Depression is a severe condition that may affect one’s life on all levels. Persistent depressive disorders and major depressive disorder pose a risk for one’s life, changing one’s capacity to live a good life, have healthy relationships, and generally enjoy life.

Sadly, it’s common for depression to co-occur in people with alcohol addiction or illicit substance abuse, in which case the treatment is a lot more challenging to carry. With Californians using and abusing drugs and alcohol, depression rehab centers in California are rather easy to find.

Is there a need for depression rehab centers in California?

It’s incredibly difficult to watch our loved one fighting depression and alcohol addiction at the same time. Many of us think that it’s beyond our power to find a treatment facility for our loved one. Some believe that group therapy is the key.  Is he/she going to need partial hospitalization? Are we even able to find a reliable California depression center or not? Do we have to go to Los Angeles to find the most reliable treatment centers for depression? People who contact us will have all their questions answered for sure.

As you can see, there are so many questions to answer, especially if you’re looking facility for treating depression of your loved one. Here are some things that you can do when selecting a treatment program for someone in your life:

Find out about depression therapy.

The severity and nature of your loved one’s depression will decide the therapies and type of treatment. For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of psychologists and psychiatrists will diagnose and develop a treatment program. Special measures will also be involved if there’s substance abuse committed. Most of the time, individual therapy will be fundamental for your loved one’s recovery.

No matter the team’s final decision, though, the first step to take is to convince the patient to seek professional help to get back their well-being.

Learn all about depression

There are myriads of things to know about depression. The more you know about the symptoms, causes, and cure, the easier it is to find a depression treatment center that works for your loved one.

For instance, group therapy is often used, but professionals at our California depression therapy center genuinely believe that a patient should only concentrate on healing. There are only one-on-one sessions, so your loved one will only care for gaining mental health and complete recovery. It’s a personal journey, not a family trip.

Be present

You should make yourself available whenever your loved one needs your services and support. At the same time, make sure that you don’t go over the past repeatedly; it will only aggravate depression. Help the one you love with focusing on the now and today’s accomplishments. Behavioral health is a bumpy road, and you should praise the little wins of the day.

Never judge

It’s not a lack of willpower or character when someone deals with depression. Mental health conditions like depression will not go away by only taking a pill or a nap. Our California depression treatment facility has a team of professionals who are always compassionate and understanding with everyone’s struggle. At our residential treatment center, patients with depression build meaningful relationships with the staff members. They will always be ready to help even after patients complete their depression treatment. Everybody has a kind understanding of patients with depression, as the path to recovery is never easy.

What do the best depression treatment centers offer?

Depression isn’t a headache that you may alleviate with a pill. Left untreated, it can ruin one’s life on all levels, and depression inpatient treatment may be required.

The mental health of a patient with depression can be severely compromised. Depression damages one’s cognitive acuity, emotional balance, and physical stamina. Deep sadness, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, constant hopelessness will affect one’s will and capacity to live a healthy and balanced life.

Moreover, depression may also lead to various disorders, illicit substances misuse, and alcoholism. When depression occurs with alcoholism or drug addiction, the symptoms can be devastating for one’s mental health and overall health.  Our depression treatment center near Los Angeles provides depression therapy but also tackles the addiction conditions. The Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment center where depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, or job burnout are successfully addressed. Residential treatment is carried and customized for every patient’s particularities and needs for ensuring recovery and behavioral health.

Here’s what to expect at a top depression treatment center:

Effective methods

For years, professionals tried to use chemical substances and medication at modern depression rehab facilities. Group therapy and family sessions are still part of the treatment at many treatment centers. It’s not the case of the Holistic Sanctuary, where only natural substances and methods are used for treating depression. The innovative approach used at our residential treatment center is essential, and it’s based on non-invasive therapies and sacred plant medicine. You only need to contact us for details.

