Ten years ago, 181,386 Californians sought professional help for drug and alcohol dependency. On a national level, only 8% of the Americans use illegal drugs, whereas almost 9% of the Californians cannot stay away from the illicit substances.

There’s an endless number of people using and abusing illegal substances, so it makes perfect sense to raise the number of rehabilitation centers. Since 2002, the number of Californians going to addiction treatment has been continually increasing from 154,000 to 183,000 in 2005. There’s a constant need for them to reach for help, but how do they know to choose the best rehab center in California?

How does the best rehab center in California stand out?

Even if regular people abuse illegal substances, plenty of celebrities, executives, and people of high social status are abusing too. We’re talking about the Californians that have the financial resources to procure illicit drugs and alcohol at any given moment. Unlike the regular people, though, they’re not using the $3 wine, but the expensive one.

For these people and those who were failed by the community rehab centers, better options had to be created. Numerous options are providing professional help for drug and alcohol dependency in California, but only some of them would ensure complete recovery for your loved one.

Here’s how to picture a reliable treatment center in the Californian state:


Nine times out of ten, you’re not going to find the best rehabs just around the corner. Nature’s healing abilities are among the reasons these top rehabs are located in unusual locations. We’re talking about secluded areas with breathtaking views of the deep ocean or the mountains.


Patients looking for top rehab don’t have time to wait for treatment. And the best centers always have a room for an executive or a movie star ready to achieve recovery.

Top amenities & everything else

Excellent Californian rehabilitation facilities also provide exquisite amenities, accommodation, and services. People live a pampering life at home, so it has to be the same when following a treatment program. From the best organic linings to the gourmet meals, everything provided to clients has to be the high-dollar kind.

Intensive and customized treatment

The best Californian rehabs have teams with many professionals so that every patient is supervised and cared for 24/7. Additionally, these team members think and develop personalized addiction treatment for every patient. Every client is different, so therapeutic plans have to be the same for giving results. Which is something you will not meet at the community rehab treatment center downtown.

What are the most commonly abused drugs in California?

Interestingly enough, Californians abuse less alcohol than people from other states. On the other hand, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, amphetamines are quite common.

Another aspect setting the Californian state apart from the other countries is the use and abuse of prescribed drugs. With 55% of males looking for addiction treatment for opiates (heroin not included), it’s evident that Californian’s main problem is the prescribed opiates.

What are the most reputed addiction treatment facilities in California?

Rehab centers in California have to offer a lot more than simple plans and conventional therapies. Many aspects count for the efficiency of a treatment center in California, and our suggestions meet those criteria:

#7.      Valley Recovery Center, Sacramento, California

The Valley Recovery Center in Sacramento is a treatment facility helping people with substance abuse disorder. The addiction treatment includes inpatient and intensive outpatient options, with partial hospitalization and alumni program for continued support after patients complete their treatment program.

There are family, group, and individual therapy and yoga, acupuncture, and therapeutic outings. Patients learn how to prevent relapse and what addiction is all about. The team members grow excellent and meaningful relationships with the patients, and 12-step support gives results for many patients. The addiction treatment for your loved one is reliable, and the recovery lasts for a long time.

Some patients didn’t trust all staff members and even found some of the methods surprising, but the results are there.

Valley Recovery Center has a 3,4/5 stars rating on google, and 3/5 stars rating on rehabs.com.

#6.      Broadway Treatment Center, Huntington Beach, California

People close to Los Angeles will find Broadway Treatment Center in Huntington Beach as a dependable treatment center for substance abuse disorders. The facility in California offers a great diversity of therapies for people with alcoholism or narcotic dependency. People needing to take detox will be continuously monitored by professionals in a safe and secure environment.

After completing the detox phase, patients will begin inpatient addiction treatment. Every therapy program aims to help them eliminate drug misuse for lifetime recovery. This rehab facility in California offers 30, 60, and 90-days inpatient programs, depending on one’s drug or alcohol dependency.

Individual and group counseling sessions, organized activities, and holistic therapies are used in a treatment program adjusted to every patient’s needs. The treatment program focuses on healing one’s body, mind, and soul.

Couples interested in healing from drug addiction together may also try couple therapy.

The way the facility used the insurance money is some cases may raise a question or two. additionally, few patients questioned the medical training of some of the staff members monitoring the detox process. Few clients also felt that the drugs and alcohol tests were pricier than expected.

The facility has a 4,8/5 stars rating on google and 4,4/5 on rehabs.com.

#5.      Hope By The Sea, San Juan Capistrano, California

Close to San Diego and Los Angeles, Hope by the Sea is a great addiction treatment institution to try for your loved one. Treatment for alcohol or narcotics abuse patients includes numerous and various therapies.

There are treatment programs specially created for men, women, and young adults. Family and Christian treatment options are also provided to patients with various addictions.

Non-12 step treatment programs and outpatient addiction treatment are added to the list at this treatment center in California, and people with mental health conditions will benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. The chance for complete recovery is essential thanks to the comprehensive approach of drug and alcohol addiction.

Let’s not forget to mention that the detox is medically monitored, and patients shouldn’t worry about their safety throughout the first step of treatment. Removing alcohol and drug residue will be made under strict supervision.

