There’s no shortage of drug rehabilitation centers in California that offer treatment programs to help patients overcome substance abuse and regain control of their lives. However, it would help if you took time before deciding which one to go to because the quality of help you received will determine whether you recover from drug or alcohol use successfully. At The Holistic Sanctuary, our treatment methods are made to ensure that every patient recovers from addiction and regains their mental health.

What are drug rehabilitation centers in California all about?

Illegal substances rehab facilities are first places on the road of recovery from substance use disorders, especially for people with severe illicit addiction of substances. These drug treatment centers ensure substance abuse treatment, but also the co-occurring mental health issues, along with the physical dependence and high risk of complicated withdrawal. You shouldn’t ask yourself, “Is there a rehab near me?”, but check the most critical aspects of a residential treatment center:

Around-the-clock health care

Inpatient drug rehab facilities ensure 24/7 supervision and care, as the program requests you to stay within the facility throughout your treatment. At our rehab, the Holistic Sanctuary, patients get help and 24/7 supervision from medical professionals. Moreover, the patient-staff ratio is high so that no patient feels not taking care of throughout residential treatment programs for substance abuse. It’s one of the perks of choosing one of the most impressive rehab facilities.

12-step and non-12 step support groups

In the majority of inpatient drug rehabs, patients join group therapy. It’s not the case at the Holistic Sanctuary, where every patient is on his journey for better health and life without illegal substances and alcohol. There are only one-on-one sessions at our rehab, as we believe that the focus should be entirely on one’s addiction, person, and recovery. It doesn’t help patients to focus on other people’s addiction treatment.

It’s also common for inpatient programs to include non-12 step support group meetings, which may improve their health. However, at the Holistic Sanctuary, it’s only about every patient’s journey, and the power is living inside every patient.

There is no higher power to sustain a patient’s health; it’s only the patient and the constant efforts that matter for recovery. The path to mental health is challenging for patients with alcohol and drug dependency.

Differences across facilities

The variety of methods used at rehab facilities is impressive. The length of programs may differ too, with some taking only 30 days, whereas others last up to a year. Patients signing up for the Holistic Sanctuary may select between several programs, but only an initial diagnosis will tell which options are suitable for their addiction treatment. A team of professionals from different areas of expertise will analyze one’s level of addiction, medical history, co-occurring mental conditions, and only afterward develop a customized plan for every patient’s health.

Why pick us from the many drug rehab centers?

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer substance abuse treatment and therapies that you’ll not find at other rehab centers. Since we’re located in Mexico, we’re able to provide medicines not approved by the FDA, yet science has shown that they’re a hundred percent effective in addiction treatment. Here’s why you should choose us from the many treatment centers out there.

Personalized Treatments

At our residential treatment center, we avoid the one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter-type programs that you’ll find in most treatment facilities. You can expect a residential treatment program that’s specially designed for you and will help your recovery. For instance, our treatment specialists prepare a formula for each individual with our NAD IV therapy instead of using a general one for everyone. It’s quite crucial since addiction affects each person differently, and the causes behind their behavior are not similar to anyone else’s. Therefore, the path for complete recovery and better health is different for everyone.

Every patient gets blood work is done, but also a thorough check-up for the liver, kidney, and heart. The residential treatment programs and therapies used for one are offered with much consideration to one’s state of mental health. Patients are different, their addictions are various, so it makes perfect sense that the addiction treatment differs from one patient to another.


You’ll not find group meetings or talk therapy at The Holistic Sanctuary. Every addiction treatment is one-on-one, allowing you the kind of intimacy that many patients desire but cannot get at many treatment facilities. You can rest assured that our drug rehab will sustain your recovery without being required to engage in activities that might make you feel exposed.

Moreover, our facility’s access is made through a guarded gate, so everyone coming in/out is watched over. Patients enjoy private rooms with private bathrooms at our alcohol and drug addiction center so that they only focus on their addiction treatment and health.

Luxurious Setting

The thought of drug and alcohol therapy does not usually, conjure up pleasant images since many treatment centers are full of restrictions and have limited amenities, which may give the feeling of being institutionalized. With us, you get the luxury of recovery at one of the best five-star rehab facilities, in an environment different from what you would have at home.  

Daily access to the spa, regular massages, access to the gym, organic lining, and only the purest and healthiest food improve every patient’s health. The high-end amenities complete the astonishing view, creating a pampering feel for every patient of our drug rehab.

One-of-a-kind Treatment Methods

We offer addiction treatment options that you’ll not find anywhere else in the world. One of our treatment protocols is our patented Pouyan Method with Sacred Plant medicine that focuses on healing you from the inside. The result is that your body will recover, but your soul and mind will also be replenished for long-lasting wellness and wholeness.

This treatment involves the infusion of a powerful brain repair IV formula that reprograms your brain to recover from damage caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Using this method, we have been able to successfully heal alcoholism, drug dependency, depression, and other mental illnesses.

The natural principles are fundamental at the Holistic Sanctuary, so all methods and substances are natural. Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and HBOT therapy, cell stem therapy, telomere repair, and sacred plant medicine are used for healing.

Experienced and dedicated professionals

The team is comprised of professionals from various areas of expertise. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we have doctors and nurses, who watch over your mental health condition and monitor the administration of sacred plant medicine. We also have nutritionists teaching you about a healthy diet, or Yogi teaching you how to do yoga every day. Complementary medicine practitioners have joined the team to tackle and solve unbalances in your body, mind, and soul.

Experienced shamans conduct sacred plant medicine administration, but only after the doctors have approved for the patient.

Healthy and organic food

Patients dealing with drug addiction lack excellent health, and that’s why one of the many efforts for recovery focus on giving the body the nutrients it needs for healing. Unlike other drug rehab facilities, the nutritionists at the Holistic Sanctuary provide only healthy, raw, organic, and non-GMO food to the patients. They also teach the patients about the importance of healthy eating so that they maintain excellent healthy dieting after completing the program.

Great aftercare

One’s healing from drug addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Patients build meaningful relationships with the professionals, so they reach for help whenever in need. Our team of professionals is dedicated to their patient’s recovery and willing to help when they ask for help. 

We Provide the Most Effective Treatment for You

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have various services and protocols that you’ll not find at other drug rehabilitation centers, to help you overcome addiction. Our high success rate of full recoveries, which stands at 90 percent, proves that our methods work and have long-lasting effects. Call us today at (310)-601-7805 for more information about the programs we provide for your complete healing.

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