The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Reviews and Complaints

The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Reviews and Complaints

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The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Complaints are non existent, but the cure is life-affirming, and here are inspiring stories from our guests about their healing – the unification of mind, body and spirit – in a secluded paradise with Luxury Rehabs with 5-star amenities that combines our innovative treatment modalities in an environment filled with the positive energy (and beauty) of Mother Nature and the majesty of the neighboring coastline.

Indeed, The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Reviews share a common theme: In-depth narratives about people who had suffered the physical pain and emotional agony of the rehab-to-relapse carousel of destruction, leaving them with nowhere else to go – and no one else to see – except our expert healing professionals. For these guests entered our world with a sense of defeat, dejection and dismissal – as if their lives were forever ruined, caused, unfortunately by the indoctrination of  techniques of conventional drug rehab centers – and thus we were their only source of hope.

So when evaluating our successes – and our remarkable ability to repair, restore and rejuvenate areas of the brain damaged by addiction – The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews reveal our commitment to excellence and our genuine compassion for the guests we treat, we heal a person’s brain so they can heal their life.

We give that individual a second chance at life — and they seize it! Their stories are powerful and genuine, reminding us that we serve a higher purpose and achieve lasting results. That success is the ultimate review which we are blessed to enjoy.

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One of the key ways to measure the success of a healing center or a conventional drug rehab facility is not by the number of positive reviews – there are favorable testimonies for almost anything and everything no matter how bad that product or service may be. Instead, a far better indicator of a center’s credibility involves the number of complaints from patients about that organization’s treatment, attentiveness and care. When you read those complaints, you get the real truth – the unvarnished detailed recounting of events – about everything from the efficacy of the treatment a patient received (or most likely did not receive) to his or her opinion of the accommodations, food, staff and cost of the experience — you read the passionate, unmitigated and undeniable intensity of criticism someone has for a particular center.

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The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews : I complained to my doctor about back pain, he put my on pain pills, I got hooked on those opiates, that was 8 years ago. I have been to 7 rehabs in America to get me off of opiates, I was put on more drugs by them, all of rehabs put me on medications! I was a zombie and could not feel me soul.

Another Patient Review

Johnny, I can’t thank you enough! I really wish I found you sooner.
My life has been so amazing since the moment I started my healing session. The things that have held me back in my life seem to not bother me as much, they simply don’t matter, its as if it just lost its power over me. I am very positive now and do not talk about negative things. I am still doing my affirmations.

James Testimonial Review

Ok I really need to thank you for all that you have done. I am impressed with your  rehab center. You guys really know your stuff.

I knew the AA 12 step crap they spoon fed me was not for me. I knew I was never born with a disease. I went to meetings for years and still relapsed, even my sponsor relapsed and his sponsor did as well. I was so sick and tired of all the people around me loosing their sobriety and their lives, I knew if I didn’t find something drastically different I too would have the same fate.

Tiffany’s Stellar Review

Hi guys, I just had to let you know my life has changed, thanks to your program! Im clean sober and my depression is GONE! I can function and after 90 days at my new job I already got promoted! This has been an amazing year for me Thanks again for opening my eyes! I totally change my diet, no more junk food! Im eating only organic foods and I feel the difference. I can think clearly and my mood swings are gone as well.

Sammy’s Review

Hello, I just want to contact you guys and thank you, plus tell you everything is going smooth. I’m still clean sober and off of everything! I’m not even smoking anymore. No issues with wanting to take something to self medicate. The habits, and dependency is gone! After 10 years of being messed up on drugs I’m clean and sober, thanks to you!
Officially, this is my first time I’ve been clean for 4 months at one time since I can remember. My mom is amazed, but her only regret is we didn’t find you guys sooner.

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