Computer geeks and celebrities love Hollywood, for reasons we can all understand. Sadly, the sunny state isn’t just home for the movie stars and web-creators, but also for people struggling with drug and alcohol problems. 

Substance abuse is rather easy when money isn’t a problem, and the risk for drug addiction is as high as it can get. Illegal substance misuse is common issues in Hollywood, but it has been like that ever since the struck gold. More than 800,000 people regularly abuse narcotics, which makes perfect sense to find a significant number of rehab centers in California.

Are long term drug rehab centers in California the best solution?

Numbers revealed that around 8% of the sunny state’s population checked the criteria for substance use disorders. On the other hand, only 10% of these persons benefited from the treatment program. Alcohol abuse and mental health conditions seem to be more popular than different kinds of substance misuse conditions. And it’s mostly that young adults from 16 to 25 who develop narcotics dependency and alcoholism.

Is illegal substances dependency a problem in this state?

By the time they reach 11th grade, more than half of the Californian students already used alcohol, and 40% of them tried marijuana several times.

More and more people use heroin, and medical insurance companies have started to cover rehab due to increase use of illegal substances.

Long-term rehabilitation centers in California in this state make the most reliable choice for people requiring professional addiction treatment. The residential addiction treatment centers will ensure for your loved one the most treatment options. The methods used in rehab will go deep into one’s dependency, find the leading causes, and provide complete recovery once the treatment is completed.

For instance, the Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment center that tackles addiction of any kind. Men and women choosing a therapy program at our rehab will benefit from various methods, while experienced professionals watch their healing.

Why choose a long-term treatment center?

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction are quite common in the United States, and the home of celebrities doesn’t make an exception. It has been proven several times that outpatient rehab programs don’t ensure lifetime recovery.  Residential rehab programs aim to identify the deep causes of one’s dependency, teaching the patients how to live healthy forever.

No matter if you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, or anywhere else in California, finding a residential rehab center isn’t going to be difficult. Here’s why you should consider a long-term treatment facility:


Even if some may try to give up on narcotics cold-turkey, it’s never a good idea with narcotics or alcohol abuse disorders. At long-term rehab centers, the detox program will eliminate the chemicals and alcohol residue from your body, only under medical supervision.

The Holistic Sanctuary prides itself on only using natural methods and substances for the detox phase. Also, the withdrawal symptoms are less severe, but the detox process is a lot easier to handle by patients.

Experienced professionals

Only experienced professionals will take care of your loved one at long-term rehab programs. At our treatment center, only doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and life coaches handle your dependency therapy. Their efforts are completed by complementary medicine practitioners, shamans, yogi, and nutritionists. They all work together for your complete recovery.

Various and innovative therapies

The chances of trying innovative therapies in outpatient programs for people with drug and alcohol addiction are quite slim. The Holistic Sanctuary is a residential treatment center where innovative, and numerous therapies are used for treatment. Telomere repair, HBOT therapy, sacred plant medicine, but also yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, massage therapy are some of the numerous therapies used at our treatment center for one’s true healing.

How to select a rehab facility in California?

There are good things and bad things about living close to Hollywood. On the one hand, it’s terrible because you can find illegal substances at almost any corner. Still, the good part is that you may find reliable narcotics treatment facilities just as easy.

The high numerous rehab centers make the selection process quite challenging. How do you know that the center you’re picking is right for you? Will it give you the best therapy for your condition? Scroll down to find out which aspects to consider when choosing:


It’s not that only the celebs or the executives are dealing with narcotic use disorders, but the chances for them to struggle dependency are quite high when you live near Hollywood.

Famous people, executives, people with high social status want to keep their struggle and therapy away from the public’s eye.

Guarded access through the gate, secluded location, and private rooms are some of the things to look for. The Holistic Sanctuary ticks most boxes when it comes to privacy, giving its patients the possibility to focus on healing away from the public eye.

Low staff-patient ratio

When you look for a rehab, you need to make sure that the professionals are dedicated to your treatment. At our rehab facility, patients are supervised 24/7, so that every step of the program goes as planned. Furthermore, clients benefit from the staff member’s attention without ever feeling neglected.

Customized programs

One of the benefits of residential programs is the ability to provide personalized treatment to every client. At our rehabilitation center in California, the professionals will analyze your case, check your medical history, and make a clear idea on your level of addiction. Afterward, a personalized therapy plan is created and developed, which increases your chance for complete recovery.

What are you waiting for?

The Holistic Sanctuary stands out as one of the most reliable drug rehab centers in California. Our team of experts is ready to help, so give us a call whenever you’re ready to heal. Fantastic therapies, great location, and accommodation will be provided for your lifetime healing.

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