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The Holistic Sanctuary About Us

The Holistic Sanctuary is a world class Holistic Medical Spa that uses cutting edge and advanced therapies from around the world. We use powerful modalities to cure, heal, and reverse illnesses and diseases western medical professionals have said are incurable. We are not a conventional Luxury drug rehab, more along the lines of a luxury healing center that transforms the mind, body, and soul.

We help people Heal from depression, any type of addiction, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and other mental health and physical health problems. As a  holistic healing center, we use a combination of natural therapies to help people recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Unlike mainstream doctors, rehabs, treatment centers, we avoid the use of outdated theories, ineffective therapies and addictive and toxic medications or replacement drugs. Instead, we address the root causes of these illnesses, improve physical and mental health and alleviate, reverse, and cure the illnesses.

The Truth about The Holistic Sanctuary and Holistic Healing

The truth is, you can be healed, you are not a your symptoms, you are not a diagnoses, and you are not born with an incurable disease. Also, you don’t need replacement medications or drugs that cause unpleasant side effects. You don’t need to be labeled, or forced or shamed into medical experiments,  or manipulated with guilt trips, being lied to about how effective SSRI or other prescription medications are. What you need is real healing, effective and evidence based therapy, in real time, right now. You need hope and shown there is another way, you need to be inspired and given a second chance and to be told that you will get better. Followed by effective holistic therapies that actually get you better. At The Holistic Sanctuary, our world-class holistic medical spa is located in Baja California and Tulum Mexico. You will receive total healing for addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and alcoholism through natural holistic therapies. Over a thousand people who struggled with incurable and untreatable depression, ptsd, addiction anxiety, trauma have received the most effective healing method and have gotten cured/ healed and are thriving.

Why People come to The Holistic Sanctuary

People are tired of suffering with depression PTSD, anxiety, dependency and mental health issues. People around the world are tired of going in and out of mental health treatment centers, they are tired of being prescribed more medications which cause more side effects and problems.  They are tired of the side effects from theses useless addictive toxic drugs and medications. If your doctor keeps prescribing you medications and doesn’t recommend lifestyle change, diets change, and mindfulness holistic therapies, you do not have a doctor, you have a drug dealer.

At our Sanctuary Treatment Center, clients will thrive and recover if they follow a our authentic holistic approach to healing, like nutrients, superfoods, NAD+ Iv therapy, HBOT, meditation, massage, exercise and  plant medicine.

The past 100 years doctors rightfully have been accused of over prescribing medications and making patients worse, they don’t create cures, they create customers.  Also most Luxury treatment centers use outdated and ineffective methods, just because it’s a luxury rehab doesn’t mean it’s effective

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What is Our Holistic Approach Treatments and Therapies?

At The Holistic Sanctuary we use 100% natural approaches to uproot the causes that are within, also help the brain to recover and then you recover naturally and completely. Here are the details of our therapies.

Yoga. Our clients practice daily yoga. Many studies in the West have proven it to be very effective for physical, mental and emotional health. It improves blood flow to all parts of the body and increases heart rate. It drains the lymphatic system of toxins and improves immunity. It regulates the adrenal glands, reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) and the damage that it causes in the body. It improves immunity. It increases serotonin levels, helping to lift depression. It relaxes the body, brings peace of mind, improves sleep, maintains the nervous system and increases self-esteem. It eases pain and removes the need for drugs. All in all, it eases withdrawal symptoms, if any.

Meditation. Lots of research on this ancient practice have proved that daily meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety and depression, improves self-awareness, improves memory and concentration, controls pain, improves sleep, controls food cravings and reduces addictive behavior. It works by changing the brain in various ways, helping our clients to overcome addiction and mental health problems without the need for drugs.

Massage therapy. Regular massage relaxes the body, eases muscle pain, helps to heal old injuries, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, improves sleep, boosts immunity and relieves headaches. It also improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, helping the body to get rid of toxins.

NAD+ IV drips. This is intravenous introduction of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) into the body to reverse deficiency caused by drug and alcohol addiction. By introducing it into the body, we help you to get over your addiction through detox from illicit drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and stimulants.

Ozone IV infusions. This therapy deactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. It improves circulation, stimulates oxygen metabolism, dissolves malignant tumors, and activates the immune system.

