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Luxury Rehab Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Are you looking for the Best Luxury Alcohol Rehab? Are you interested in a functional holistic and luxury rehab program to end your alcohol dependency and addiction? Many people are seeking alternative approaches to heal their addiction to alcohol, they are not seeking the same old 12 steps approach or a facility that only pushes addictive and toxic medications. Most people prefer holistic luxury alcohol rehab centers because they are tired and disappointed by conventional rehabs. that offer the same cookie cutter approach. People are ready to heal and get their lives back at the best luxury rehab centers. most people are tired of the outdated treatment approach. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a unique system that no other facility has. The system is known as the Pouyan Method, and it provides an intense Alcohol Healing Program protocol which offers the safest fastest way to achieve lifetime recovery. We’re one of the most reputed luxury rehab facilities, and we will help your addiction with alcoholism and drug addiction and alcoholism to prevent any more damage to your health. Johnny Tabaie offers one of the most powerful addiction treatment programs for people with dependencies at The Holistic Sanctuary treatment center. His dedication to saving lives and see people gain lifetime healing and recovery from depression ptsd and addiction and this has driven him to create one of the most exclusive luxury alcohol rehabilitation centers. It offers a variety of holistic therapies and high-end technology, combined with luxury alcohol addiction treatment that can change your life.

Why come to our luxury alcohol rehabilitation center?

At The Holistic Sanctuary we never rely on the use of prescription medications for alcoholism and other addictions, especially when the goal is  complete healing and transformation, to end addiction and live in full recovery. Hence, he has created a cutting edge method that heals the mind, body, and soul using holistic medicine, alternative medicine, and ancient plant medicine. The alternative treatment method, created by Johnny Tabaie, is known as the Pouyan Method. It concentrates on discovering the primary cause of alcoholism, depression, PTSD, addiction and supporting you to achieve a lifetime of wholeness, happiness, and to real be able to thrive in life. The method relies 100% on natural methods, and not the same outdated and less efficient recovery programs that are cookie-cutter style and never truly and completely heal.

Johnny developed the system incorporating stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine to help the body heal at the cellular level. Simultaneously, the process reduces the horrific and dangers of withdrawal symptoms often experienced by clients trying to stop their excessive intake of alcohol.

Experience Immediate Results With Our Luxury Alcohol Treatment

At luxury alcohol rehab facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary, once you complete the Alcohol Detox Program, you will instantly feel closer to recovery. The craving for alcohol will reduce as well.
Johnny Tabaie believes that the healing the mind, body, soul and elimination of damage caused alcohol use and abuse. The method is through healing with plant medicine and superfoods prepared for such treatment allows you to have a focused and sound mind while identifying the deep causes of your dependencies. Most of the time, issues from childhood, life-related stress, or relationships cause the alcoholism and affect durable recovery.
Regardless of the cause, the healing sessions at luxury rehabs like The Holistic Sanctuary are designed to help patients conquer their fears and go forward to complete recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse. Yogi, life coaches, psychologists, and alternative medicine practitioners in luxury addiction treatment centers like the Holistic Sanctuary guide the patient for understanding the deep roots of their dependency, for lifetime recovery.
The Alcohol Drug Rehabs available at The Holistic Sanctuary is unmatched because of the extensive work and one on one sessions. We do not place you in a typical one size fits all rehab program to see if you will recover. Instead, we will do everything we can first to heal your brain and finish with an education to help you learn how to live a life free from alcoholism. The team of professionals from various areas of expertise will assess your case, check the medical history, and the previous rehab programs to make a clear image of your case. Afterward, they will create and run an individualized treatment plan, with much consideration to your particularities, personality, and even personal values.

Let’s Start Your Recovery!

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    One of the many reasons conventional treatment programs don’t work is the inability to adjust to the patient’s specs. At luxury rehab facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary, personalized treatment is standard, but our center stands out with the results.

