One of the largest states by area and presenting the highest population out of all states, the Californian state stands out on many levels. The 2014 count revealed that almost 39 million residents were living in the sunny state. It’s a highly diverse population, with people of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and social and economic status.

Sadly, when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, Californians are all the same. After all, addiction knows no gender, race, sex, or social status. Californians have many solutions for dependency treatment, so finding the best alcohol rehab in California becomes a challenge for many.

Why is there a need for the best alcohol rehab in California?

Alcoholic drink is the most common substance altering the mind and poses a high risk of addiction. It seems that one out of every 12 adults has alcoholism. More than 50% of the Californians older than 21 have been drinking. Even if consuming alcoholic drinks doesn’t necessarily mean that one deals with alcoholism, people start abusing alcohol for various reasons. However, it’s the binge or heavy drinking habits that increase the risk of developing alcoholism.

It has been said repeatedly that addiction knows no race, gender, age, or social status. Alcoholic drinks are easy to buy and affordable so that many people can buy them. However, alcoholic beverages are the primary liaison and party starter at fashion shows, movie presentations, and financial meetings. Even if the celebs, executives, or people of high social status drink the expensive wine, it’s still alcoholic drinking.

It’s not only the regular people developing alcoholism; celebrities, executives, and web-moguls struggle with alcoholism.

The right treatment center had to adjust and to put on the table a lot more than 12-steps programs.

What are the best rehabilitation facilities in California?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers are numerous, and finding the best for your alcoholism isn’t easy. Even if some aspects should be considered when selecting a rehabilitation center, our selection will be helpful.

1.      Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab

Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab is one of the best Californian rehab centers attracting with the beautiful location and therapy programs. The addiction treatment for your loved one relies on 12-step programs and chemical addiction education. At this treatment center in northern California, patients will establish a recovery program for substance abuse, learning how to stay favorable for healing.

Even if many clients were happy with the therapy programs, not everyone may have been completely satisfied. Some highlighted an inconsistency within the treatment options and the inability to achieve complete recovery. Few clients expected more comfort and compassion at the AA meetings. A bit more content may be needed at some of the daily activities, according to some.

The facility has a 4,1/5 score on and 3,8/5 star rating on google.

2.      The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles

for those who believe in individualized care for substance abuse, they should call the Hills Treatment Center. Found in Los Angeles, the rehab center offers customized treatment programs for people with drug and alcohol addiction. Detox, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs are provided to patients.

There are therapy programs designed at this rehabilitation center in California, especially for men and women, with better chances for lifetime recovery. Pet therapy and family therapy are also part of the treatment, but also gourmet meals, medication supervision, and wellness therapies.

People struggling with drug and alcohol addiction will be monitored the whole time.

Not every patient felt devotion from some of the staff members. It’s already known that 12-steps programs don’t work for everyone, so one may want to think once again before enrolling.

The Hills Treatment Center has a 4,7 rating on google and 4,5 on

3.      D’Amore Healthcare

It’s quite common for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to face the challenges of mental health issues. Found in Huntington Beach, Amore Healthcare is a treatment center in California addressing addiction and psychological conditions and increasing the chance for complete recovery.

There are gender-specific therapy plans for men and women with narcotics addiction at Amore Healthcare. Patients are dedicated to their treatment, motivating the other clients. There are outcome measurement tools used within the treatment program, and the “best practices” approach is never skipped.

Some clients noticed that patients don’t benefit from the same level of attention and care from the staff. Few patients may also question the training of some of the staff members. However, many clients were happy with the treatment and results.

There is a 3,5/5 stars rating for the facility on yelp, and a 4,8/5 stars rating on google.

4.      Beacon House

People living close to Northern California should call at the Beacon House for professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The scenery is beautiful, helping your loved one to focus on recovery. The home-like accommodation and warm atmosphere are essential benefits to consider.

