People use and abuse illicit drugs and alcohol for some time now. Substance use and substance use disorders are common topics for many, but the health care system still lacks solutions for the problems.

The stigma of people with dependency still exists, and it’s even defined as a chronic illness. Some rehabilitation facilities choose the easy way and have a conventional take on the matter. But there’s always that addiction treatment California takes the more challenging approach, aiming for complete healing.

Should the addiction treatment California differ from other states?

Dependency is quite common in the home of movie stars and fame, with 8% meeting the criteria for dependence. Sadly, less than 10% of these Californians got any dependency therapy.

Professionals in health care have understood the risk of substance misuse disorders for the Californians and began taking a good look at the numbers. After all, they’re a great way to tell if substance abuse disorders are a problem for the Californian state or not.

What do the numbers say on dependency in the Californian state?

There are many discoveries in the last couple of years, which only help the industry professionals think of better therapy methods for their patients.

For instance, alcohol abuse is more common than any other kind of substance misuse. With 6% of the Californians meeting the criteria for alcohol dependency, we can understand why the focus at dependency treatment centers moves on alcohol dependency. Only 3% of the Californians seem to be addicted to illegal drugs.

Another aspect setting California apart from the other states is the reality that dependency is most common among young adults aged 18 to 25.  Californians begin using and abusing drugs and alcohol in adolescence, and more than 50% of them have been using alcohol by 11th grade. As for drugs, the numbers are scary, with 40% of these young people using marijuana by 11th grade.

People lose control when using illegal drugs and alcohol, but it’s alcohol the leading cause for the non-fatal emergency visits in the Californian state. Unfortunately, more and more people have been using heroin, with the numbers of emergency visits tripling because of it between 2006 and 2017.

Dependency has a different aspect for Californians, which means that therapy for substance use disorders has to be changed.

What does dependency California rehab has to offer?

With so many celebrities, executives, and web-moguls living in the sunny state, it makes sense that drugs and alcohol are straightforward. Additionally, the rehabs are quite easy to access.

However, people looking for rehabilitation facilities are used to the posh life. Regular rehabs don’t provide what they need for recovery.

Californian patients want to keep both the dependency and their therapy under the public eye, so privacy is essential. They also live an extravagant life, so the dependencies therapy facilities would have to provide luxury amenities, accommodation, and services. Healthy and organic food have to be included too.

Customized therapy, low staff-to-patient ration, and aftercare programs are on the list as well. It’s the high-class patients looking for rehab, after all.

Let’s take a closer look at the main aspects:


People looking for dependency treatment centers in California don’t want to have the detox at home. They would instead do it at the drug and alcohol rehab, under medical supervision.

They expect that well-trained personnel and doctors provide substance abuse and mental health services throughout the entire program, detox included.

With withdrawal symptoms being entirely severed on patients, it makes sense why clients avoid addiction treatment. At a treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary, detox is made exclusively with natural substances and methods. The risk for severe withdrawal symptoms is minimal, and the detox is more natural to handle by patients.

Residential treatment program

For patients with a low level of dependency or clients unable to take distance from their daily responsibilities, outpatient dependency therapy makes the right choice. However, it has been revealed for several years that it’s the residential programs that help your loved one get lifetime recovery.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, there are only residential therapy options for people trying to live a life without drugs or alcohol. Our rehab center ensures inpatient programs so that clients can focus on their dependency therapy exclusively while taking distance from triggers and temptations.

Patients can choose between programs of various lengths, but no less than four weeks. The number of therapy sessions may differ, but they must spend at least four weeks at our center for a successful recovery.

Customized addiction treatment

It has been revealed for some time now that conventional therapy facilities cannot eliminate the risk of relapse or provide healing. The inability to create a customized treatment program for every patient is one of the reasons.

It’s not the case for the Holistic Sanctuary, which ensures a personalized therapeutic plan for every patient. At our treatment center, a team of professionals from various areas of expertise will analyze every patient, check the medical history, and the level of drug dependency before creating the therapeutic plan. When the patient willingly participates in therapies, the chance for long-lasting recovery is higher.

Amazing therapies

People are no longer satisfied by 12-step programs. They want to try better and more effective methods when addressing their addiction. It’s one of the reasons for which many dependency therapy centers from Los Angeles, San Diego, and everywhere else in the Californian state provide a great variety of old and new therapies.

For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, patients are provided one-on-one counseling sessions, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and even sacred plant medicine. Psychologists and psychiatrists handle mental health conditions, whereas life coaches help patients find a better life path. 

HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, telomere repair, or stem cell therapy are some of the many therapies utilized for addiction treatment at our treatment center.

Experienced and well-trained professionals

No matter how desperate you are to seek help, you don’t want to go to a treatment facility where professionals lack the experience in addressing addiction. Only prestigious and experienced professionals work at The Holistic Sanctuary, devoting their constant care to a patient’s recovery.

Accommodation, amenities, and services

As long as you’re not going to sign up for inpatient treatment, you shouldn’t stress about the amenities or accommodation much.

For patients requiring residential therapy, the quality of amenities and accommodation can play a fundamental role in their therapeutic process. When people feel relaxed, pampered, and well taken care of, they may focus on their healing a lot better. Fantastic location, great amenities, and accommodation are offered to all patients of the Holistic Sanctuary. Private rooms with private bathrooms, access to spa and gym, great food, and non-GMO meals are provided daily.

Let’s not forget that a low staff-to-patient ratio makes a difference too. At the Holistic Sanctuary, every patient benefits from the attention and care of a high number of professionals 24/7. When there’s always someone watching you, the chance for staying on track is undoubtedly higher.

Come to us for long-lasting healing

If you feel you’re ready to live a life without drugs and alcohol, our professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary are happy to support and guide your efforts. Our addiction treatment California stands out with the breathtaking location, exquisite amenities, healthy food, and innovative therapy plans. Give us a call to see what are the first steps to take for your healing!

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