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We repair the damaged areas of the brain

caused by PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Healing is the principal mission of The Holistic Sanctuary – the unification of the mind, body and spirit – where we repair the damaged areas of the brain caused by PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol. We are the only destination which is a true Holistic Healing and Addiction Cure Center: We apply multiple remedies – all of them safe, natural, effective and exclusive – to achieve consistent results: A permanent end to depression, PTSD, trauma, and addictions by the restoration of the brain to its pre-addicted state. No other center with their own addiction to outdated ideas, toxic therapies and scientifically false beliefs, enables patients to liberate themselves of mental unbalance, dependency and spiritual voids.
In contrast, we know that if we help heal and rejuvenate the brain – if we completely reverse the effects of addiction to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications – patients have a second chance at life to be forever clean, free and sober. We further complement our approach to healing with education, teaching our guests about relapse prevention and increasing (by 100-fold) their ability to learn new ways to avoid the temptations of relapse into a toxic life of addictions.

Brain Scan (Before and After)


Johnny Tabaie
I created this method to save my own life, it’s that simple. I knew my brain was severly damaged from years of alcohol, drug and prescription drug abuse.

 For, when the brain functions properly – when you are no longer enslaved by the physical pain, cravings and emotional anguish of addiction – nothing can stop a person from achieving their goals and living a healthy life.

This commitment to healing – seeing the dramatic images of true recovery – is the result of my own quest to save my life, to rescue myself from addiction. As someone who suffered from years of alcoholism and abuse of prescription medications and drugs, I am a testament to the healing power of The Holistic Sanctuary. In fact, my renewed health and energy are the direct result of my decision to take control of my life: I chose to no longer be a prisoner of conventional rehab centers, where no one even tries to heal a patient or eliminate the factors responsible for (in my case) self-medication and intensified harm to my mind and body.Instead, these places tell people – as they told me – that addiction is an incurable disease which will never go away and requires enrollment in AA and various 12-step programs. These drug rehab centers do nothing but talk because they are unable to act, to heal a person battling addiction. All of this negativity, along with the abysmal success rate of AA (only a 3-5% record of lasting sobriety), proves that conventional rehabs are nothing more than a revolving door of relapse and personal destruction.

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PTSD, Depression and Addiction Can Be Cured Today, Naturally, Without Talk Therapy, Without Toxic Medications And Outdated / Ineffective Therapies

brian scan holistic sanctuaryBy relying on those 75-year-old techniques, which are scientifically wrong and demonstrably ineffective, this approach is a form of malpractice: Patients get sicker, their addictions worsen (and new ones emerge, due to the use of prescription medications in the form of a “chemical cocktail”) and the outcome never changes.

These facilities may use new names and slick marketing campaigns – they may also employ diversionary tactics like massage therapy or even horseback riding – to obscure the hard truth: They do not – they cannot, and they will not – heal a single patient. The idea is alien to these so-called professionals, an impossibility that is absent from their vocabulary. And in my case, amidst the sadness, anger and depression — I remember the eagerness with which doctors gave me toxic medications to numb me, never trying (because they did not, and do not, know how) to heal me.

After two years of enduring this agony – of dealing with more and more doctors and drug treatment centers – I look back on that time as the moment I took control of my health and my life. My subsequent journey in which I performed extensive research and spent a full year trying a variety of natural remedies and healing techniques, represents the first chapter in a new life and the story of the creation of a revolutionary, all-natural way to heal the brain.

Only by ignoring the lies about addiction – that it is incurable, and “runs in the family” – could I stop and think, thus recognizing the most obvious fact of all: These centers peddle a bunch of nonsense – none of it is true – for I write these words more than 5-years after having escaped the relapse-to-rehab revolving door of pain and despair completely clean, sober and permanently free of any cravings or withdrawal symptoms!

Group Meetings, Medications and 12 Step Meetings Will Not Heal a Damaged Brain, Our Proprietary Protocol “Pouyan Method” Will.

The Holistic Sanctuary is the answer for patients who have suffered the misery of conventional drug treatment centers, the same facilities that failed my mother and brother – they lost their lives to these places – and the same cold and indifferent warehouses where I too, nearly succumbed to death.

These centers fail their patients; their patients do not fail themselves – I assure you, you are not to blame – which is why you deserve to know the truth: You do not have a disease, because there is no X-ray, blood test or image (enlarged by a microscope) which will reveal a non-existent disease.

It is time to end the era of toxic treatments, stigmas (about addiction and diseased patients) and bankrupt ideas. Bottom line: You can be cured, thanks to my safe and proprietary protocol. I am living proof of that assertion.

Today, my life is amazing — and I owe everything to the cure I created; the key to my second chance at life. For other people suffering from addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary can heal you – so you may regain your life – and be the person you deserve to be: Healthy, happy, energetic and free.

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