The trials and tribulations that one most go through when dealing with addiction is enough to break most people and cause great anguish and grief. The methods that have been used over and over again at various clinics and centers around the world just have not shown to be effective for many people who experience them, causing them to relapse or fall into further despair thanks to addictions to medications that were supposed to help them get off drugs in the first place. People have now begun searching for a better alternative, one that is more natural and takes the whole body, mind and soul into consideration in order to be healed and the Pouyan Method is leading the way.

The Basics of the Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is one that has been developed and used by Johnny the Healer at The Holistic Sanctuary, a drug rehab and treatment center located in Baja, Mexico. The method helps people to break away from the conventional methods they were always told would work at other clinics where prescription medications such as Methadone and Suboxone are used to replace one addiction with another and the standard “12 step) program style teaches that patients will never be cured of their “disease.” The Pouyan Method flies in the face of tradition by letting you know that you do not have a disease and with the right approach you can be cured.

What the Pouyan Method Offers

For those that seek treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary, the Pouyan method provides a treatment unlike one at any other center in the world. The method incorporates a variety of holistic and natural therapies, along with counseling and other therapeutic methods that are all non-invasive, incorporated with a completely organic diet that helps a person to heal not just on a physical level but one that is mental, emotional and spiritual as well. Each program is customized to fit the individual needs of each client so you can be sure that you are getting specialized care and treatment and the method works to return your brain, body and soul to where you were before addiction occurred.

The Pouyan Method has been used by thousands to help them overcome problems with addiction so that they never have to face the demons that drugs have caused them in the past. This method and its combination of therapies gives new hope to those that have experienced it as they can reclaim their lives, become healed and get back to the lives they once knew.