After completing the detox, clients will enter treatment with 12-step meetings and various activities.

Clients will occasionally notice some doubtful billing practices and sales, as some staff wasn’t open to detail the billing statement. Some patients also felt that a bit of pressure to enroll in treatment programs longer than 30-days.

Hope by the Sea has a 3.6/5 on rehabs.com and 3,9/5 on google.

#4.      Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California

Clients fighting with drug and alcohol dependency will find the Bayside Marin facility a reliable option for addiction treatment. Your loved one will choose between residential treatment and outpatient treatment plans, whereas detox is medically supervised.

There aren’t many treatment centers in California ensuring 24-hour supervision throughout the detoxification phase, but patients with drug and alcohol dependency benefit from it at Bayside Marin. When residential treatment cannot be followed, patients can enroll in a 7-day detox treatment program instead. Later, they will continue therapy with intensive outpatient treatment, focusing on lifetime recovery.

Individual, cognitive-behavioral, and group therapy are common for rehab centers, and Bayside Marin doesn’t make an exception. At this treatment facility, patients with substance abuse disorders will also benefit from nutritional counseling, art and music therapy, and family therapy. Acupuncture, therapy massages, and meditation will complete one’s treatment.

Some customers that they didn’t get all of their pills as scheduled all the time. the amenities could use some improvement, according to few clients. Some noticed that the pictures may present the center in a better light.   

Bayside Marin has a 4,1/5 stars rating on google and 4,5/5 on rehabs.com.

#3.      Summit Estate Recovery Center, Saratoga, California

Patients looking for luxury treatment facilities should look at Summit Estate Recovery Center in Saratoga, California.

Patients will enjoy the comfortable accommodation for the residential treatment, the medically monitored detox, and the flexible outpatient treatment programs. There aren’t many holistic rehab centers that don’t disappoint, and the Summit Estate Center is one to name. Many professionals render that a holistic approach to addiction increases the chance for lifetime recovery. Therefore, the treatment aims to heal one’s mind, body, and soul.

Family, the group and individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy are utilized continuously for treatment. The professionals at this treatment facility also address co-occurring psychological conditions, ensuring a full recovery.

Unlike other rehab centers, there aren’t many things to complain about at Summit Estate. The coffee may be better, and the number of activities could be lower, but it all depends on one’s liking at the end of the day.

The facility has a 4.5/5 stars rating on yelp, and 5/5 stars rating on rehabs.com

#2.      Ocean Hills Recovery, Dana Point, California

Ocean Hills Recovery is one of those rehab centers in California that makes no shortcuts to addiction treatment. The treatment center helps people fighting drugs or alcohol addiction.

There are 30, 60, or 90-days treatment programs provided to the patients. For beginning the treatment, every patient has to take the medically monitored detox treatment. Once detox is over, the patients will enroll in a residential therapy plan, relied on 12-step programs. The aim is for them to identify the triggers of the addiction. Throughout the treatment, patients will learn how to concentrate on their recovery and ignore the environmental factors and outside stressors. There’s a 73% success rate reported for this treatment center, and the multi-faceted approach to addiction is one of the reasons for it.

Even if the treatment has impressive results, some patients may not take the strict rules lightly within the program. A more compassionate and empathic approach is expected from some of the staff members, as some patients may require more love and understanding than others. Regardless, the Ocean Hills still stands as one of the most trustworthy rehab centers close to Los Angeles.

Ocean Hills Recovery has a 4,2/5 stars rating on rehabs.com, and 4,6/5 stars rating on google.

#1.      The Holistic Sanctuary

Professionals in the addiction sector have been highlighting for some time now the need for customizing treatment for addiction. The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary analyze every patient, checking the medical history, level of addiction, and interests before developing a personalized treatment plan. Still, they also have a full take on treatment.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, alternative medicine practitioners, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and yogi develop treatment aiming to heal one’s body, mind, and soul. The amenities, accommodation, and services are exquisite. The staff-to-patient ratio is low, so every patient is 24/7 monitored by a high number of staff members.

Detox is a lot more comfortable to take by patients, as it’s only made with natural substances and methods. The withdrawal symptoms are easier on patients, and the detox process is gentle on all patients. Either way, patients are medically monitored by staff at all times.

Private rooms with private bathrooms, access to Gym and spa, daily massages, acupuncture, and Reiki are also completing the picture of one’s treatment. There are only one-on-one sessions, as the Holistic Sanctuary professionals believe that every patient should concentrate on his/her addiction for lifetime recovery.

The innovative approach and proprietary methods are incredible too. People less open to innovative therapies may sit on the fence, but the testimonials of former patients are convincing.

The Holistic Sanctuary gets a 5/5 stars on Yelp and 5/5 stars rating on Google.

Let your journey begin today!

It’s difficult to say which is the best rehab center in California. However, it’s very safe to say that the Holistic Sanctuary is very close to being one, ticking most boxes in terms of treatment for addiction. The comprehensive approach to addiction, innovative protocols, and customized treatment plans are the most significant aspects. Add the exquisite amenities, accommodation, beautiful location, and dedicated personnel, and you understand why you should give us a call today.

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