The Holistic Sanctuary: Luxury Treatment Center for Substance Abuse, PTSD & Depression

The Only Licensed Holistic Treatment Center & Medical Spa that Offers
 Cutting-Edge Pouyan Method and a Lifetime Guarantee if you complete Our 90 day Platinum Package

The Holistic Sanctuary is the only licensed five-star luxury treatment center in the world that offers the Pouyan Method with Sacred Plant Medicine and the treatment protocol which includes a lifetime guarantee (This Program 12 Week Platinum Package)

The Holistic Sanctuary is an Exclusive Holistic Medical Spa that cures PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Alcoholism and more. Within 8 years, we have evolved our system and taken healing to a whole new level. We are now globally known as pioneers of the treatment and cure for most mental health, spiritual, and physical issues. We treat the whole person, by healing the mind, body and soul.

Our proprietary and exclusive Pouyan Method is unlike any other treatment modality for healing offered at this time.  The Holistic Sanctuary owns the patent and intellectual property rights to this phenomenal healing protocol. We use a powerful holistic protocol “The Pouyan Method” to heal our patients from the inside. All this is done without any prescription medications or disease model maintenance drugs. The Pouyan Method is highly regarded as the best method for treatment for PTSD, healing addiction, depression and eating disorders. This deep level of healing helps take the brain back to its pre-addicted state.

We Offer Ancient Plant Medicine Technology and Detox Protocols with 5-Star Luxury Accommodations

How do we heal and cure our clients? First thing is, we don’t do group meetings, we don’t offer talk therapy, and we do not give out toxic medication. We do not believe these ineffective and outdated disease model approaches work.  Science shows us they do not work, so we have created and innovated ancient science and advanced approach to create the first system that works. At our luxury treatment centers to take a different approach, our testimonials of the patients are the real proof. Some have been cured for 6 years and living life to the fullest. Its very simple, we believe customized plant medicine and holistic one on one therapy approach works. We believe in true holistic mind, body, soul healing, not cookie cutter unproven disease model treatments. We use only nonaddictive or nontoxic one on one therapies, only custom private sessions, that add up over 150 hours of one on one per month. This includes Daily Yoga/Reiki/Massage/HBOT/ Colonic Enemas. Each guest gets a plant based, raw food,  organic, non GMO diet to maximize nutrient absorption to maximize healing. We have the only IV formula that repairs the Gaba receptors, dopamine receptors and serotonin receptors to bring the guest back to life, reconnect them to their soul by simply decalcifying the pineal gland and activating the God/Spirit Molecule from within. We also detox the GI tract from candida, to help reset and repair serotonin receptors. The method we use is very effective /proven and a game changer. Plus our powerful stem cell activation protocol repairs our guest at a cellular level. This is done only by using the Pouyan Method, this is our trademark patented secret,  we are the only place that has this (PERIOD)! Don’t be fooled by copy cats or imitators.  The Pouyan Method includes our proprietary 5-7 hours of powerful IV drip, which contains our patented Brain Repair IV formula. By itself it targets and repair certain parts of the brain and repairs cells. It’s perfect for those seeking treatment for addiction, depression, PTSD, trauma and alcoholism. Plus, we synergistically blend ancient plant medicine into our system, and we have plant medicine down to a science. We are not a one-size-fits-all 7 day detox center or conventional treatment program, and we are not in competition with any other detox or treatment centers. Our vision is to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods to those facing addictions, trauma, PTSD, depression, and other severe physical and spiritual health issues. We have mastered the art of plant healing, like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, and we use them in our Pouyan Method for total healing.

Why Choose the Holistic Sanctuary Luxury Alcohol, Drug, PTSD & Depression Rehab?

The Safety of the patients is our number one priority. If we can’t safely heal you, we will not enroll you and waste your precious time or money. Our doors are always open to anyone searching for real healing and permanent resolve of your mind, body and spiritual issues. Join us for either our powerful Pouyan Method and a life changing experience. Let us help heal you or your loved one once and for all.


Don’t wait any longer to take your life back! Call us today to get healed and start living again!

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Sacred Plant Medicine

This is said to be the best treatment for addiction, trauma, PTSD, and depression. This all natural psychoactive alkaloid has been used by indigenous tribes for decades to help shamans heal those with chronic and mysterious illnesses. Read more…

Luxury Healing Center

Many luxury treatment centers exist, but none can seamlessly blend true holistic healing with 5-star accommodations the way The Holistic Sanctuary does. This relaxing but invigorating program, offered at a world class resort, is second to none. Read more…

Luxury Healing Center

Ancient Plant Medicine

The Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats are tailored to each patient to yield maximum results. Our protocol has stood the test of time. It is a world renowned system that is customized for each person and can heal addiction, depression, and PTSD. Read more…

The Holistic Sanctuary Holistic Healing

Perfect Place For Body Work, Reiki Healing and Massage Therapy

Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is a systematic and methodical healing system that has taken healing to a whole new level. We are the only luxury treatment center that holds the patented rights to this powerful and phenomenal holistic method. Read more…

Pouyan Method

World Class Holistic Retreat

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the only world class retreat centers that can help heal and cure PTSD, depression, trauma, and eating disorders without the use of toxic medications. We offer over 7–9 hours of one-on-one holistic therapies per day—more than any other center in the world. Read more…


The Holistic Healer

Johnny Tabaie is the founder, creator, and director of The Holistic Sanctuary. Johnny created The Holistic Sanctuary after he healed himself from 20 years of depression and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Read more…