    The schedules are often balanced out with holistic activities that help the body and mind relax at luxury clinics. Many  luxury rehab centers provide access to the spa, gym, and therapeutic massages, and the Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t make an exception. It has been revealed that relaxed and energized patients are more open to receiving positive thoughts about their recovery. The results are impressive even for the medical professionals who continue to believe that addiction is permanent. Even at traditional luxury alcohol rehabs, a dependency is a chronic disease, so the patient only learns how to deal with it for the rest of his life. It’s not the case at Holistic Sanctuary, where the rehab treatment aims for complete and long-lasting recovery.

    To allow you to see the changes that have occurred after going through our programs, we have a final brain scan done on all our patients.

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    When the latest brain scan is placed alongside the one taken at the onset of the program at The Holistic Sanctuary, the difference is clear for all. The brain is most affected by alcohol abuse, but it’s restored to its normal functions once the rehab program is completed at our mental health treatment center. Additionally, the body has no side effects from our excellent life-changing treatment at one of the most prestigious luxury rehab centers that the Holistic Sanctuary truly is.
    As the changes to the brain take time, luxury rehabs like ours provide only inpatient treatment. For the profound changes to occur, the patient has to focus exclusively on the treatment, and our rehab luxury treatment helps the client within his efforts.
    Finally, Johnny Tabaie has seen time after time with outdated model drug and alcohol rehab centers have a low success rate, and that’s the main reason he created the luxury clinic Holistic Sanctuary. If you feel our Luxury Alcohol Rehab may be right for you, please call us to learn how to enroll.

    Safe Alcohol Detox & Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

    If you’re struggling with alcoholism, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of treatment, especially if you’re hoping for complete recovery. The decision to get help is a crucial first step. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right luxury rehab? Your needs and circumstances are unique to you – and your treatment program should be, too. At our holistic luxury rehab, you can find much-needed time out from your daily life and take some time to focus on getting well. Here’s a look at how one of the most reliable luxury rehabs in Tulum Mexico works.


    We are the first licensed Holistic Healing Center in the world to offer plant medicine like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine treatment in the Rehab and Treatment industry. For the last ten years, we have been the leaders and pioneers to bring this revolutionary method to the western world on a large global scale. We’re one of the luxury rehab centers with a team of psychologists and psychiatrists who will analyze the patients, identifying the possible co-occurring mental issues. They will later decide who will get approval for the sacred plant medicine, which is very powerful. Many luxury rehabilitation centers will provide ayahuasca and ibogaine, but only some like the Holistic Sanctuary will have experienced shamans conducting the ceremonies. Private master rooms with private bathrooms are fundamental at every luxury rehab centers, and patients at our rehab wellness spa will benefit from it, too. Ayahuasca and ibogaine require patients to have an exceptional level of comfort and privacy throughout the treatment, and our luxury rehab center doesn’t make any compromises on that either.

    Look at what our rehab transformation offers. No groups, no meetings, just real powerful holistic treatments to transform you or your loved one.

    Eddie Transformation and Recovery With The Pouyan MethodBefore and After

    John Heroin Addiction Treatment Cure and Recovery ProcessBefore and After


    Our luxury clinic has licensed onsite medical facility providing 24-hour medical supervision and assistance for detoxification. It’s common for luxury healing rehabilitation facilities to provide a low staff-to-patient ratio, and patients at our luxury rehab center are closely monitored 24/7 by several professionals.


    We help you identify your triggers and determine which coping mechanisms work best to prevent relapse and achieve long-lasting recovery.
    Why The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the Best Luxury Rehab Centers for Alcoholism and Addiction
    We like to be discreet, so we only take in 3-5 patients at a time, which leads to a strong sense of community and a low turnover. You’ll quickly form friendships with others and receive plenty of one-on-one care from our team. The services at our luxury rehabilitation facility are tailored to your needs, and highly trained wellness professionals will closely monitor your progress at every step. As a whole, we look at your life, taking every aspect of your lived experience into account and treating causes of your problems rather than just the symptoms. We’re different than luxury rehabs as we specialize in treating co-occurring mental health conditions and unresolved trauma, causing addictions and mental illnesses. We employ a variety of alternative, powerful, effective methods to heal you in every way holistically.