There are both residential and outpatient treatment possibilities for male and female patients over the age of 18. Many therapies are provided at this center in California, and patients learn to live without drugs or alcoholism.

There is always the category of people expecting more from a program. for instance, not everyone sees the amazing benefits of horse therapy or physical activities. A number of patients may feel that the medication may be too intense.

The facility gets a 4/5 stars rating on and a 4,7/5 stars rating on google.

5.      Seasons in Malibu

Patients looking for rehab in Malibu should take a look at this rehab in California. It’s quite a popular option, providing inpatient treatment in high-end settings. It’s found close to the beach, so the fantastic scenery contributes to one’s recovery. It’s genuinely a center that you can call luxurious. The comfort and style are incredible, with exquisite amenities and a huge swimming pool.

There are no complaints when it comes to amenities at this rehab, but there are some downsides in terms of services. Patients may feel that the personnel isn’t always as friendly as they should. A lack of customization for alcoholism treatment was also to mention. More compassion and empathy are expected from the staff members.

The facility presents a 4/5 stars rating on yelp and 4,4/5 stars rating on google.

6.      Phoenix House California

Phoenix House California ensures rehabilitation treatment for people struggling with drug dependency or alcoholism. Men, women, and adolescence dealing with various addictions have been looking and achieved recovery at this rehab in California ever since the late 70s. It’s one of those rehabilitation centers in California providing addiction treatment, running narcotics prevention programs, early interventions, and support throughout recovery.

Not all patients want to take the conventional path of treatment, which is one aspect to mention. Some patients may not feel very comfortable at the group sessions. also, when engaged in manual labor, some clients would like to have better equipment.

Phoenix House gets a 4,1/5 stars rating on google, and a very good 4,3/5 stars on

7.      The Holistic Sanctuary

Patients from outside California travel to enroll in the luxury alcohol rehab at the Holistic Sanctuary. This center prides itself on the customized treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, innovative protocols, and incredible dedication by the staff.

The location is fantastic, and the area is secluded so that patients benefit from privacy throughout their entire stay. There are only individual one-on-one sessions so that clients may focus on their recovery exclusively.

Patients are monitored 24/7, and treatment includes an impressive variety of therapies. Sacred plant medicine and complementary medicine therapies are included, but patients also benefit from guidance and support from doctors, nurses, and psychologists. The luxury amenities, accommodation, services, and organic meals complete the picture.

Some clients may feel reluctant about innovative and proprietary methods, but the results speak for themselves.

The 5/5 stars rating on Google and 5/5 stars rating on Yelp are quite impressive too.

How to recognize excellent rehabs in California?

No matter if it’s a public rehab or private rehabs that you’re looking for, some services should always be provided.

The best rehabs in California should provide most, if not all, of the following services:


The majority of rehabs would ensure medical detox, but the best options would provide innovative methods. Natural detox, for instance, leads to less severe withdrawal symptoms, and it’s easier to handle by the patient.

 Emergency counseling and crises services

Many rehabs have professionals ready to help patients 24/7.

Inpatient treatment programs

Even if outpatient programs give results for a low or moderate level of addiction, it’s the inpatient treatment programs that are efficient for people with severe alcoholism.

Dual diagnosis

Many people with addiction also have co-occurring mental health conditions. Reputable rehab facilities would have professionals able to treat psychological diseases, as well.

Alternative/complementary therapies

People have been moving away from traditional rehab for some time now. Many clients look for alternative medicine centers, which include treatment for alcoholism, numerous, and various methods.

Pharmacological and behavioral therapies

Some people are devoted to traditional programs, offering medication and behavioral methods for treating the addiction.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

The Holistic Sanctuary becomes one of the best alcohol rehabs in California for many reasons. Customized care and treatment, various therapies, and dedicated personnel are some of the many positive aspects to name. Don’t forget the beautiful location and consideration of privacy or personal needs. Give us a call to find out when we’re ready to imagine your very own path for healing.

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