July 15, 2020

Getting Off Antidepressants FAQs

Taking antidepressants is a standard solution for many patients who didn’t look into the alternatives. The popularity among the professionals and the easy access to them
July 15, 2020

Depression and Memory Loss – What’s Causing It & How To Prevent It

Not all of us will have to have their head injured to end up with memory loss. Sadly, memory loss will happen, sooner or later, to
July 15, 2020

Depression and Memory Loss – The Connections You Should Always be Aware of

1 in 3 senior Americans dies from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The condition tends to rise very quickly, and researchers anticipate that by 2050 more than
July 15, 2020

Getting Off Antidepressants – The Ultimate Guide to Read Before Cutting Your Medication Short

Antidepressants are presented as the way to keep depression under control. But with the risk of side effects always present in most antidepressants, it’s understandable why
July 10, 2020
Antimuscarinic effects

Antidepressants and Side Effects – The Most Comprehensive Guide

You may already know that using antidepressants may pose a risk for side effects, which vary from one drug to another. As with all drugs, some
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