HBOT chamber sessions. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you are placed in a chamber where you breathe in pure pressurized oxygen. It helps to relieve severe anemia, remove brain abscesses, and remove bubbles of air in the blood vessels. It has been found to stimulate development of new blood vessels and cells, improve tissue oxygenation, reduce the level and effects of fibrosis and activate stem cells after damage. It produces notable benefits for people damaged by addiction, stroke, radiation and other injuries. HBOT also helps repair the brain tissue and repair the brain.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
Permanently End Your Addiction And Regain Your Life!

Stem cell therapy. If your immune system, nervous system, endocrine system has been destroyed by iatrogenic disease,or by medications, vaccinations, EMF or GMO’s /glyphosates, you will benefit from stem cell therapy. Stem cells are the “master cells” from which all other specialized cells are produced by the body. When inserted into your body, they divide to make either more stem cells or specialized cells in the body’s organs, bones, brain and blood. By replacing, repairing, restoring and regenerating cells, stem cells potentially treat many diseases and conditions. Disease like Lyme disease, Lupus, ALS, MS, Neuropathy, Rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Green coffee enemas. Coffee enemas help to remove stuck waste from the colon and improve your health. If you have been constipated for a long time, you may have loads of old waste stuck in the colon, with toxins leaking into the blood, causing diseases. We remove them and your anxiety and depression lift. It also has been shown to create mass production of glutathione which is the mother of all antioxidants.

Sacred plant therapy. The Holistic Sanctuary is the first and only licensed facility in the world that administers multiple sacred plant medicines such as ayahuasca, ibogaine, 5 MeO DMT, and Changa DMT. These psychedelics, that were banned in the 1960s, are effective for the treatment of trauma, addiction, alcoholism, PTSD, depression and anxiety. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is studying ayahuasca-assisted therapy, ibogaine-assisted therapy and other psychedelic therapies for depression and anxiety. They have confirmed that combining the herbs with psychotherapy can relieve anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Organic Juice Cleanse Diet. Our diet consists of 80% raw, organic, non-GMO and soy-free gluten free, casein free, plant based diet, including super-foods. It helps your body to heal, rejuvenate, detox and brings in much-needed nutrients to help the body to repair itself.

Other therapies. Depending on your needs, you can also benefit from is the telomere repair therapy, DNA and RNA repair therapy, energy healing, and floatation therapy.

The holistic treatment center has been offering these treatments for more than 10 years and has helped thousands of people to overcome their addictions and mental health problems. There are no relapses and our clients lead normal lives when they leave.

The packages

There is no one-size fits all approach at The Holistic Sanctuary. Doctors look at your state of health and determine the best treatment. You can qualify for either the 4-12 week Silver Package, 4-12-week Gold Package or the 12-week Platinum Package. While the price of the 4-week Silver Package is attractive, not everyone necessarily qualifies for it. Only those who are in good health are recommended to stay for 4 weeks. If you have multiple Addictions and mental health issues, the doctors may recommend that you stay longer through the

The Cure for PTSD Depression Addiction Trauma Alcoholism
at The Holistic Sanctuary

For those seeking to get healed, you need to understand after years of substance abuse, and poor nutrition, the brain’s neural pathways and neurotransmitters have suffered significant damage.

How The Pouyan Method Can Heal You

The damaged neurochemistry in the brain from either drugs / alcohol, medications, stress, ptsd or trauma, is the many reasons why individuals suffer, and requires significant healing to occur to return the person to a  healed state. When people use benzodiazepines for an extended period of time, the GABA receptor becomes significantly saturated. Upon cessation of the medication they become anxious, irritable, depressed or a combination of the above due to the lack of GABA production.  The Holistic Sanctuary powerful proprietary IV formulas, promotes neurogenesis within the hippocampus creating stimulation and reproduction of natural GABA production. Basically the IV’s will reset and repair the function of GABA and glutamate in the brain responsible for brain shocks and anxiety while coming off medication.

It has been documented that the adult brain is capable of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to repair itself through formulating new neurons. The propriety IV formulas promote neuroplasticity by giving the brain all the vital amino acids for the brain, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients it needs to thrive and continue to heal itself from years of abuse.  Through promoting neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and resetting neurotransmitters, the Pouyan Method IV drips will also create new neural pathways that are responsible for sending signals from one region of the brain to another.

Re-balancing neurochemistry in the brain and enabling individuals to think clearly and put together logical thought patterns is a huge first step moving towards true healing. Without healing the individual’s mind they will continue to maintain a mindset which is convoluted and dominated by depression, trauma, anxiety, ptsd and medications such as Suboxone, Lexapro, Ativan, Xanax and many others. Once the brain is clear of toxic medications, able to function can retain information and has cognition, then it’s a good time to teach a balanced and healthy lifestyle change.

