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Best Heroin Detox Clinics

Heroin addiction treatment centers provide help and effective treatment methods for people addicted to heroin. Heroin is a very addictive drug, but anyone who is committed to getting help can receive help in different heroin rehabilitation settings such as residential and outpatient rehab centers. Most rehab programs for heroin and other opioid drugs require a detoxification process at the beginning of the treatment period. While the best heroin detox centers focus on ensuring that the individual under treatment gets well, they also offer support and understanding to the affected close friends and family members. The type of heroin rehab center one chooses matters a lot in determining the success of the addiction treatment. With a strong support system and the right treatment processes, heroin addiction is reversible regardless of the intensity of the addiction.

Best Heroin Detox at Holistic Sanctuary

Heroin Addiction Treatment Holistic Sanctuary

Best Heroin Detox – Choosing between inpatient rehab and outpatient program

Inpatient rehab and outpatient programs are the two major options that offer the best heroin addiction recovery programs. Of course, the individual treatment needs vary from one patient to another, and every type of treatment has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it is important to weigh your options carefully before selecting the most suitable heroin rehab program that suits your specific needs.

  • Outpatient programs: Although these programs vary widely, most of them offer individual and group therapy sessions that are in the form of education. In some cases, some outpatient rehab centers can offer medicated assisted addiction treatment and psychiatric care to a few patients who need that kind of care. An outpatient care will tailor treatment programs to meet varying needs of different clients. Also, many outpatient clinics vary in levels of addiction intensity. The number and type of group meetings are scheduled and spread out throughout the week.
  • Inpatient treatment program: An inpatient treatment program also referred to as residential is preferable for heroin addiction treatment. This is mainly because the withdrawal symptoms can be tough and an addicted person can find it hard to resist the strong cravings for the drug during the detoxification process if he or she is on an outpatient program. A person can fully achieve complete sobriety after completing a heroin addiction treatment of around three months.
  • Heroin is addictive both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is recommended for addicted people to be under the watchful eye of trained experts who can help them pull through the uncomfortable phase of dealing with withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the detox process should be medically supervised by trained professionals to make the entire detox process as comfortable as possible.
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Residential heroin treatment

Depending on the level of heroin dependency, you can opt for a residential or inpatient treatment program. In other words, not every heroin user will need a residential heroin treatment center. However, it is recommendable to avoid trying heroin because it is one of the most highly addictive substances. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding whether residential heroin treatment or inpatient program is the best fit.

  • Does heroin make you or your loved one feel isolated?
  • Is your heroin use affecting your overall performance at work or school?
  • Has the use of heroin affected your financial stability?
  • Has using heroin caused you any interpersonal relationship issues?
  • Has using heroin proven difficult to stop even when you want to?
  • Have you ever stolen or acquired money illegally to buy heroin?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” then you urgently need to enroll for a residential rehab center or inpatient program to help you get treatment for your heroin addiction. These are all signs that you have a serious addiction to an opioid and you seriously need to seek help from professionals in a heroin rehab center.

Heroin tolerance versus dependence

Tolerance is a situation where the brain adapts to the presence of heroin in your system. Heavy users who have developed tolerance will not be affected by heroin the way it can affect a first-time user.

In other words, a user who has developed tolerance will need a lot of heroin to feel its effects. Heroin tolerance is a sign that the user is slowly developing heroin dependency.

Dependence, on the other hand, occurs when the user starts to feel that he or she needs the opioid to function normally. Typically, heroin-dependent users experience incredibly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that may include, but not limited to vigorous agitation, physical and emotional discomfort that prompt the urge to get more heroin.

Chronic use of this drug in people with opioid dependence often increases heroin tolerance. And that is why addicted individuals require more of the heroin drug to stave off the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Since it is a tough cycle to break, the best chance for recovery to those who are addicted to heroin is a heroin residential rehab center.

The most important factors to consider when looking for the best heroin rehab center is location, cost, types of treatments offered, and extra activities. It is also vital to consider the type of housing and food provided for residential heroin rehab centers because it is integral to achieving success in the treatment process. In other words, it is extremely vital to consider a rehab center treatment offerings and financial policies.

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    Rehab privacy and confidentiality

    Your treatment should be kept entirely confidential unless you provide consent for such information to be shared. People who are looking for private rooms, spa facilities, and other amenities such as gym facilities or in-house massage, should consider choosing private or luxury rehab centers. In such environments, you can also get an opportunity to connect with your clients and co-workers so as to stay productive while undergoing treatment. Although heroin rehab centers are different from each other, they are all dedicated to ensuring their clients’ treatment is kept private or confidential.

    Duration of the treatment

    The duration of heroin addiction recovery depends on several factors including the individual’s willingness to achieving positive results and the response to the entire treatment. In most cases, heroin rehab clinics offer programs that last for between 30 and 90 days. In fact, the aim should be on getting well and not on when to get out of the residential rehab center. Also, a positive attitude is key to determining the treatment period; negativity will prolong the healing process or even cause a relapse after completing the treatment. So, regardless of how long it will take, depending also on the level of addiction being treated, it is advisable to stay focused on the holistic healing process that involves the body, mind, and spirit.

    The beginning of the treatment process is at the enrollment stage. At this point, a patient is supposed to sign consent forms for receiving treatment and any other documents that contain the program rules. The intake process will also involve answering a number of questions about the history of substance use and the overall mental and physical health.

