Are Rehab Centers Open During Covid-19?

Treatment Goes On at The Holistic Sanctuary during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak

Not many events got to change the way we live, as much as the COVID-19 outbreak. Economic and personal activity shockingly came to a halt for the very first time in generations. What COVID-19 didn’t stop though was addiction; in the absence of work or other activities, people give way to addictions now possibly even more than before.

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What is COVID-19 briefly?

The new Coronavirus causes the disease labeled as COVID-19, a respiratory condition that is incredibly infectious. In some people, the disease leads to mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. However, some patients develop severe symptoms, requiring hospitalization and intensive care. Sadly, too many patients also die from COVID-19, which makes the whole population worry about its severity.

Did COVID-19 affect addiction in any way?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected numerous aspects of addiction. Due to the strict rules on social distancing and curfews, people find it challenging to obtain drugs. Bars and restaurants are closed, even though alcohol is still easy to find in shops.

COVID-19 has made it difficult for some to go on with their addictions, but the leading cause for addiction didn’t disappear. Quite the opposite is true, the virus has put even more obstacles in patients’ ways of obtaining their substance of choice.

Because of that, plenty of people feel that COVID-19 worsens the deep emotional and mental problems that caused their addiction in the first place. Depression, stress, isolation, boredom, and loneliness are being aggravated due to COVID-19. Suddenly, there is another trigger for people with addiction, and its name is COVID-19.

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Has dependency to drugs and alcohol any impact on the spread of COVID-19?

Even if most of us don’t see it, addiction has an essential effect on the spread of COVID-19 and its development. When people abuse illegal substances and alcohol, their judgment is affected, and they end up taking risks that they wouldn’t usually take. They no longer pay attention to the social distancing regulations, thus spreading the virus.

It seems that men, especially in China and Italy, end up in the hospital a lot more often than women, even though the infection rates are the same for men and women. Scientists have worked hard to figure out the cause of this situation, and found that men smoking more than women is the leading cause.

Long-time smoking affects the lungs, so smokers are more vulnerable to COVID-19. It’s not clear if the principle is the same for smoked drugs such as meth, crack cocaine, or marijuana. There are plenty of reasons not to think otherwise.

Intravenous drug abuse, such as opioids and heroin, damages the heart and causes pulmonary infections. This category of people has a higher risk of developing the most severe reactions to COVID-19.

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    Should you put your treatment for addiction on hold during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Some patients may not feel safe talking or taking any measures for treating the addiction. However, it’s a great moment to begin your treatment, especially since loneliness and isolation can only worsen your dependency.

    People with addiction who are stuck at home should turn this situation around and make it an opportunity for self-improvement. Before the Pandemic, everyone was complaining about not having the time or the chance to spend more time at home. You have time on your hands now, that you can use however you like. Get the best out of this pandemic and work on yourself and your addiction.

    Are alcohol and drug rehab facilities open?

    Numerous rehab centers didn’t stop providing their services since drug and alcohol addiction is a fundamental service, despite the pandemic. The risk of a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning is higher than the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19, so rehab has to stay open.

    As drug and alcohol centers are health care institutions, the professionals working there are determined to help their patients despite the Pandemic. Many rehab facilities have remained ready to admit patients and ensure the best treatment for them, and The Holistic Sanctuary is one of them.

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    Do you put yourself at risk by going to drug/alcohol rehab at this time?

    Fortunately, rehab is secure. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we are taking all the precautions to maintain the rehab facility coronavirus-free.

    It’s included in our protocol that we test the resident patients and incoming patients for COVID-19; the programs have also been adjusted to comply with the social distancing regulations. We also make sure that hand sanitizer and proper supplies are at hand 24/7.

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    Safety measures during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Our admissions staff uses new screening questions throughout admission to identify the risk of infected incoming patients. Every resident patient’s vitals are checked every morning, and whenever they engage in activities.

    The vitals are kept confidential, so that no fears are spread throughout the center. The therapists, doctors, and professionals in the team are trained and well-skilled in identifying clients’ moods, behavior, and symptoms. They know what to look for and which signs and symptoms are a red flag for COVID-19. There is a precise protocol in place that they all follow.

    At the moment, the Holistic Sanctuary in Baja California is open, whereas the center in Tulum still prepares for opening soon.

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