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Seeking the Best Drug Rehabs California– If you are in pursuit of a Top Rehabs in California with lasting addiction results and recovery, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of top drug rehabs available. But it’s important to note that a large quantity of options doesn’t automatically mean that all the choices are high quality. In fact, one study revealed that a large 95% percent of those who undergo conventional addiction treatment eventually relapse. This means there is a grave need for effective treatment options that reject predictable methods. Fortunately, at least one Top drug treatment center is breaking the mold: The Holistic Sanctuary.
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 Why do people look for the best Drug Rehab Centers in California?

In 2018, studies revealed that 6% of Californians could be described as addicted to alcohol, whereas 3% of them as addicted to illegal narcotics. Even if 8% of Californians met the criteria for alcohol addiction, only 10% of them got treatment for it.

One good thing is that Californians don’t become addicted to opioids as much as people in other states do. The fact that the population has access to the best and top rehabs in California may be one of the reasons for it. Additionally, there’s an effective support system and high-quality healthcare going on in California.

Just because the numbers aren’t that bad or because the healthcare system is sound, doesn’t mean that people in California don’t fight drug addiction.

Since California is the home of the celebs and people with high social status, it’s understandable why top rehabs in California had to step up their game.


What are some of the Best California Rehab Centers?

There are many rehabilitation centers in California, but only some of them stand out with the addiction treatment program provided to your loved one. Here are our recommendations:


#7.      Hope By The Sea, San Juan Capistrano, California

Found between San Diego and Los Angeles, this top treatment center in California ensures treatment for drug and alcohol addiction for people from California.

The patients benefit from residential treatment, dual-diagnosis, and detoxification that is supervised by medical professionals. There are treatment programs designed especially for women, men, and young adults, but also Christian and family programs.

For those interested, the top rehab center offers non-12 step programs and outpatient treatment as well. Some clients noticed some inconsistency of the therapies and programs. at times, the billing practices raised some eyebrows on part of the customers.

Regardless of the minor comments, Hope By the Sea, San Juan Capistrano California gets 3.6/5 stars rating on and 3.9/5 on google.


#6.      Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California

Bayside Marin is a rehab center that gives professional help to patients struggling with substance abuse disorders. Both residential and outpatient treatment programs are running, and the detox is medically monitored.

It’s one of the rehabs in California where24-hour healthcare provided to patients throughout the residential detox. Patients unable to follow the residential treatment may pick the 7-day detox treatment program instead. Afterward, they can address the alcohol and narcotic addiction through an intensive outpatient treatment plan, aiming for complete recovery.

Group, individual, cognitive behavioral therapy, but also art and music therapy, family therapy, and nutritional counseling are offered to the patients. Your loved one will also enjoy meditation and acupuncture and therapeutic massages.

Even if many of the things happening at this rehab treatment facility are great, some clients revealed minor missteps on part of some staff members. The 24-hour assistance wasn’t always provided for all patients, whereas some didn’t get their pills as scheduled. The pictures on the amenities may not be always true, some clients say.

Bayside Marin, San Rafael, gets 4.1/5 stars rating on google and an amazing 4.5/5 on


#5.      Hotel California By The Sea, Newport Beach, California

For the clients interested in luxury treatment centers, Hotel California by the Sea, Newport Beach is one reliable choice. The treatment center ensures drug and alcohol treatment program for men and women, who may sign up for inpatient or outpatient treatment for recovery.

The accommodation is top-quality, and the treatment follows the conventional 12-step programs. Experienced professionals have a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, focusing on body, mind, and spirit at the same time.

Patients decide their rhythm of healing, moving forward with the steps only when ready. According to some patients, they were expecting more compassion and interaction from the staff. the amenities, mental health services, and addiction treatment are great, but some clients were looking for more attention from the staff.

There is 4.1/5 stars rating for Hotel California by the Sea on google, and 3.9/5 stars rating on


#4.      The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California

Many professionals promote customized addiction treatment for patients with drug and alcohol dependency, for increasing the chance for recovery. The Hills Treatment Center from Los Angeles is providing customized therapy to people fighting narcotic addiction.

Customized treatment will include detox, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment. There are treatment programs designed for men and women, and patients can complete their recovery throughout the aftercare treatment.

Pet therapy, family therapy, and residential addiction treatment are also ensured at this treatment center. Medication support, gourmet meals, wellness, and healthcare programs are familiar to rehabs in California, and this treatment center doesn’t make an exception.

