Is luxury detox the same everywhere?

Like everything else in life, not all things are created equal, and it’s the same for exquisite detox. Luxury dependency therapy programs have different takes on rehab, and some provide gentler options for their patients.

For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, the plant-based, organic, and non-GMO diet is provided for patients, so that they receive the nutrients they need for healing from alcohol abuse. Detox will address all levels, with professionals detoxing the GI tract from candida, so that reset and repair of serotonin receptors are accomplished.

The protocols used in detox aim to heal the body on the cellular level so that repairing the brain and re-taking it to the pre-addicted state is accomplished. Moreover, the detox protocol is adjusted to every patient’s level of addiction, specifics, and interests to give results.

Constant blood work and heart checkups, together with work on the liver, are essential for establishing the protocol of alcohol detox. The Holistic Sanctuary isn’t your regular detox treatment center simply because no shortcuts are being made for one’s healing from alcohol or drug misuse.

Medical professionals approve patients who benefit from ancient plant medicine. The benefits of ancient plant medicine have been noted for many years, but only patients qualifying will benefit from it. Unlike the conventional luxury rehabs using chemicals addictive for the alcohol detox phase, the Holistic Sanctuary relies solely on the natural remedies and ancient plant medicine for healing dependency. The ancient plant medicine works, leading to long-lasting results and posing no risk for patients to become addicted to it.

Natural remedies and therapies help heal; the team at the Holistic Sanctuary makes no deviation from the natural path of healing. Natural and complementary therapies are also utilized for alcohol detox, but no chemical and medicines are allowed inside the Holistic Sanctuary either. Elimination of residues from addictive substances, no matter if it’s narcotics, alcohol, smoking, or coffee, is done with natural materials and remedies, many of the formulas being proprietary to your center.

What programs does the Holistic Sanctuary focus on?

Guests at the Holistic Sanctuary should expect favorable payment options and financial support. Besides, the facility accepts multiple insurance covers. When looking for a luxury alcohol detox facility in Los Angeles, it is essential to consider the offerings of the facility you want, including extra activities, food, and recreation. Patients with drug and alcohol dependencies should check the center’s experience, treating narcotics or alcohol use disorders.

People considering luxury addiction programs should review the facility’s monetary policies and program offerings. The Holistic Sanctuary provides large, private rooms in a beautiful environment with spa-like services. Guests enjoy a wide range of comfort amenities and therapies, including:

  • Tennis courts
  • Massage
  • Fitness facilities
  • 100% Organic Nutritious meals

The Holistic Sanctuary’s cognitive behavioral therapy is based on individualized treatment. The specialized staff is offering therapies to evaluate guests continually to determine the treatment options that will work best for their recovery.

How are the amenities like?

The Holistic Sanctuary provides a whole range of amenities and complementary therapies, including:

  • Reiki therapy
  • Ayahuasca therapy
  • Ibogaine therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Our guests have two main options for therapy; they can choose to live in private rooms inside the facility or attend therapy on an outpatient basis. Also, guests can stay with their pets and continue taking care of them as they undergo treatment.

Is dual diagnosis treatment available?

This form of therapy is available to guests at the Holistic Sanctuary. It is designed for guests who struggle with multiple medical or mental health issues. Recovering guests at the Holistic Sanctuary stay in a comfortable environment that supports the life of being free of substance abuse.

When you have a family member who requires addiction treatment, it is vital to consider putting them in treatment centers that provide individualized recovery plans. Excellent alcohol detox facilities offer amenities that maximize comfort and healing throughout guests’ recovery processes.

Some of the Holistic Sanctuary features and services include executive accommodation and access to cellphones and electronics in the private rooms. The facility also offers Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) that enables guests to address past pain or trauma that may encourage substance misuse.

Does luxury detoxification support lasting recovery?

Situated in Baja California, The Holistic Sanctuary provides a beautiful environment for addiction recovery. The therapeutic options offered by the facility support lasting and active recovery, whereas the luxury detox eases the recovery. At the Holistic Sanctuary, treatment goes beyond stopping the behavior; it is personalized to address the root causes of dependency.

The recovery program offered by the Holistic Sanctuary takes into account the nutritional and emotional needs of guests during recovery. The facility provides private one-on-one counseling as well as group dependency therapy to prevent relapse.

The Holistic Sanctuary’s aftercare program provides the option of living in a facility where guests can be surrounded by an environment that supports a substance-free lifestyle.

The Holistic Sanctuary supports guests and their families in the addiction recovery process. Please give us a call to find out how to embark on your healing journey.

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