There are millions of people each year throughout the United States that enter into a rehab center for one reason or another. Addiction treatment is helpful for many people with substance abuse disorders, but most end up selecting the wrong treatment center or relapsing for one reason or another. The studies have shown that roughly one out of every ten people who have been to an addiction treatment center will go back several times before they can embark on a healthier path to long-lasting recovery.

Whether you are looking for the best rehabs in the US for yourself or a loved one, choosing from all of the available treatment centers for addiction can start to become overwhelming. It is essential to know what to look for in a rehab center to save time, trouble, and money. Once you and your loved get the information provided by the treatment facility, you can select a rehab center to find in with your addiction.

Are the best rehabs in the US short-term or long-term?

People thinking about drug and alcohol treatment centers need to start with choosing between a short term and a long program rehab. Here are the main characteristics to help you decide:

Short-term recovery programs

Most of the short-term programs at a reliable treatment center will last 28 to 30 days. The best part for many patients with drug and alcohol addiction is that they get to stay away from abusing drugs for a month.

Even if health insurance policies can cover the short-term substance abuse programs, they don’t necessarily work for everyone.

People with a low level of addiction may benefit from the short-term rehab programs as they’re the best choice for taking a step back from the addiction. The majority of patients checking in a treatment center won’t recover from drug abuse after just one month. For the many, it’s a matter of days until they relapse again right after completing a short-term rehab alcohol program.

Despite the downsides, the short-rehab programs come with significant advantages:

  • Patients benefit from medical advice and supervision.
  • Patients are capable of becoming drug-free in a short amount of time.
  • They don’t spend a lot of time away from home and job.
  • The short-term treatment providers may recommend a long term program, if necessary.

The inability to address and heal emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems that may have contributed to the addiction is one reason why short-term rehab programs have a high rate of relapse.

Long-term rehab

With short-term rehab programs unable to give long-lasting results, a long-term addiction treatment program stands out to be more reliable. The US National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that most people with addiction need to go to a treatment facility for at least 90 days to get results. The recovery success rate for short-term plans is 16-20%, whereas for long-term drug rehab programs is around 70%.

Many of the best rehab programs in the United States are long-term programs, and the variety of these programs is good for the patients. There are 12-step based programs with a diagnosis of co-occurring mental issues, but also comprehensive addiction treatment programs that ensure complete recovery. The Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment facility where patients enroll in programs of various lengths, according to their level of addiction and particularities.

There are multiple benefits of a long-term treatment program, so here are the main to highlight:

Patients also concentrate on the causes.

When you enroll in a 28-day addiction treatment program, the first week is for detox and getting adjusted to the schedule in a rehab center. One week later, the patients begin working on problems before developing a plan for when coming out of the treatment center.

It doesn’t take to be a professional to know that identifying the causes of the addiction and solving the deep emotional issues cannot happen in 28days. Patients in a treatment center such as the Holistic Sanctuary are helped and guided by professionals to determine the leading causes of their addiction. And once the reasons are revealed, the patients learn how to overcome the issues and cope healthier with life’s difficulties. Psychiatrists, life coaches, yogi, nutritionists, or shamans work together at the Holistic Sanctuary to help the patient see and gain recovery on emotional, mental, and physical levels.

The program gives a real chance for breaking the habit.

Unlike what you may have heard, it takes longer than 21 days to break the habit. It’s more like 66 days to break a habit. We need time to break a habit, but we also need some time to create a new pattern. When we’re talking about abusing drugs or alcohol, the practice of using and abusing drugs or alcohol has to be broken. Sadly, there is no substitute for professional help.

Unlike many long-term rehab programs, the programs at our treatment facility aim to get the addicted person’s brain to the pre-addiction state. The process takes time, and only natural methods and remedies are being used for alcohol treatment. Only after the body is cleansed from toxins and drug residues, the patient gets the nutrients he/she needs and benefits from the natural therapies to get the brain to the pre-addicted state.

The long-term programs give time to concentrate on yourself.

Patients enrolling in best-long term treatment centers will take distance from any triggers. They now have time to concentrate on themselves and focus more efficiently on the triggers and how to manage those triggers. It’s one reason why only natural substances are used at the Holistic Sanctuary, even in the case of co-occurring mental conditions.

The various methods used.

It’s common for people with addiction to also deal with mental conditions. At our rehab center, the chemical substances, toxins, and drug residue from medications are removed from the body throughout the detox process so that the body is cleansed and prepared for the natural remedies. The team of professionals supervises the patients, who will benefit from a wide range of therapies. Yoga, meditation, daily massage, HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, telomere repair, or sacred plant medicine are only some of the natural treatments used at our treatment center.

Organized daily schedule

Even if programs will be customized to one’s level of addiction, personality, and specifics, every patient’s schedule is very efficiently organized at our rehab center. Building new routing will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and help patients focus on alcohol treatment. Plans give patients rhythm to life, which was probably missing when abusing drugs or alcohol.

Patients learn how to balance their lives at our rehab center and how to live a drug and alcohol-free life after completing the program.

How do the best centers in the United States stand out?

There are many things that best rehab centers put on the table, from excellent amenities and location to different and innovative therapies utilized for recovery. Let’s focus on some of these factors:

Drug Substitutes 

Some drug treatment programs will offer a range of other drugs to substitute whatever substance the participant is trying to kick out. Some of these include suboxone, buprenorphine or methadone for people trying to get off heroin or prescription painkillers, and more. Often referred to as harm reduction programs, this therapy has the goal of facilitating sobriety while also reducing the overall harm resulting from the abuse of illicit drugs.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, though, only natural substances are used to replace the effects of drugs. At our treatment center, the detox phase aims to eliminate all drugs and chemical residues for the body, using natural remedies such as sacred plant medicine. The natural treatment program alleviates the withdrawal symptoms, but they also ensure longer-lasting results.

Nutritional Components

Some of the best rehab centers in our country will make sure that there is an excellent nutritional program for the participants. It is not uncommon for an addict to have gone through ups and downs with their nutrition. Proper dietary support is imperative for overall health and ensures that the body can achieve complete recovery and stay healthy throughout the steps of recovery. Studies have shown that ample vitamins and minerals during this time facilitate a smoother transition into sober living. It’s the main reason for which patients at the Holistic Sanctuary receive organic, non-GMO, and raw food diet. Patients don’t just turn to a healthier diet, but they also learn how to have a healthy diet when completing the recovery.

Sober Living Support 

It is crucial for participants going to rehab centers to have the skills and tools necessary to remain unbeaten on their sober living journey. Once they integrate back into their routine, they should have the coping skills and support system required to help stay strong when faced with peer pressure and other triggers.

The best rehab centers in the country will ensure that all of their participants have the tools necessary to cope; moving forward after treatment is complete.

The Holistic Sanctuary takes great pride in being one of the best rehabs in the US, and we strive to bring our clients nothing but the most excellent care, accommodations, and amenities.

If you are looking for more information on what you need to do to have your friend, your loved one, or yourself signed up for treatment, all you have to do is call us at (310) 601-7805.

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