Many individuals drink alcohol moderately without dire consequences, but for others, one drink is enough to lead down to a destructive path. A drinking problem isn’t defined by how much or how often one drinks; it actually depends on the impact drinking has on a person’s life. A person struggling with financial, emotional, or work problems may turn to alcohol, ending up with alcohol addiction.

It can be hard to gauge a drinking problem, but at The Holistic Sanctuary, we can help. As one of the best alcohol rehab centers in California, we have the experience, skills, and tools required to assess a drinking problem. And if diagnosed, we’ll use our highly effective treatment protocols to reverse the effects of alcohol addiction.

How do best alcohol rehab centers in California stand out from the rest?

Nine times out of ten, you will not find one of the best alcohol rehab centers in your neighborhood. More often than not, top alcohol rehab facilities are placed in the most amazing locations, away from the intruders’ public eye. Many factors turn a regular alcohol rehab center in a valuable one, so scroll down for the details:

Location, amenities, and services

Alcohol rehab facilities are found in most amazing locations, as nature is a great sustainer for one’s healing. Our Holistic Sanctuary makes no exception, as patients get to enjoy breathtaking views of the beaches or luxurious vegetation.

The entrance is guarded, and the amenities offered to the patient are only the very best. Organic linen, access to Spa, gym, or daily massages are part of the alcohol rehab program at the Holistic Sanctuary. Patients are supervised by professionals 24/7, and everyone feels pampered and more relaxed, so they can focus on healing.

An impressive team of professionals

At top alcohol rehab centers, patients are guided by a team of professionals from all sorts of areas of expertise. For instance, patients at the Holistic Sanctuary will benefit from the care and supervision of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and comprehensive medicine practitioners. Nutritionists, life coaches, and experienced shamans are dedicated to every patient’s healing.

Variety of methods and personalized treatment

Every patient is different, and so is his/her alcohol addiction. It’s common for the most exquisite alcohol rehab facilities to include only the most innovative and exciting methods for one’s curing.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, protocols include yoga, meditation, or daily massages, as well as cell stem therapy, telomere repair, HBOT therapy, or sacred plant medicine.

One of the reasons for which conventional alcohol rehab programs don’t work and have a high rate of relapse is the inability to customize the plans to patients. The situation isn’t common to the best alcohol rehab programs, and nor for the Holistic Sanctuary. Here, the team of professionals from various areas of health care analyze the patient and create programs specific to one’s level of addiction, specifics, and personality.

Why is alcohol abuse damaging to our bodies?

People abusing alcohol will slowly lose interest in their passions and everyday life, with career and personal life being damaged after some time.

How does alcohol impact the brain?

Alcohol can have long and short-term effects on your brain. Once it gets in the brain, alcohol alters the connection pathways that impacts the behavior, mood, among various cognitive functions. Liver disease, as a result of alcoholism, alcohol-induced seizures, and alcohol-induced deficiencies, can cause brain damage.

Brain problems resulting from alcohol use disorder can be rectified with proper treatment. Also, abstaining from alcohol for a couple of months or even years can partially repair a number of the effects of alcohol-induced brain issues such as memory skills.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, one of the main principles is to restore the brain and take it to the pre-addictive state. The elimination of alcohol residues and toxic chemicals is essential and the detox is made only with the help of natural methods. Once the cleansing is completed, the plans will aim to renew the neuronal pathways and reconstruct the brain. The process takes time, but only when the brain is restored, we can talk about healing.

Effects of Alcohol on Behavior

Memory problems, confusion, slurred speech, and motor impairment are short-term consequences of imbibing. It makes a person more prone to violent behavior, accidents, and injuries. Heavy consumption of alcohol may lead to risky behavior such as having unprotected sex, which can result in STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary honestly believe that taking the patient outside the familiar and damaging environment, away from the triggers, will give results. Moreover, the substances used for detox and treatment are natural. The professionals will also address the co-occurring mental issues within alcohol addiction, using comprehensive and alternative methods. 

What are our Treatment Methods for Alcohol Addiction?

We use a combination of treatment protocols to ensure a successful recovery and lasting sobriety for our guests. Through the Pouyan method, we can effectively reverse damage to the body as a result of alcohol abuse. The treatment alters negative thinking, allowing a person with alcohol use disorder to get back on track psychologically.

What is the Pouyan Method?

The Pouyan Method is a protocol developed and used exclusively at the Holistic Sanctuary. The protocol will not cause any violent withdrawal symptoms and doesn’t rely on any medication or prescribed substances. 

Our comprehensive approach is intensely focused on the needs of the entire individual as opposed to trying to assist them in getting rid of a sub-set of particular symptoms. This approach emphasizes why each client needs to understand how the interactions between their body, spirit, and mind, impact their everyday life. The insights gained at The Holistic Sanctuary will instill healthy habits, which will ultimately lead to wholeness and wellness, and restore their sense of empowerment and possibility.

What to expect during the withdrawal process?

It’s never a good thing to give up on addiction cold-turkey. It’s always necessary to do it under professional medical supervision, as you may need it while experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.

Medical supervision throughout alcohol withdrawal is fundamental, which is why the team at the Holistic Sanctuary also includes doctors and nurses. However, the methods and substances used at our facility are only natural, so the withdrawal symptoms are less severe.

Keep in mind that detox is just the first stage of your treatment, and it only prepares the body for ultimate healing.

Common withdrawal symptoms

Patients enrolling in conventional alcohol rehab centers may experience:

  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Tremors

The level of addiction will affect the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, with delirium and seizures as the most severe symptoms to name.

However, patients enrolling at the Holistic Sanctuary may never experience any of the symptoms above. Since the methods and substances used for the detox are natural, the body will manage the withdrawal symptoms a lot better.

Patients following the alcohol rehab programs at The Holistic Sanctuary will undergo blood work, a lab for liver, kidney, regularly so that their bodies receive the proper nutrients. NAD IV drips are included in the protocol, helping the patients throughout the detox phase.

Let’s not forget that the patients are offered only natural, organic, and non-GMO food, which gives them the nutrients they need for healing. Detox aims to eliminate the alcohol residues and chemicals naturally while providing the patients with the substances it needs for recovery. No chemicals or toxins are used for rehab at the Holistic Sanctuary, and the risk for developing a dependency on the natural elements is null.

Is it possible to find fulfillment without alcohol?

Our treatment facility delivers different individualized therapies and treatment to guests for alcohol addiction. Professionals focus on finding out the reasons for one’s alcohol addiction. Once the causes are identified, patients are guided for healing and taught about new and healthy ways to overcome life’s challenges. It’s not only about eliminating the addiction, but also about helping the patients live a happy and addiction-free life.

One phase of the process is to help patients discover fulfillment from various activities than drinking. In treatment, guests find purpose and joy without having to take alcohol. For instance, through activities such as yoga and exercising, it’s possible to find happiness and fulfillment. Yoga helps patients relax and control anxiety in their life after leaving the center. HBOT therapy, ozone therapy, or daily massages sustain the patient’s effort to get in control of his behavior, but it’s yoga helping once they complete our program.

How to obtain Successful Recovery from Alcohol Addiction?

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer comprehensive recovery solutions for alcohol addiction. As one of the best alcohol rehab centers worldwide, our programs are specially designed to give our guests the tools they require for long-lasting recovery. To find help for you or your loved one, call us today at (310)-601-7805.

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