    A Day at The Holistic Sanctuary

    We believe that recovery means healing the whole person. At our luxury alcohol rehab, you’ll receive intensive rehab treatment, but meditation, relaxation, movement, and recreational activities will play an essential role in your treatment. Here’s an example of what a typical day looks like at the Holistic Sanctuary:

    check green sm  Daily Massage
    check green sm  Daily Yoga
    check green sm  Daily Reiki
    check green sm  Daily Colonics liver detox, parasite and candida detox
    check green sm  Daily Meditation guided by kundalini yogi
    check green sm  Daily HBOT pure oxygen infusions
    check green sm  Plant Medicine
    check green sm  Sacred Medicine
    check green sm  Daily Amino acid IV drips/ NAD/ Gaba Repair/ Myers Cocktail over 5 hours per day of IV drips!
    check green sm  Mitochondria Repair Protocol (Proprietary- IV Drips HBOT Herbal Superfoods)
    check green sm  Stem Cell Activation Protocol (Treatment Center Proprietary- HBOT, IV Drips-)

    check green sm  Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary Green Coffee Enemas, Super Herbs and Super Foods)
    check green sm  Parasite Cleanse (Proprietary- Super foods and Super Herbs, Alkaline Herbs & Diet)
    check green sm  Spiritual Awakening/Pineal Gland, Outer Body Experience (Ancient Medicine Science, DMT Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Iboga)
    check green sm  Heavy Metal Cleanse Chelation Cellular Detoxification Cleanse (Proprietary IV Drip)
    check green sm  Chakra Re-balancing (Drug Rehab Proprietary Reiki, Energy Work)
    check green sm  Motivational Counseling (non-punitive)
    check green sm  Access to GYM/Fitness 1 hour of cardio and gym time per day
    check green sm  Beachfront Amenities

    Best Drug Rehab Centers to Experience Recovery

    Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab:
    The Most Effective Form of Treatment

    Our Inpatient rehab, also known as residential alcohol rehab, offers the highest level of treatment available. It entails living onsite at a reputed luxury rehab facility while working through your issues. The timeframe is a minimum of 28 days. During this time, you’ll receive 24-hour support from holistic professionals who oversee your entire rehab treatment. At our luxury rehab center, you will participate in a 9 hour of holistic therapies. You will learn about your soul in spirit like you never have before. Your daily treatment will include full of holistic-focused methods like HBOT, massage, Yoga, IV drips of amino acids, Reiki sessions, colonics, just to name a few sessions at our luxury rehab center.

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    How Addiction is Treated at The Holistic Sanctuary

    When you enter our alcohol and drug rehab, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your core concerns and builds on your strengths. The team will oversee your entire treatment program and adjust it as needed, as you learn which options make the most sense for you. Our treatment plan consists of two main stages: first, alcohol detox, which is followed by addiction treatment, and holistic wellness therapy.

    Supervised Alcohol Detox

    If you’re physically dependent on alcohol, your first step will likely natural detox. Not everyone requires this phase of treatment — this will be determined during an initial assessment before starting your treatment plan.

    The first phase of your treatment can be challenging as your body withdraws from the ever-present levels of alcohol it’s become accustomed to and gets used to functioning without it. But our caring and compassionate team will be right by your side, helping you feel supported and stay positive all the way. We believe there’s no upside to associating pain with addiction recovery, so we do all we can to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the entire rehab treatment.

    We have a comprehensive medical detox facility onsite, so you can complete all stages of addiction treatment in one location and easily transition from detox to therapy. Our center is fully equipped with modern medical technology, and our medical staff is available at all hours.

    Best drug rehab centers Holistic Sanctuary Baja Aerial View

    Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

    After detox, you’ll move on to residential addiction treatment, where you’ll stay in comfortable and stylish private accommodation while working through intensive daily rehab treatment. In this stage, we’ll focus on the underlying causes of your addiction. We do this using our unique Twin Pillars approach. The first pillar consists of a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT) and a secular 12-Step program that provides valuable peer discussion and social support.

    We provide you with essential tools that put an end to harmful patterns and encourage self-sufficiency. You’ll develop new positive and constructive behaviors, proving that these are far more fulfilling and deeply rewarding than the destructive cycle of addiction. And although addiction can feel isolating, we’ll prove to you that you’re not alone in your struggle — through shared activities and healthy communication, you’ll build a recovery community that will support you well beyond your rehab treatment.