We help heal our patients at a cellular level – that’s the bottom line.  We are an Alternative Luxury Rehab and world class- holistic medical spa healing people who are suffering with addiction, depression, trauma, PTSD. We offer something other Luxury Drug Rehabs don’t; real methods to cure and help patients heal

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How Do We Do This?

Each guest receives over 35 hours of one on one per week! That’s more than any center anywhere else.  Our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol the “Pouyan Method” has an amazing success rate at reversing and curing PTSD, Depression, Trauma and drug addictions too!

Addictions to Crack – Meth – HeroinBenzosOxycontinCocaine AlcoholSuboxoneMethadone

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we also have a Cure For PTSD. We also offer exclusive patented pending protocol that is 100% Holistic that Cures Depression, not to mention healing the damaging effects of chemical dependency to also cure PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism.

How Do We Cure PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism?

1 – Locate, then help resolve the underlying cause of most, if not all Symptoms.

2 – Safely detox all narcotic residues from the body.

3 – Help Repair the damaged brain to a pre-addicted state.

4 – Reprogram the brain and end negative thought patterns.

5- Treat Depression,  Emotional trauma and PTSD with plant medicine.

6- Repair the immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method.

7- Activate Stem Cells in the body to heal faster and more rapidly.

8 – Teach a complete holistic lifestyle change.

That’s not all, what’s even more amazing is we never prescribe medications to any of our clients, we take them off of toxic pills. Many drug rehab centers and treatment programs actually believe mental health,  drug addiction and alcoholism are incurable diseases and PTSD and Depression are never reversible. Also unlike many drug treatment centers in the world, our healing modalities and powerful protocols are designed to address, isolate and help eliminate the root cause of most if not all mental health issues like PTSD, Depression and all addictions.

Our unique proprietary  treatment protocol the “Pouyan Method” is designed to maximize healing and possibly repair irreversible brain damage caused by drugs. We are the first to offer this unique and cutting edge treatment that helps heal the impact that drugs and/or alcohol abuse has on the human brain. No other holistic drug rehab program comes close to reversing addictive behavior and heal brain deterioration to help end dependency. (Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying)

At The Holistic Sanctuary, our aim is to completely heal clients, not replace their addictions with a new medication or send them to daily or weekly 12 step meetings for the rest of their lives. We know our clients have tried other options; the outdated AA group sessions, medication therapies, and cookie cutter solutions haven’t worked for them, and for good reason: Studies show they don’t work.

Treating the root cause, naturally and effectively.
That’s what we do: Total Healing of PTSD Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism

Our PTSD and Depression Healing and Brain Repair Protocol Includes:

check green sm 9 hours of holistic healing therapy per day

check green sm Daily 1 hour massage therapy

check green sm Daily 1 hour HBOT sessions

check green sm  Daily 3-5 hours IV drips therapy

check green sm  Daily carbon sauna therapy

check green sm  Daily green coffee colonic enemas

check green sm Daily HBOT therapy

check green sm Daily 1 hour Reiki therapy sessions

check green sm Daily Dead Sea Salt therapy

check green sm Daily superfood juices, superfood shots, superfood protein shakes

check green sm 3-5 Sacred plant medicine ceremonies

We get real results, because we never do:


End Result to Heal and Cure PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism

1- Complete flush, cleanse, and detox of all toxins stored in the body, targeting the damage to the brain, then reversing the damages by using cutting edge techniques and healing methods.
2- We assist the body to heal brain cells and Neurons damaged by chemicals.
3- Resolving the underlying causes that may have contributed to dependency or addiction. (Social, Environmental and Spiritual Toxins)
4- Followed by designing a complete lifestyle change to prevent relapse.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we do not believe PTSD is incurable. We know that all depression symptoms are reversible and all Drug Addictions or Alcoholism can be Healed!  All these issues are not what we were born with, rather they are a symptom that is caused by an underlying issue that can be removed, healed and resolved. We specialize in healing PTSD,  Depression, alcoholism and addiction to all drugs and medications, legal or illegal, street drugs or doctor prescribed. We do this naturally, holistically, permanently and effectively without withdrawals. We are not a western medical practice, we healing centers and our method is down to a science.

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