    Patients can also ask any lingering questions at the intake stage. The rehab specialists will determine the best treatment plan for the patient at this stage. The second step of the heroin treatment is detox. The purpose of the detox is to purge the drug’s toxins from the body’s system and help the individual deal with withdrawal symptoms. While some centers offer rapid detox plans, detox experts will recommend a slow but an effective detox process.

    Our specialists will ensure that you get the best detox process by never using medications such as methadone. The Holistic Sanctuary heroin treatment and rehab center has a team of experienced therapists who will engage with you in individual one on one therapy sessions. They also offer aftercare programs through ongoing care to ensure former heroin dependents do not suffer relapse. We have the cure for heroin addiction.

    Find the Best Heroin Addiction Detox Centers in California

    Best Heroin Rehabilitation Center

    Heroin Addiction Detox Centers

    For people struggling with Heroin Addiction finding the Best Heroin Addiction Detox Center in Los Angeles is at the top of the list. There are many different treatment centers and rehab facilities with each claiming to be the best. The truth however is that not all these facilities can guarantee effective treatment and a lifetime of sobriety after going through their programs. Holistic treatment is the only viable solution to fighting addiction permanently. Traditional rehabs have proven to be completely ineffective in treating dependency to alcohol or drugs. The relapse rates at these facilities are staggering, further frustrating and compounding the problems faced by addicts.

    True holistic treatment for Heroin Detox

    The Holistic Sanctuary is the only true Heroin addiction detox centers in Los Angeles. We do not only focus on treating the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. Our philosophy is creating synergy between the mind, body and spirit before our patients can receive true and effective healing.

    Our treatment remedies and regimes are 100% natural, safe, exclusive and effective. Other facilities claiming to be  Heroin addiction detox centers use outdated treatment models, toxic remedies that rely heavily on pharmaceuticals and false scientific theories. We on the other hand have developed a unique and patented treatment model known as The Pouyan Method that seeks to restore balance in the patient’s mental, physical and spiritual state. No other facility is able to reconcile these essential faculties like we do.

    In addition to our natural detoxification and treatment therapies, we focus on rejuvenating the brain. We understand that a healthy brain is essential to a successful and drug and alcohol free life after treatment. Our treatment model is also focused on helping the brain revert to its original pre-addiction state. No other center is able to reverse the damage caused by years of drug and alcohol abuse, making The Pouyan Method the best addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

    Our treatment extends to equipping patients with life skill and coping mechanisms to help them resist the temptation to use drugs or alcohol after leaving our facility. This focus on essential life skills and coping mechanisms increases our success rate by 100 times, which is why we have an unrivalled sobriety rate among clients who successfully complete our extensive treatment program.

    Treatment Sanctuary-Pouyan Method

    Best Heroin Rehabilitation Center

    Best Heroin Detox Treatment with a difference

    The Holistic Sanctuary is committed to total and complete healing from drug and/or alcohol addiction. What makes our treatment unique is our treatment module that was developed by a former addict. The Pouyan Method is the brain child of Johnny Tabaie, founder of The Holistic Sanctuary who himself battled with addiction for decades. He formulated a treatment regime that relied on all natural methods and treatments that proved extremely effective in his own personal fight with addiction.

    That said, our treatment module is not based on outdated research, information or ideas. It is specifically designed with the addict in mind and does not offer blanket solutions to unique problems. Every addict is different, and our treatment module is prescribed individually to best treat each patient rather than one-size-fits all approach to treatment.

    Traditional rehabilitation centers have a success rate of less than 5 percent, which is a major concern for a patient looking for the best addiction treatment in Los Angeles. In addition to this, the facilities rely on pharmaceuticals which only end in replacing one addiction for another. The only true way to fight addiction permanently is through natural and holistic treatment programs.

    Although some of these rehab facilities use holistic methods such as meditation and yoga to complement their treatment regimes, the hard truth is their programs are flawed to begin with. These drug treatment centers prescribe toxic chemical cocktails in the name of easing withdrawals or enhancing detoxification. As long as these chemicals make their way into the patient’s body, all the holistic complements in the world cannot fix the problem. It is inconceivable that anyone should claim to treat chemical dependency by prescribing more chemicals. The only reasonable way to fight addiction is to do it all naturally the way nature intended.

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    Fighting myths about Heroin addiction detox centers

    There are many myths surrounding addiction that are peddled by ineffective rehabilitation centers to mask their incompetency and inability to treat the patient as promised. As a leader in the Heroin addiction detox centers, we are dedicated to dispelling these myths and proving that it is in fact possible to be completely healed from addiction and enjoy a lifetime of sobriety.

    One commonly peddled myth about addiction is that it runs in the family or is incurable. We have proved time and time again that it is possible to get a complete cure from heroin addiction or any ailment by focusing on the body, mind and spirit equally during treatment. This holistic approach to treatment is the only real way to ensure addicts recover fully from their disease.

    Another common myth with traditional drug rehab treatment is that there is a standard treatment program for fighting addiction. The truth of the matter is that addiction is an incredibly personal journey. Each addict is unique and needs to be treated as such for any real chance at successful treatment. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we do have The Pouyan Method. This treatment protocol is however not applied the same way to every client. Each patient goes through thorough tests and evaluation and the treatment module tweaked to best fit the individuals unique treatment needs.

    Take the first step towards a lifetime of sobriety after heroin detox

    The Holistic Sanctuary hands-down offers the Best Heroin addiction detox centers. Our unique and patented treatment module is designed to cater to the individual needs of the patient. Our success rate speaks for itself. Our patients are better able to cope with every day life stresses that lead them to addiction in the first place, because of The Pouyan Method they leave cured from their addiction with no desire to return.

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