No single therapy can result in complete healing from narcotics abuse and mental disorders. Several methods have to be used together to provide the body and mind with components that make a successful recovery possible. That is why at The Holistic Sanctuary, we use a combination of science-backed methods to treat drug and alcohol abuse therapies and mental disorders as well.

We’re one of the few drug treatment centers in California that offer non-invasive therapies that encourage the body and mind to heal naturally. We aim to wean you off harmful substances, help restore your cognitive function, and equip you with essential tools and skills to use for complete recovery so that you can lead a better, healthy, and fulfilling life.

What do drug treatment centers in California focus on?

From a medical point of view, addiction is a medical sickness, and it requires to enroll in drug and alcohol addiction therapy.

The type and severity of substance use dependency will cause the treatment plans. At the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals will analyze the patient and decide on a customized plan afterward. the level of addiction, particularities, and values, along with the medical record, will help them create a personalized plan for every patient. The severity of the addiction will affect the length of the program as well.

What kind of addiction methods can we talk about?

The severity and kind of dependency will impact the type of therapies that works for every patient. No matter the methods you choose, a form of detox for eliminating the alcohol and chemicals from the body will be necessary. Patients with severe dependency will need to enroll in inpatient/residential type of substance abuse treatment.

Here’s what sorts of alcohol addiction plans you should expect:


Typically, detox is the first stage of dependency therapy that one person will get. In many conventional rehabs, detox will imply slowly lowering narcotics use is a secure and safe environment. Throughout the inpatient detox, patients are supervised 24/7, which only increases the chance for real recovery. People following outpatient therapy methods will use prescribed medication or get daily meetings for monitoring illegal substances use.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we believe in using only natural substances and therapies for treating patients. Therefore, only natural elements are used for detox, as patients are monitored 24/7 by medical professionals. NAD IV vitamin therapy is used for providing the patients with the nutrients they need after eliminating all narcotics and chemical residues from the body. Sacred plant medicine is also utilized for alcohol abuse therapy as it gives long-lasting results and doesn’t results into addiction.


Inpatient rehabilitation centres mean that patients will spend time at the narcotics therapy facility. The facilities ensure a wide variety of methods, and detox is the first to use.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we only believe in one-on-one sessions. Every patient has his particularities, so the journey for healing is different for everyone.


Patients can also choose partial hospitalization programs (PHP), a reduced level of care compared to inpatient plan. People may live at the treatment center or in a sober living residence close to the center. The services are similar, and people undergo a couple of hours of therapy.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we believe that only inpatient plans can give accurate results for dependency, with patients spending at least four weeks at our facility.


Some patients will continue their narcotics abuse therapy at an inpatient facility to an outpatient center. The main difference is that the patient doesn’t live at the center anymore and participates in fewer hours of therapy.

Since we genuinely think that the most efficient way for healing is through inpatient plans, at the Holistic Sanctuary, we don’t provide outpatient programs. People cannot focus on their healing unless they’re away from the typical triggers and familiar environment.

How is the therapeutic process developing at narcotics rehabilitation facilities?

At the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals will analyze your addiction level and decide on a customized narcotics therapy. Inpatient detox will begin, and you will get through the several stages of healing. The level of addiction, the co-occurring mental health conditions, and medical history will affect the methods used. Many patients go wrong by asking themselves “Is there a rehab near me?”, but you should never choose the alcohol therapy program by proximity to home.

Getting admitted

At this stage, a representative of the center will talk about your alcohol dependency, costs, and services you will benefit from. Professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary ensure that everyone gets admitted as soon as possible from the moment they reach for help.


A reliable narcotics therapy facility will run a complete health assessment. At this stage, the health care professionals will require details on your previous alcohol dependency, significant medical conditions, and lifestyle. Rules and policies of the center will also be presented.

Every patient enrolling at the Holistic Sanctuary will get the blood work done and undergo checkups for the liver, kidney, and heart. Only afterward, the substance dependency therapy plan will be established by the professionals.

Duration of plan

The severity of the condition, the substances you’re dependent and the presence/absence of co-occurring mental health issues will impact the length of cure. 4-weeks and 12-weeks options are available at the Holistic Sanctuary, and the number of hours for therapies may differ within the possibilities as well.

What therapies do we provide?

The following are the types of therapies you’ll receive at The Holistic Sanctuary when you come to us for dependencies  and mental illness therapies:

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient method that has been used to treat a host of physical and mental issues over the centuries. It employs psychological and physical techniques that help repair parts of the brain that have been damaged by alcohol use or psychiatric disorders. Yoga reduces anxiety and stress by raising GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), an essential neurotransmitter in the brain.

GABA promotes the production of endorphins, which give feelings of pleasure. In that way, your body can perform functions that had previously depended on illegal substances. Self-compassion and increased self-acceptance are other psychological benefits of practicing yoga. Since this therapy promotes relaxation of the body, mind, spirit, and physical strength, it’s an essential pillar in our medication-free protocols.

Meditation Therapy

Meditation is a mindfulness activity that stimulates brain function. Research has shown that constant meditation produces the same effects in the brain that narcotics do but healthily and harmlessly. It increases activity in the prefrontal cortex, the brain responsible for the regulation of feel-good emotions. In short, this means that it provides you with a natural high.

Frequent meditation strengthens cognitive function and enables you to suppress addictive thoughts. With enough practice, you’ll be able to ignore urges or cravings that would have in the past manipulated you into using. This therapy makes you more in control of your body and mind.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is essential in promoting detoxification. It does this by improving blood circulation in the body’s systems, which leads to a more effective expulsion of waste. Also, it leads to an increased level of beta-endorphins in the blood, which are feel-good chemicals that lower cortisol levels.

Also, we offer stem cell therapy, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to regenerate the body, and vitamin drips that replenish the body. All these enable safe detox and cure, giving your body and mind the strength to recover fully.

Our Effective Therapies Protocols Provide Healing

Most patients achieve complete healing because of the unique therapy methods we use at our facility. Come to us to avoid being locked in a never-ending chain of rehab, relapse, and repeat. To find out more about our drug treatment centers and how we can be of help, give us a call today on 310-601-7805.

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