    Complementary Wellness Therapy

    The second pillar entails a complementary wellness regimen that harmonizes your body and mind and equips you with sustainable practices designed to help you live a balanced life in recovery. It involves elements such as mindfulness meditation, massage therapy, fitness therapy, and dietary counseling. Most luxury rehab centers provide onsite wellness amenities include exercise equipment, health spa facilities, a meditation temple, and ours gives it too.

    We offer more holistic therapies in our treatment plan than any other place on Earth to treat, reverse and cure addiction (See Below The Platinum Package)

    check green sm  PRP Plasma Therapy
    check green sm  Stem Cell Therapy
    check green sm  Adult Cells Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy
    check green sm  Bone Marrow Stem Cells
    check green sm  Immune Booster IV drips
    check green sm  Growth Factor Cell Treatment
    check green sm  Live Cells Treatment
    check green sm  Fresh Cell Therapy
    check green sm  Thymus Gland Repair Treatment- Unique Revolutionary Proprietary
    check green sm  NK Natural Cancer Killer Cells “Cancer/Prevention” (up to 8 rounds)
    check green sm  Ozone Therapy (IV Ozone, Ozone Blood Purification Cleanse) 5-10 sessions
    check green sm  Exosome Cell Therapy RNA DNA Repair IV injection
    check green sm  Holistic Biological Dentistry- Replacement/ “Removal of Toxic Dental Work and Mercury Fillings”
    check green sm  IV Drip Alkalinity Rebalance Acid Flush (Proprietary IV drip)
    check green sm  Endocrine System Repair Protocol (Addiction Proprietary IV Drip)

    check green sm Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Brain Repair Protocol (Proprietary Ancient Entheogenic Medicine)
    check green sm DNA Repair Protocol (Stem Cells- Exosome IV’s- Immune Cells) -Unique Revolutionary Proprietary)
    check green sm Mitochondria Repair Protocol (Proprietary)
    check green sm Stem Cell Activation Protocol (Proprietary)
    check green sm Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary)
    check green sm Parasite Cleanse (Proprietary)
    check green sm Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience (Proprietary Ancient Medicine Science)
    check green sm Pineal Gland – DMT – God Molecule Activation (Entheogenic Medicine Proprietary)
    check green sm Cellular Detoxification Cleanse (Proprietary IV Drip)
    check green sm Chakra Re-balancing (Proprietary Energy Work)
    check green sm Motivational Counseling (non-punitive)
    check green sm Access to GYM/Fitness 1 hour of cardio and gym time per day
    check green sm Beachfront Amenities

    Co-occurring Alcoholism and Mental Illness

    We offer specialized treatment for co-occurring alcoholism and mental concerns such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. Addiction and mental illness often go hand in hand — not only do many people who struggle with mental disorders self-medicate with substances, but substance abuse often creates or exacerbates these issues. Studies show that it’s vital to address any accompanying mental health issues to prevent them from affecting recovery later on.

    Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

    Our support didn’t end when you left the luxury rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary. We understand that recovery is a lifelong commitment that requires daily practice – that’s why we emphasize sobriety maintenance during the entire course of your treatment program. While you’re here, you’ll work with your therapist to create a personalized relapse prevention treatment plan. Once you complete the rehab treatment, you’ll be eligible for a stepped-down, onsite sober living treatment. And when you go home, you’ll have access to individual and group aftercare counseling via virtual face-to-face sessions. You can take comfort in knowing you don’t have to go through the recovery process; we’re always just a click away.

    Alcohol Rehab – The Perfect Place for Personal Growth

    Inpatient luxury rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, provide the most effective treatment for treating mental health disorders for several reasons. They ensure a more holistic treatment experience that addresses the deeper causes and far-reaching effects of your condition rather than just its symptoms. The rehab treatment allows you to heal more fully and for a very long time. At residential luxury rehab centers such as the Holistic Sanctuary, you’ll find sustainable treatment for your problems and start to form habits that will help you maintain the sense of balance and well-being you cultivated during treatment.

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