Who is Johnny Tabaie?

Johnny Tabaie AKA Johnny The Healer

About Johnny Tabaie

Johnny Tabaie - Johnny The Healer
Johnny Tabaie is credited as the director and founder of The Holistic Sanctuary Drug Rehab Treatment Center, and has made it his life’s mission to provide people suffering from PTSD Addiction and Depression the most all natural treatment that is effective and permanently getting healed and cured. He is also credited for the highly effective and patented pending Pouyan Method which not only helps to cure people of their addictions, but is just as effective in treating alcohol addiction, depression and PTSD among other ailments. True to his mantra of holistic healing, the Pouyan Method is centered around 100% natural holistic elements from the earth, like vitamins, minerals, oxygen, sunlight, plant medicine and energy. Johnny says, if it doesn’t grow from the ground or if its made in a lab, he will not use it!
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Johnny’s journey into holistic healing

What makes Johnny Tabaie reviews unique among drug rehabilitation experts is that he has had an extremely personal journey with addiction. If there is anyone who understands the havoc that drugs and alcohol can cause to an individual and those around them, it is Johnny. His heart breaking journey set him on a quest to find the best treatment for himself and consequently for others suffering from addiction.

Johnny’s journey begins with losing his mother to crack cocaine at a young age. To compound his tragedy, his beloved brother took his life while receiving treatment for addiction in a rehab center in California. Like many others around the world who have had to deal with such tragedies, his life quickly spiraled out of control and resulted in a 20 year drug and alcohol addiction. In an attempt to get his life back on track, Johnny Tabaie complaints had to unheard from the experts. He had to undergo a decade of going in and out of treatment programs with seemingly no healing in sight.

His experience at various 12-step based drug facilities gave him great insight into how the system works and specifically where the inefficiencies lie. He eventually learned that the prescribed medications he was told to take, and group therapies he was forced to go to, were simply not working. Apart from spending tens of thousands of dollars going in and out of treatment, he realized the medications prescribed to him were toxic and simply replaced his dependency from illegal drugs with that of drugs considered legal, but even more addictive, highly toxic, and dangerous.

In an effort to get the right treatment that would last, Johnny dedicated his life to doing research into plant medicine in conjunction with healing addiction, using holistic treatment in an attempt to find a permanent solution to his crippling problem. His findings revealed that less than five percent of addicts successfully stayed clean after going through 6 months of traditional treatment programs.

He eventually found a way to get clean using only natural methods which is something that is often explained by Johnny Tabaie. Using these methods, he was not only able to fight the withdrawal symptoms and narcotic cravings that are synonymous with rehabilitation, he was also able to reset his brain and reverse the destruction caused by his extensive drug use. His constant research and quest for a natural method for fighting addiction eventually lead to what we now know as The Pouyan Method.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
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About The Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is at the core of The Holistic Sanctuary, and is what we base our treatment protocol on. It involves the use of holistic and all natural methods including super foods, Pranic Healing, Reiki Healing and a host of other alternative treatment components that completely eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals and achieve exponentially higher success rates than are common with traditional rehabilitation centers.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a 5-star resort and treatment center in California. It sits on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and is the perfect environment for a recovering addict to be in. The Pouyan Method is heavily based on nature which is why this specific location is instrumental to our healing protocol. Our facilities are run such that we do not receive anything negative about Johnny Tabaie. He has revolutionized drug rehabilitation. From Ibogaine therapy to Ayahuasca, we offer alternative treatment methods that guarantee permanent success.

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