Many people suffering from addiction and seeking a residential treatment program are often left with the big question, “how will my days look like while living at the rehab facility?”When you visit The Holistic Sanctuary High-End Rehab, you will spend a good portion of your time on therapies, including individual and group therapy.

During individual therapy, a medical therapist works with you one-on-one to identify the underlying or significant cause of your substance abuse disorder. With group therapy, you are joined by other patients undergoing the same treatment program. Group therapy at a rehab facility impacts you with various experiences, from expressive art therapies to cognitive behavioral therapy groups.

What’s the primary aspect of high-end rehab?

Intimacy and serenity are fundamental for people looking to keep their private life private, and the top rehabs in the US today don’t make any compromises about it.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the access is made through a guarded gate so that everyone entering/exiting is watched over. The location is secluded and offers fantastic views so that patients feel protected and relaxed at the same time. Every patient gets a private room with a private bathroom so that intimacy is ensured at all times at our treatment center.

Exquisite drug rehabs aren’t only about treatment, but also about privacy, and relax feeling, so that patients may focus on the most serene environment exclusively on their recovery.

What are the highlights of top rehab centers?

There are many things attracting patients with addiction at the exquisite rehab center, and some are more significant to name:


Typically, patients in a luxury rehab center begin the treatment with the detox stage. At the Holistic Sanctuary, only natural substances and methods are used for removing all drug and alcohol residues from one’s body. It’s why the withdrawal symptoms are less severe for the patient.

Additionally, patients have private rooms with private bathrooms to keep drug abuse treatment away from other people’s eyes. They’re monitored by medical professionals 24/7, too, so that any problem is instantly addressed and solved. 

Comprehensive diagnosis

A team of professionals analyzes every patient entering a luxury rehab center. At the Holistic Sanctuary, professionals from various areas of expertise will study the patient and the medical history to establish the best program for addiction treatment. Every patient is unique in his addiction, so the journey for curing of substance abuse disorders.

In-house medical and psychiatric care

The co-occurring mental health issues, the withdrawal symptoms require the presence of doctors and professional nurses. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t include only comprehensive medicine practitioners, yogi, or life coaches, but also doctors and nurses able to address mental health issues. They tackle the medical problems, observe the blood work for patients, and results from lab work on the liver, kidneys, and the heart. Medical professionals guide the administration of therapies for drug addiction and give their approval for the use of sacred plant medicine on patients needing it.

Individual sessions

The take on therapy sessions is divided amongst luxury rehab programs. Some experts highlight the importance of group sessions and peer support, whereas others accentuate the importance of individual courses for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we believe that only one-on-one sessions are efficient for one’s recovery. Patients seeking help need to focus exclusively on their recovery and lack the emotional energy for supporting other patients. More importantly, people need to concentrate on drug addiction treatment, the causes of their drug abuse, so that they can achieve complete recovery.

Various lengths for programs

Luxury rehab programs typically begin at 30 days and may last for 90 days. It’s the same at the Holistic Sanctuary, where patients can choose between various treatment programs, with more or fewer hours of individual therapies.

Complementary therapies

Top rehab programs don’t address only substance abuse but seek to find the causes and heal their bodies and souls. Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, but also telomere repair, stem cell therapy, sacred plant medicine, and HBOT therapy are provided for the complete recovery of patients at the Holistic Sanctuary.

Only natural remedies and substances are comprised of treatment at our addiction treatment center, aiming to get a recovery on a mental, physical, and emotional level. All addiction treatment programs tackle mental health conditions, as well. It’s another strong reason for which patients with drug addiction call us.

Healthy diet

Many top rehab centers provide gourmet meals to their patients about their food allergies and likes.

However, only organic, non-GMO, and raw food is offered to patients at our rehab center.  Complete recovery from addiction can only be made when the body receives the most natural and healthy nutrients. Moreover, patients learn about the importance of healthy dieting to have a healthy diet after completing the drug rehab program at our treatment center.


People enrolling at a top rehab center like the Holistic Sanctuary establish a meaningful relationship with the staff members. They’re dedicated to their jobs and patients and are willing to help even after patients accomplish recovery. Whenever seeking a piece of advice or need some guidance, patients may quickly call us. They are always there to help.

Traditional, luxury, or executive rehab? What are the differences that matter?

Many differences are setting them apart, even if all types of rehab centers provide help and treatment for patients with addiction. You should always do diligence about it and make an informed decision before enrolling in drug rehab.

Traditional rehabs

People that don’t care much about the level of care or have a strict budget for treatment should look into traditional rehab centers. The outpatient treatment centers are ideal for people with less severe addiction or those who cannot leave their life and jobs to get proper care for a full recovery.

Conventional rehab centers offer traditional methods and therapies for the patients, with the low ability to adjust the programs to one’s specific needs and particularities. The quality of treatment varies, with some providing high staff-to-client ratios, which means less customized programs.

Don’t expect high-end amenities or services at traditional rehab centers, as these treatment centers cannot provide. However, they’re able to ensure the essential methods for treating people with addiction. Medical detox, counseling, family therapy sessions, psychiatric care, and aftercare programs are only some to find.

Don’t be surprised to find traditional centers with gym or sports facilities and even nutritional coaching for patients. There’s also the category of centers offering holistic therapies such as meditation, yoga, art, and music therapy. You will pay less when joining a traditional rehab program, nevertheless.

Sadly, most traditional rehab programs in the US today fail their patients and present a high rate of relapse. The inability to adjust the treatment to every patient and to ensure constant supervision to clients are the main reasons for the poor standard of success.

Executive rehab

Executive rehab is similar to luxury rehabilitation facilities, as it ensures their patient’s high-end amenities, privacy, and customized treatment.

The main difference comes from the fact that executive rehab programs are designed especially for the executive people. It means that everything that happens at an excellent rehab also occurs at an executive rehab, but patients have the technical possibility to stay in touch for work and go on with their jobs.

Why is the Holistic Sanctuary a great place to begin your recovery?

However, we’re all alone when dealing with addiction and trying to put our lives back together again. Focusing on our traumas, the roots of our addiction will help us find ways to succeed.

Be proactive about your recovery and give us a call today for in-depth information on the therapies you’ll experience during our high-end rehab treatment.

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