How to Find the Best Detox Centers in the World

Seeking The Best Detox Centers Near Me, or Best Detox In The World?

Effective Detox Centers – Making the decision to seek professional holistic help for your Mind Body and Soul is the first step towards spiritual recovery. That said, it is only natural that you want to consider only the best detox Centers in the World to have the highest chance of a successful and permanent outcome. There are plenty of facilities out there promising to offer the best treatment, best cleansing, or best plant medicine,  but unfortunately, not all of them make the cut. There are many things that set us apart from the rest of the treatment centers, healing centers, and rehabilitation centers out there.

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Best Detox Treatment Centers Near Me

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Why The Holistic Sanctuary is Your Best Choice for the Best Detox Centers

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we back up our claims of being the leader in drug rehab and detox centers. Our facilities, programs and staff are all geared towards ensuring that our patients recover from their various issues, depressions, ptsd and addictions. There are some specific areas where we lead the pack in treating all mental health issues including alcohol and drug addiction.
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Best Detox Centers Can’t Come Close to doing the healing we can do

You will not be labeled, You will not be medicated, you will not be inundated with talk therapy or group therapy, and we will not get you drugged up with medications, You will not become a zombie. You Will Get Healed, right now, with real healing.
You will receive the following treatments.

  You Get Daily Body Work/Massage Therapy
  You Get Daily Yoga and Meditation
  Daily Sessions of pure oxygen HBOT
  You Get Daily NAD, IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 5-7 hours per day
  You Get Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
  You Get Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions
  Holistic therapy that would reset the brain to a pre-addicted state
  Non-addictive and nontoxic holistic treatment
  No labels of being an addict forever
  No group meetings

  No medications
  Healing on the cellular level
  Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  Ibogaine Treatment
  DMT Experience
  Treatment that reverses damage to the body from medication,  alcohol and drugs
  Real therapy for reversing negative thinking and getting on track psychologically
  Inspiration and empowerment
Different types of massage
Cold pressed raw organic juice cleanses

Our results are one of our most important advantages over other centers. The Holistic Sanctuary success rate is among the best that you can expect with virtually 80% 90% of our patients leaving treatment have had life changing experiences. Our success speaks for itself and our past patients will be the first to acknowledge this.

We are also on top of the list in detox centers in the world. We have invested heavily in our cutting edge treatment protocol that has been created in providing patients complete healing, luxury comfort and peace of mind to focus on getting well. Our oceanfront facility offers scenic views and private accommodations, so our patients have nothing else to worry about except getting healed.

At The Holistic Sanctuary we complement our intense protocol in our high end drug rehab luxury facilities coupled with state-of-the-art equipment geared to offering modern solutions to treatment. From Daily Massage, Daily Reiki, Daily IV drips, Daily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, to Dead Sea Salt Detox Baths and everything in between. You can expect the best in advanced holistic and modern technology with equipment to magnify your results to successfully heal you with therapy and holistic treatment. Getting better is not just about getting off of medications and kicking your drug habit but also about adopting a positive and healthy lifestyle through exercise, meditation and proper diet. Our investment in your wellness puts us ahead of the pack where Holistic rehab detox centers are mentioned.

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We specialize in treating PTSD, Depression, Alcoholism, and Addiction so our guests that are addicted to drugs and alcohol can expect specialized and professional care. Our loving and non judgmental staff is fully experienced and certified in holistic healing to ensure that you are treated both inside and out. From Best Holistic Detox to alternative treatment, we ensure that all aspects of your life are well taken care of. The Holistic Sanctuary is based on the principle of natural, holistic and alternative treatment. This means that we do not prescribe pharmaceuticals to heal your PTSD Depression or to help you fight withdrawal and cravings. These pharmaceuticals are not only bad for your body but are also very addictive. Our patented Pouyan Method ensures that our patients leave treatment without having to ever take any medication or drugs, prescribed or otherwise, to sleep or function.

Oceanfront Location is an important factor to look into when choosing a facility, and not many Holistic Drug Treatment Center can compare to our ocean scenic location. Our five star facility on the California coast features an oceanfront destination and an ideal setting for relaxation and peace of mind. Your security is our number one priority and we have invested accordingly to secure your safety and privacy.

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Our staff is fully trained to offer comfort healing and detox for all sorts of drugs and medications, plus other issues and all of our patients are under the watchful eye of holistic medical practitioners. We understand the risks associated with withdrawals which is why we have invested time and energy in creating the perfect healing system. We have 4 different IV formulas that help heal the body and reverse withdrawals from Benzos, heroin, SSRI, opiates and other dreadful medication and drugs. Any medical emergency is immediately and effectively taken care of, this is to ensure that you do not run any risk to your health or well being in the course of your treatment.

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Our point of pride is the Pouyan Method which is a patented pending treatment protocol that relies on all natural therapies and treatment to cure PTSD, trauma, alcohol, and drug addiction. We do not prescribe any kind of pharmaceuticals to our patients in the course of their treatment and or when they leave, because they won’t need it. This means that you leave our facility completely free of addiction which is something that not many Holistic Treatment Centers can claim to do.

Contact us for details on how we can get you on the road to recovery. We are the best and leading detox centers and can guarantee you success for your mental, emotional, and physical future. Call us to get started 310-601-7805

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