Although not everyone may feel the immediate effect of alcoholic beverages damage in the system, the most dangerous havoc can occur in the liver. Alcoholic Hepatitis is one of the most fatal yet slow-progressing diseases that harm the liver.

Alcoholic beverages addiction is a significant cause of alcoholic hepatitis. Liquor addicts diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis need to receive alcoholism treatment to increase the chances of successfully reversing alcoholic hepatitis.   

For help, visit our luxury alcohol rehab in California, as it’s a luxury rehab center that will lead to a complete recovery.

What are the main aspects to consider when checking a luxury alcohol rehab in California?

Truth be told, when we think about drug rehab, we imagine a depressing treatment center where bored therapists and cold food are provided to the clients. However, the recovery industry has changed a lot throughout the years as clients were interested in more favorable environments and luxurious accommodation.

A luxury rehab program refers to amazing services, high-end amenities, and pampering that turn all treatment programs in a pleasant experience.

Here’s what clients expect to have at luxury rehab centers such as the Holistic Sanctuary:

  • Private rooms with private bathrooms
  • Premium and organic lines
  • Holistic therapies and innovative methods
  • Daily access to pool, spa, and gym
  • Private access
  • Accommodations for executive clients enrolling for drug luxury rehab
  • Recreational activities
  • Complementary therapies such as acupuncture and Reiki

Is location important?

Luxury rehab centers are found in most amazing locations, such as mountain resorts, beach communities, or lakeside. It’s also the case for our treatment center, where astonishing surroundings will improve the addiction treatment experience. Even if it’s not in Los Angeles, it’s still impressive on all levels.

An excellent luxury treatment center uses the natural beauty of the location, providing resort-like accommodation with breathtaking views, grounds, pools, and spas that ease the healing process and feed the soul. Patients following drug use treatment programs at the Holistic Sanctuary will get at peace whenever looking at the setting sun in the ocean.

People interested in drug abuse treatment centers are used to the most beautiful things in life. It’s not a regular treatment center or liquor addiction, but deluxe appointments like at high-end resorts. At the Holistic Sanctuary, the staff is dedicated and more attentive to patient’s needs and likings, as the setting is more private and customized care for drug dependency treatment is essential.

Can one get results at a luxury rehab facility in California?

It goes without saying that treatment for alcohol addiction in an excellent liquor center in California is more pleasant and efficient. When patients feel valued and have their needs met, they involve in the program a lot more. As a matter of fact, client dedication and participation are fundamental to the success of the program. After all, famous people from Los Angeles are choosing our center. 

On the other side, no pampering feeling or exquisite accommodation will replace the treatment, which has to include efficient methods and experienced professionals. It’s not enough for patients to have a private room, as they also need to see that the staff is compassionate and caring, dedicated to everyone’s effort for healing. The team at our treatment center comprises professionals who care for their patients’ recovery and build meaningful relationships with their clients. The aftercare provided to clients shows that staff members are only one phone/click away from helping the patients after completing the program. Celebrities may be going back home to Los Angeles, but our treatment center is always easy to contact.

People interested in a top rehab center need to know what to look for. Choosing the right rehab center is essential for successful treatment. At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients learn about the natural methods and remedies we use for treatment. We’re ready to answer all questions and to guide our patients when selecting a treatment program.

Here are some questions to ask when picking a luxury rehab in California:

Does it customize the treatment for every patient?

Every patient is different, and so it’s the addiction treatment. At a luxury rehab like the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals will analyze the patient and look into his/her medical history for establishing a clear image of the addiction. Afterward, a customized treatment program will be created and followed, taking into consideration the patient’s level of addiction, personality, and values. Mental health issues will also be addressed when designing the addiction treatment.

What professionals are part of the team?

It’s expected that only experienced, and well-trained professionals work at an extravagant rehab in California. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t make an exception, and it includes professionals from various areas of expertise.

Yogi, doctors, nurses, holistic medicine practitioners, and life coaches supervise and help their patients throughout the holistic treatment. Experienced shamans monitor the use of sacred plant medicine, whereas psychologists and psychiatrists oversee the patients with co-occurring mental conditions. Nutritionists teach the patients about healthy dieting, and yogi help patients learn new and healthier ways to deal with life’s challenges without drug use.

Does it provide medication-assisted treatment? (MAT)

Some high-end rehab centers in California will provide medication-assisted treatment. It’s not the case for our luxury rehab center, where we make no sacrifices when it comes to using only natural remedies and methods for addiction treatment.

Even during the detox phase, we don’t use any medication, as we consider that the body has to be cleansed from all toxic and chemical substances for healing. Not only that, but our treatment program also relies on natural principles, so it’s smoother and more comfortable to handle by the patient, as the withdrawal symptoms are less severe.

Does it have experience in addressing the specific substance of abuse?

You don’t want to be the very first patient at a top rehab, no matter how many discounts you get. Our luxury rehab center has been helping people with liquor addiction, sex addiction, anxiety, depression, or PTSD because ur methods have been helping people with various backgrounds, no matter their financial or social status. They call us and ask about our drug addiction treatment centers always.

What kind of complementary therapies does it ensure?

Extravagant rehab centers stand out not only with the fantastic amenities, location, or services but also with the innovative and various methods.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals use yoga, meditation, and massage therapy to help patients relax and take care of their mental health. When people are calm, they receive positive thoughts more efficiently, so the healing process goes smoother at our rehab center.

Healthy and organic food are also part of the addiction treatment, as the body needs the nutrients for recovering from addiction. Patients receiving approval from doctors will benefit from sacred plant medicine, which gives impressive and long-lasting results to people with addiction without any risk for developing other dependencies.

How to know that you need treatment for your liquor addiction?

Not all people realize that they’re struggling with liquor addiction and that they need to enroll in a  professional treatment program. Some people manage to function very well while dealing with drug addiction. However, for many, it’s only a matter of time until their lives start to fall apart.

Some signs will show patients that liquor addiction can no longer be put on hold. Drug addiction has a very particular path, and here are the most typical symptoms:

  • Constant cravings
  • Continuing drinking alcohol regardless of the damaging effects on health, career, relationships
  • High tolerance to the effects of alcohol, causing even higher consumption
  • Ignoring family responsibilities or work duties
  • Social withdrawal
  • Hiding alcohol consumption at home and work
  • Involving in risky behaviors, and abusing alcohol even when driving or taking care of children
  • Inability to quit
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when abstaining from consuming

Don’t wait any longer and ask for help today!

Are you battling an eating disorder? Once you contact us at The Holistic Sanctuary, we’ll explore how a drug addiction disorder has affected your life. We’ll then examine how your lifestyle and belief system are related to your unhealthy eating patterns, wellbeing, self-image, and mental health. That will allow us to equip you with the tools and skills you need to change your destructive beliefs and unhealthy eating behaviors. As one of the premier luxury alcohol rehab in California, we will help you recover from your eating disorder with the right support, high-quality care, and comprehensive treatment. Simply call us today on (310)-601-7805 to get the help you need.

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