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If you have tried Opiate drug rehab only to be disappointed with the results, there is a better way. The Holistic Sanctuary, a refreshing new choice for those seeking effective Opiate addiction treatments, offers a natural and non-invasive approach to reversing the damaging effects of substance abuse.

Like other renowned rehabilitation centers throughout the Southern California region, The Holistic Sanctuary provides comfortable five-star accommodations in an outstanding facility. What sets this residential rehab facility apart is its commitment to a holistic, alternative model of treatment based in time tested and proven Eastern medicine.
We adhere to the philosophy that any time addiction is present, it is the symptom of an underlying cause. If this cause can be identified and isolated, it can also be eradicated, freeing you from the devastating consequences of your chemical dependence.
Opiate Detox Drug Rehab: Treatment Facilities Locations
If a prior rehab experience has left you feeling even less hopeful than before you sought treatment, we understand your predicament. Many people have found this to be the case. That’s why our Opiate addiction drug rehab approaches addiction treatment differently. Rather than replacing your addiction with medication or teaching an “addiction disease” theory, our program favors natural healing modalities that include:
  • Personalized therapy
  • Ibogaine Detox
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional support
We do this to maximize your chances of permanent healing, and minimize the risk of relapse. In fact, our clients are taught relapse prevention strategies that can help them combat the dismal failure rates associated with conventional drug rehabilitation. Los Angeles clients of our founder include prominent figures and high-level executives – and now, he has expanded his client base with this world class rehabilitation center.
At our Opiate drug rehab center, we aim to reverse the impact of substance abuse – not mask it. If you or a loved one can benefit from a 100% holistic addiction treatment program, contact The Holistic Sanctuary today. We look forward to speaking with you during a free phone consultation.
Our Opiate drug rehab center can be reached at 323.606.9904 or by utilizing our contact form to receive a prompt reply.

Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab

It’s not fair that you have an Opiate Addiction and need Drug Rehab. You may have started out taking opiates because your medical doctor prescribed them to you for pain you didn’t cause, such as a work injury, car accident or a slip and fall.

All Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Centers are not alike! If the goal is not complete healing of the brain to its pre-addicted and healthy state, the methods used at the Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab will not work.

Even Medicine Admits High Failure Rates in Conventional Centers

The high failure rate of conventional Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Centers is noted in scientific medical journals. They simply don’t work.

That’s why here at The Holistic Sanctuary in Baja, Mexico, we had to think completely outside the box in order to achieve our 90% success rate. We’ve treated over 600 clients since 2012 and totally stand behind everything we do – it’s 100% Natural, Holistic, Innovative, Revolutionary and it works. Our success rate permanently reverses, detoxifies and eliminates drug addictions to Oxycontin, Alcohol, Heroin, Methadone, Cocaine and Benzos.

Your Success is Our Only Goal at The Holistic Sanctuary

We take Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab seriously. We offer exclusive Holistic treatments that include an effective brain repair protocol that will permanently end addiction and alcoholism. That’s why we’re rated the #1 Addiction Recovery Treatment in the world.


We are the only Rehab Center in the world that can say we accomplished effective brain repair without:

  • Ineffective group meetings and compulsory AA/NA meetings
  • Any toxic medications
  • Believing you are incurable, genetically-damaged, and have a disease
  • Promoting unhealthy lifestyles that keep you addicted

No More Failures When The Method is Straight From The Start

The bottom line is that when conventional Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Centers do not heal and reset your brain to a healthier pre-addicted state, you will be back for more ‘recovery’ over and over again.

They make you feel like a failure – when the reality is that their method caused the failure. You went in expecting them to be leaders in their field and to walk out healed and what happened was far from this. And then they tell you that YOU failed!

What is The Pouyan Method of Brain Repair and Addiction Recovery?

At the Holistic Sanctuary, our 100% Holistic and Successful Treatments make up The Pouyan Method of Addiction Recovery which:

  • Addresses the root of your addiction
  • Removes all traces of opiates in the body
  • Repairs the damage done by the opiates to your brain
  • Reprograms the brain to eliminate negative thought patterns
  • Teaches you how to live a healthier holistic lifestyle


At The Holistic Sanctuary, we are the premiere pioneer in the industry that offers the highest level of healing to the brain and body from all drugs. Dedicated to your complete and permanent end to addictions, we treat the root cause to repair the brain deterioration and erase the impact of opiates on the brain. (Read What Some of Our Clients are Saying)


Our Brain Repair Protocol includes these four important components:

  • Detox first, then rebuild. Your body cannot heal until the poisonous drug residues are removed from the body.
  • Rebuild the brain cells and any cells in the body damaged by the opiates. Flooding them with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and oxygen heals even damaged cells that are not damaged beyond repair. Then these nutrients stimulate the growth and reproduction of healthy new cells. It’s like being reborn.
  • Attack the psychological, environmental, social or spiritual cause of the addiction. The physical cause has already been addressed in #1 and #2.
  • Next design a new lifestyle that supports healthy habits that keep you detoxified, keeps brain cells healthy.

opiate drug rehab

Part of the Pouyan Method includes Plant Medicines that heal you on the deepest level possible. Ask about these when you call us today at 323-606-9904.

No Cookie Cutter Programs at The Holistic Sanctuary!

The Pouyan Method used at The Holistic Sanctuary may seem simple but each client’s protocol is customized for maximum results. That’s because the root cause of your addiction could be vastly different from the next person’s root cause. We believe that Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab could work but only if the method used does not follow any of the templates used at unsuccessful Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Centers. That’s why we had to create a fail-proof method ourselves.

Visionary Johnny the Healer is a Leader in Opiate Addiction Recovery 

Clients call our Founder, Johnny the Healer the visionary behind the revolutionary method that became their lifeline and gave them their life back. (Click to Read His Story here)

Johnny the Healer is the most down to earth guy you’ve ever met. He knows where you’ve been and how you’ve been coping with the Opiate Addiction because there was a time long ago when he was there, too. But with a deep commitment to himself to never see anyone else suffer at the hands of Addiction as his family and he suffered, he devoted his entire life to helping others. He refused to see one more death in those that surrounded him from Addiction to Opiates, Heroin, Oxycontin, Suboxone or anything else.

This commitment fueled turning points in his life to bring about the manifestation of his mission – to never again be in a situation where he couldn’t help someone totally recover from their addiction. But he knew that the conventional Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Center would not work, it had not worked, and even doctors admit it will never work. His persistence, constant learning, continual search and willingness to add the most effective, natural methods brought you the most Revolutionary method of Permanent Addiction Recovery in the world at the Holistic Sanctuary.

If you truly want to eliminate Opiate Addiction, we’re here for you at The Holistic Sanctuary. You know that the Opiate Addiction will hold you back in life – and the conventional Opiate Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Centers will only convince you that it’s all your fault why you fail again and again.

Life is too precious to lose and you are too valuable to society. Come to The Holistic Sanctuary and let us show you who you were meant to be and help you get there. Your journey will be filled with things to learn and we’ll even make it fun.

Permanently End Opiate Addiction Now!

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