Sacred plant-based medicine

Ancient plant-based medicine relies on natural substances for cleansing the body of toxins. Once the body is healed, patients with depression have better emotional skills to fight against depression and gain behavioral health.  Here are some of the methods used for improving one’s mind and body:

  • The food is only organic, non-GMO, and raw so that one’s body receives the nutrients it needs for recovery.
  • Colonic green coffee enemas are used daily for eliminating the toxins from one’s body.
  • Patients benefit from high-dose amino acid brain repair NAD IV therapy so that the cellular level heals
  • No chemicals, medications, and toxins are allowed to be used throughout the treatment at our treatment center.

Non-invasive therapies

The physical therapies do little for one’s well-being unless non-invasive methods are used to address depressive disorder.

There are no group therapies at our residential treatment center, as we render that patients need to concentrate entirely on their depression and therapy. Along we the one-on-one counseling sessions, patients at our depression treatment center will benefit from:

  • Carbon sauna
  • Reiki
  • Massage sessions for stress-relief and relaxation. It has been revealed that people are more open to positive thoughts and changes when they’re relaxed and at peace.
  • Hyperbaric chamber sessions for pure oxygen therapy sessions. Not only that, the patients feel more relaxed, but the inflammation process decreases, improving the overall health.

Experienced team of professionals

At a highly valued depression treatment facility, the staff members should have experience in working with people with depression and other psychological conditions. The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary have been working with people with emotional issues for years now. Unlike other treatment facilities, we consider depression to be a sign of the imbalances in one’s mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, our team includes professionals from various areas of expertise. Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and life coaches work together with the yogi, alternative medicine practitioners, for developing a customized program for every patient.

Is healing the mind, body, and soul, the key for successful treatment of depression?

People have been shifting away from modern medicine for some time now. Medication and conventional treatment no longer give results, and people understood that a comprehensive approach to health is going to provide better results. Many treatment facilities for depression promote holistic therapies, and as only looking at the mind, body, and spirit, complete recovery may be achieved.

Can we have a healthy mind?

Depression, anxiety, and even addiction cannot be addressed unless the treatment also takes care of the mind. Unlike other treatment facilities for depression, the Holistic Sanctuary doesn’t focus on group therapy. One-on-one counseling sessions are essential for one’s health, as they help patients concentrate exclusively on their struggles. The non-invasive therapy at our California depression center will help people make changes for improving behavioral health and obtain a recovery.

Relaxed patients are more open to positive thoughts about their health, and change is easier to do when people are optimistic. Physical activity, daily massages, HBOT therapy, don’t just relax the patients, but they also make the clients more positive and willing to accept change. The first step to take for recovery is difficult to make, but once people accept a positive take on healing, health for the mind is more comfortable to accomplish.

Can a healthy body sustain treatment for depression?

Depression and psychological issues, along with addiction, can also affect one’s body. The immunity is compromised, which means that health is also harmed from depression. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary developed a program to improve every patient’s health. Eliminating the chemicals and toxins from the body is essential, which is why sacred plant medicine and alternative therapies are used to treat patients with depression.

Patients with better physical health may focus on treatment better, accept small changes, and become proactive in their recovery.

How does the healing of the spirit sustain recovery in depression treatment?

Modern medicine typically has no regard for the spirit. The treatment is universal, and conventional programs pay no attention to one’s personality, values, and specifics. The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary come from many areas of expertise, as they all work to identify the deep causes of one’s depression. Treatment is possible only when the imbalances in one’s spirit have been revealed. Yoga, meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, and our innovative protocol will heal the spirit, ensuring lifetime recovery.

We’re ready to begin your journey! Are you?

We pride ourselves as one of the most innovative depression rehab centers in California. Our team at the Holistic Sanctuary is always ready to pay attention to your depression, struggle, and pain. We’re not afraid to provide you treatment programs for a healthy body, mind, and soul, as it’s the way for a life without depression. Give us a call to see what treatment we will create, especially for you!

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