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The irony of becoming addicted to methadone is that it is a drug which is commonly used in the treatment for recovery from addiction to other drugs such as heroin, but methadone itself can become just as addictive for the person being treated. Over a period of time, the body builds up tolerance or resistance to the effects of methadone, which are presumably intended to help someone withdraw from a seriously addictive drug, and then it takes more and more of the drug in order to keep achieving the desired results. Somewhere along the line, the methadone dependent simply exchanges one addiction for another, with equally severe complications to overcome.

Breaking this cycle of addiction can only happen in a controlled environment under the close supervision of qualified medical personnel. Any methadone detox center can probably provide at least some version of the managed environment and qualified personnel, but the level of success achieved at many clinics leaves much to be desired. Not all methadone drug treatment centers are equal, as will be borne out by any examination of the success rates achieved by them.

Do you have methadone addiction?

The overwhelming majority of people who become addicted to methadone get to that point because the drug was prescribed for them as a means for reducing their dependence on heroin or some other highly addictive drug. Since methadone is somewhat less intense than the powerful recreational drugs available on the street, it can easily ‘sneak up’ on a person without them realizing that a secondary dependence is in progress.

Anyone who wonders whether they are becoming addicted to methadone should be on the lookout for a few warning signs that make it probable:

  • Using a greater amount of methadone than was originally prescribed by a doctor or taking the drug more frequently than instructed.
  • Taking methadone in tandem with other drugs or alcohol to deepen the feeling of euphoria and to banish cares and concerns for at least a period of time.
  • Misrepresenting the symptoms associated with the withdrawal from another drug like heroin for the purpose of having a doctor increase the frequency of dosage level of methadone.
  • Continuing to take the original addictive drug, e.g. heroin, as well as the methadone itself, for the entire period of withdrawal and afterward, so that the combined effects of both drugs can be experienced.
  • Behavior which has become secretive in nature, for example skipping school or work to take part in a session to get high.
  • Withdrawal from social settings, and noticeably less interest in personal appearance, personal hygiene and in many of the activities which once held considerable interest for an individual.
  • Obvious changes in temperament, such as pronounced aggression or hostility, irritability, and anxiety, even toward friends and relatives.

Recovering from methadone addiction

For those who have become severely dependent on the drug, it is very important that the right methadone treatment center is chosen for rehabilitation. Many clinics around the country have the attitude that drug addiction is a disease, and that it must be treated through medication. Often enough, these centers do not really even believe that addiction can be cured and that addicts will never achieve any significant level of self-control and self-management. For that reason, their rehabilitation processes tend to be very outmoded and simply do not achieve any real lasting effects. It is fairly common to see methadone addicts coming out of these clinics and taking up bad habits once again to renew the cycle of addiction.

That is exactly the kind of defeatist attitude which has no place at the Holistic Sanctuary, where every patient is treated as an entirely different individual and not just another addict suffering from an incurable disease. Whereas public clinics generally can devote only limited time and resources to each patient, every person coming to the Holistic Sanctuary will be treated with a holistic approach that considers mind, body, and spirit. That makes all the difference, because when all three aspects of a person are addressed in the context of recovery from addiction, the ultimate results are much more far reaching and long lasting.


The Holistic Sanctuary approach to rehabilitation

The Holistic Sanctuary is much more than an ordinary methadone detox center, because the outdated method of replacing one addiction for another through a ‘weaning away’ process has been entirely abandoned. Instead, patients are given extensive one-on-one counseling throughout the entire process of recovery, as mind, body, and spirit are made whole again, and a person is restored to their pre-addictive state. It all begins with detoxification of the body, so that all the nasty chemicals which have been built up through the period of dependence can be eliminated from the body and their influence can come to an end.

A combination of intravenous drips and plant-based medicines are used to restore the brain to its normal, healthy state, and to restore the body to its toxin-free, highly functional condition. While dependent on methadone or any other drug, the brain is deprived of some essential nutrients needed for the formation of new cells and brain connections, and the intravenous drips resupply these essential nutrients. After having received these treatments, scans of patients’ brains reveal much healthier brain activity. The plant-based medicines assist the body’s natural elimination processes so that chemical residues can be eliminated, and their negative impacts along with them.

The Pouyan Method is the centerpiece of addiction recovery at the Holistic Sanctuary, and this is a program which has been proven to be extremely effective over nearly a decade of use with patients in the methadone treatment center. The Pouyan Method overthrows the tired old ineffective approaches to drug rehabilitation in favor of the restorative powers of an all-encompassing, holistic approach. In addition to the treatment approach for the body described above, the mind and spirit aspects are also addressed by the Pouyan Method.

To that end, guides and counselors assist patients with life-changing instruction on yoga, personalized exchanges, and spiritual counseling. In these sessions, the causes which led to addiction are uncovered, and the individual is given life-coaching so that these causes can be fully understood, and steps can be taken to prevent them from recurring. This is the only way that addictions can truly be overcome, and any reversion to the cycle of addiction can be avoided in the future. When patients are equipped with the knowledge to help themselves stay free of addiction, they are in a much better position to stay drug free rather than to become trapped by the vicious cycle.


Hard work in a luxury setting

Recovering from an addiction can be very difficult, especially when the degree of addiction has become severe over time—but that does not mean that rehabilitation must be undertaken in a harsh, spartan methadone detox center. For a person with means, recovery can be made much more pleasant and comfortable, even while undergoing the difficult process of purifying the body and elevating the mind and spirit to a more sustainable level.

Contact the Holistic Sanctuary to learn more about the outstanding cuisine which is made available to patients or the sumptuous furnishings provide in private guest rooms with personal baths. Inquire about the magnificent setting along the coast of Baja California and about the many activities which can be engaged in for those wishing to be more socially involved. The setting itself serves as a healing agent, with the gently rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean rushing shoreward and providing a soothing, natural influence for the troubled mind.

Everything about the Holistic Sanctuary is conducive to recovery from addiction—the methods used, the environment, the non-judgmental counselors and life coaches, and certainly the success rate which has been established over nearly a decade of innovative healing from addiction. Any methadone treatment center can be chosen for some kind of treatment, but for people choosing the Holistic Sanctuary, a whole new lifestyle is learned, one which will keep graduates drug free for the rest of their lives.

Finding the Right Methadone Detox Center

Instead of just focusing on traditional methods, you may want to consider some of the alternative centers that are available to you for treatment. These drug treatment centers do not hold fast to the standard protocols used in many centers and try to get away from using prescribed medications as the primary method of treatment. Many take a completely different approach that has proven highly effective, involving a holistic approach that takes your entire mind and body into consideration and uses non-traditional methods, including the use of natural alternatives to prescriptions, diet, exercise, meditation, music therapy and much more.

Naturally you are going to want to choose a methadone detox center that provides you with the approach you are most comfortable with, but you want the choice that is also going to give you the best results overall in getting rid of your addiction for good. Choosing an alternative method may just give you the best fighting chance and the confidence you need to overcome the addiction and change your life for good.

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