One thing that professionals agree so far is that addiction is a tricky condition, taking many forms and requiring professional help for treatment. Both physical and psychological factors lead to addiction, affecting one’s mental and emotional health and well-being.

With traditional dependency treatment repeatedly failing the patients and causing relapse, it became apparent that better and newer methods had to be created. At a reliable holistic recovery center like the Holistic Sanctuary, addiction is no longer a chronic condition, but a signal of imbalances of the body, mind, and soul. Taking the holistic approach gives results, and addiction treatment finally gives hope for real and lifetime recovery.

Why is the chance for real recovery different at a holistic recovery center?

At reputed holistic treatment centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, the addiction treatment will tackle all problems on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. People who deal with substance abuse don’t get results with conventional treatment programs because they only address the symptoms.

We believe that dependency is only signaling that the patient’s body, mind, and soul suffer from various problems. Holistic treatment for substance abuse means that the professionals will try to identify the deep roots of the addiction and use all the methods they need for the lifetime recovery of the patient. A reliable treatment program will heal the patient emotionally, mentally, and physically, eliminating the risk of coming back to abuse forever.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment center where patients get the help they need to discover how to live a happy and positive life once again. They develop new coping mechanisms and gain hope for lifetime recovery. The therapies are both evidence-based and natural, with traditional and alternative methods as part of the treatment plan.

What should one expect at a holistic treatment center?

People mistakenly think that holistic addiction treatment refers to non-medical care, but they couldn’t be much farther from the truth. At the Holistic Sanctuary, for instance, treatment comprises both non-medical and clinical care. The addiction treatment will have clinical aspects at times, without skipping the psychiatric approach for patients’ mental health problems. Here’s what one should expect at a holistic treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary

Variety of methods for treatment

Addiction treatment with a holistic approach will include a great variety of therapies, especially when you follow a treatment program at our facility. Professionals from various areas of expertise will work together to create the best treatment programs for recovery of mind, body, and soul.

Kundalini yoga, HBOT and ozone therapy, NAD IV vitamin drips, liver detox, and meditation, therapeutic massages, or guided imagery can be used for addiction treatment.

Holistic addiction treatment will address the patient’s mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, along with the physical condition. Many people misbelieve that holistic care comprises non-medical methods, but clinical care is also included.

Is there a clinical approach to holistic addiction treatment?

Regardless of what people may think, at centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, dual-diagnosis is also performed, aiming to identify patients’ co-occurring mental health conditions with substance use disorders.

It’s relatively common for people with drug addiction or alcoholism to develop mental health issues. Unless both the drug dependency and the mental health conditions are addressed, the chance for real recovery is compromised.

Unlike a traditional facility for drug misuse, holistic recovery centers like the Holistic Sanctuary help doesn’t come as prescribed medication. On the contrary, the first step for recovery is to cleanse the body naturally from chemical residues, drugs, and medicines. All the natural therapies used later will be genuinely useful.

A higher goal

Addiction is seen as a chronic condition at a conventional treatment center, so treatment aims to help the patient deal with substance abuse. It’s not the case for a holistic facility, where lifetime recovery is the primary purpose, as addiction is only signaling the imbalances of the mind, body, and soul.

With holistic addiction treatment, the help is provided from all angles, as the goal is to help the patient live an addiction-free life forever. The treatment program isn’t tackling only the physical symptoms and the impressive complexity that addiction truly is. The professionals help the patient identify the deep roots of the habit and teach him new and healthy skills to deal with everyday challenges. It’s what recovery truly is at a holistic facility.

When people turn to addiction, they slowly abandon the activities they once enjoyed. They will tend to isolate themselves from people, as they only focus on the addiction. Life becomes more challenging to handle, and addiction becomes the primary coping mechanism. Addiction affects all levels of one’s life, which is why holistic treatment is mandatory.

What are the main advantages of holistic addiction treatment?

People with addiction forget about their hobbies, friends, jobs, and even healthy dieting. They slowly shift away from a happy and joyous life, and the way back to recovery is both intricate and challenging. Here’s what holistic addiction treatment at a facility like the Holistic Sanctuary will include:

Benefits for the body

Natural detox

Being true to holistic principles and exclusively using natural methods and substance is typical for some holistic centers, especially among reputed ones like our facility. Liver detox, parasite/candida cleanse, coffee enemas, and Myers cocktail are used at our center for eliminating all the drug residues, chemicals, and prescribed medications.

The natural detox is very gentle on one’s body, leading to longer-lasting results, and without causing other addiction (like medicated detox does).


It has been known that people with addiction forget about eating, especially about eating healthy. Some of the most reputed recovery centers will provide the gourmet meals, but we took dieting to a whole new level at our center.

Experienced nutritionists will help our patients switch and learn about raw, organic, plant-based, and non-GMO dieting. The body of one with addiction lacks the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, but healthy dieting will give everything the body needs full recovery.

Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary will also benefit from daily IV drips, which will give the body the vitamin it lacks at higher speed and more efficiently.


At holistic centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, comfort is never skipped. Patients have private rooms with private bathrooms, organic linens, and soft mattresses, which improve their comfort. They sleep well and feel pampered, which puts them in a better mood too.

They have daily access to the gym, spa, and tennis courts. They can take lovely walks in the most beautiful location in the center. All these activities and methods relax the patient, put him in a better mood, helping one receive positive thoughts about their recovery.

HBOT therapy and ozone therapy will improve sleep quality, alleviate pain, and make one feel good altogether. When the body is feeling good, and the patient sleeps well, improving the mental aspect for full recovery increases tremendously.

The mind

It has been highlighted that addiction may signal untreated mental health problems, so accurate diagnosis and treatment are mandatory for recovery. Addiction treatment centers have to provide therapies that also tackle mental health, increasing the chance for success.

Interestingly enough, all forms of holistic addiction treatment have a positive impact on one’s mind. Holistic addiction treatments alleviate the depression, anxiety, and other mental problems of the patient. Exercise, breathing techniques, and exercise will put the patient in a better mood, improving the state of mind.

Patients learn how to fight negative thoughts and how to switch to positive thinking. They do it throughout the individual therapy sessions and through meditation, yoga, or sessions with life coaches.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients are taught Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and benefit from proprietary chakra rebalancing.


At our center, the one-on-one counseling sessions will delve deep into one’s mind, looking for the deep trauma, an unsolved conflict that caused addiction. Once the patient becomes aware of the causes, he/she will be helped build healthy skills to deal with life’s constant challenges.

People who receive approval from the doctor will participate in sacred plant medicine sessions. Experience shamans will conduct the sessions, using sacred plant medicine that helps one see what pushed him toward addiction and how his life without addiction looks like. Once people experience it, recovery and healing of the spirit are closer than ever.

At holistic centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, the low staff-to-patient ratio is low (1:1), making the patient grow deep and beautiful relationships with their caretakers. Recovery is a long trip, and patients only need to call us whenever losing focus from their journey.

What’s left to say?

The Holistic Sanctuary is the holistic recovery center where your recovery will begin whenever you’re ready. Call us to see what steps to take for getting the help you need today.

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