Even if there is 24-hour care for your loved one, some clients weren’t impressed by the personnel. Not all clients are into the 12-step programs and the prayers, and they were expecting a bit more understanding on this from the staff members.

this one gets an impressive 4.7/5 stars rating on google and 4.5/5 stars rating on


#3.      Pathways Recovery, Roseville, California

Pathways Recovery, Roseville is one of a facility providing inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment for you or your loved one. The treatment center takes a holistic approach to addiction, focusing on healing the body, mind, and soul of patients. Comprehensive treatment increases one’s chance for lifetime recovery.

Patients who already completed the detox process are welcomed to continue the addiction treatment for the narcotics dependency at this center. The team also provides dual-diagnosis.

For people unable to take a break from their daily responsibilities, the outpatient programs are effective and flexible.

At times, some patients felt that the addiction treatment is a bit expensive for their wallets. According to some clients, some of the services were a bit different from what was advertised.

the facility has a 2,5/5 stars rating on, and a 4.5/5 on google.


#2.      Broadway Treatment Center, Huntington Beach, California

Some rehabs in California provide the best variety of therapies for addressing drug and alcohol addiction, and Broadway Treatment Center is one of them. People requiring detox shouldn’t worry as the treatment center has personnel monitoring the patients for safe recovery.

Once detox is over, the patient continues the inpatient residential treatment program, aiming to learn how to live a life without drugs and alcohol. There are 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment plans to choose from, according to one’s specific needs.

Every patient benefits from the customized addiction treatment programs, with individual and group counseling, organized activities for fighting substance abuse. Numerous holistic therapies are also included in the addiction treatment for increasing one chance for complete recovery.

Some patients weren’t always satisfied of how the center collaborated with the insurance company. also, a low number of patients questioned the medical and professional training of some of staff members. Even if sleeping in bunk beds is great for company, it may not be very comfortable for everyone.

Broadway Treatment Center has a 4,8/5 stars rating on google and 4,4/5 on


#1.      The Holistic Sanctuary

People looking for top rehabs in California will find The Holistic Sanctuary as one of the best places to overcome PTSD, depression, trauma, dependency to medications, drug and alcohol addiction. Should you be looking for Top Luxury Rehabs in California that impress with amenities and therapies, this one may be the winner for many.

The fantastic oceanfront location in a secluded area, with full supervision and monitored access and private rooms with bathrooms, are the best conditions for clients looking for safety and privacy. This Luxury Rehab is customized, and professionals healing protocol for patients before. A holistic approach ensures long-lasting recovery, while patients benefit from alternative medical therapies, proprietary methods, and sacred plant medicine. The detox is very powerful and perfected not cookie cutter or a guessing same, and the withdrawal symptoms are non existent or a lot less severe than in any other center. The constant care and customized treatment are fundamental for recovery.

On top of everything else, the staff-to-patient is low, so every client is watched over throughout the recovery. Patients learn how to meditate, do yoga, or eat healthy and non-GMO food when coming back to a life without alcohol.

Even if some may be skeptical about the innovative addiction treatment, the Holistic Sanctuary will not disappoint patients ready to heal their body, mind, and soul.

The facility has 5/5 stars rating on Google and


Is addiction a common issue in the state of California?

Even if California doesn’t have the worst numbers in terms of alcohol addiction, it raises some concerns when it comes to opioid abuse. Sadly, the opioid-related deaths have risen from 500 in 2000 to almost 2,200 in 2019. Heroin and synthetic opiates have been used a lot more frequently over the last years, but it’s the prescribed opiates posing the higher risk. It seems that overdose deaths have doubled in just one year, so people seek treatment at the best rehab in California.

Several aspects are leading to these drug deaths in California. As the regulations have been quite relaxed, the number of people using and abusing prescribed opioids has continuously increased. Add the corporate bribes and fraud into the equation, and we can all begin to understand why opiates abuse is such a big problem in California.

Many illegalities are happening; for instance, more than 21 million prescriptions have been released to a town with less than 3,000 residents. Moreover, the illicit spreading of drugs caused new and more dangerous drugs to appear on the market. For example, fentanyl is 20-100 times more potent than morphine.

Even if fentanyl was created to help people who became tolerant to potent opioids, it has also become a popular recreational drug for many. The risk for overdose and death is very high too.

For many, a new question has arisen: is it wise to fight an opioid substance with a stronger one?


Don’t postpone your recovery!

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the best drug Top rehab centers in California that doesn’t take any shortcuts to your healing. Great amenities, accommodation, services, and intensive care are the factors contributing to your complete healing. The treatment is 100% natural and holistic, completely personalized, and our team is dedicated to your recovery. Give us a call to find out how you can get started on your journey to healing.

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