Meet Our Founder Johnny The Healer

As the Founder and Director of The Holistic Sanctuary, I have an absolute commitment to healing people battling addiction. Thanks to my original, safe, effective, exclusive and all-natural treatments, which heal the brain by repairing and resetting neurotransmitters to their pre-addictive state, this helps heal patients to permanently end their addiction to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications.

This solution, known as the Pouyan Method, is the result of my personal journey to defeat my addiction and cure myself. Based on a half-decade of my own research, development, testing, consistent confirmation of results and independent testimonials from patients, I enable people to recover more quickly from the pain – both physical and emotional – associated with chemical dependencies and substance abuse.

This protocol also accelerates the detoxification process, eliminating cravings and the withdrawal symptoms, which make it impossible for conventional rehabs to achieve the same outcomes. Those centers rely on outdated techniques and scientifically false theories. Instead, The Holistic Sanctuary offers a compassionate and successful way for the body to naturally release the endorphins for shedding the toxins – to literally sweat the poisons out of the system – and rebuild damaged areas of the brain and central nervous system at the cellular level.

This emphasis on customized care is also free of the severe side effects of both prescription medicines and outdated tosic treatments, which only complicate and worsen existing forms of addiction. My dedication to only using natural solutions reflects my knowledge of the root causes of long-term chemical dependency, as well as my own tragic experiences with conventional drug treatment centers, 12-step programs and society’s addiction to any or all forms of Western medicine.

In short, I am a survivor: Addiction claimed the lives of my mother (to depression) and my brother (to suicide), and nearly did the same to me. So, I sympathize – no, I empathize – with individuals and families suffering from this curable condition.

In contrast, traditional rehab facilities indoctrinate patients – they masquerade propaganda as fact, telling patients addiction is an incurable disease – and compound the problem with untested but extremely dangerous combinations of prescription medications, which contain substantial or irreversible side effects like: Liver damage, renal failure (requiring dialysis or a transplant), high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, bone and joint decay, mania, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and even death (because of the potency of these collective drugs, concentrated in a single “cocktail”).

Despite these risks, and no matter the high rate of failure and relapse among people at these centers, I know, as a former patient myself, that the so-called experts put individuals on a path to destruction. Had I continued on that path – if I had entrusted my fate to doctors and conventional drug rehabs – I would have been another statistic: A fatality, one of thousands, who needlessly died because of a bankrupt ideology and a toxic brand of treatment.

Avoiding that outcome is the reason I am here. My decision – to dismiss the lies and blanket assertions about addiction – is why I am now healed, healthy and energetic. That experience, the pursuit of alternative ways to end addiction, is part of a larger, life-changing phenomenon: A promise that, even with the passing of my mother and brother, and though we will never have the chance (in this world) to embrace and love one another again as a family, it is not too late to save the lives of other mothers and brothers, sisters, fathers, friends and cousins — the tens of thousands of people who desperately need a treatment that works.

These individuals should no longer have to play a “treatment guessing game,” where ineffective and antiquated programs – including those offered at the most expensive and allegedly “Best Drug Rehabs in America” – are the norm. That practice is wrong, both medically (it further ruins people by attacking the immune system and creating new cravings) and morally (it financially devastates patients, who seek multiple rounds of the same treatments, only to relapse within days or weeks after leaving a conventional drug rehab center).

In fact, I know why these treatments fail at least 90% of the time. These centers refuse to change, have a stubborn close-minded attitude and perpetuate an approach plagued by toxicity: They dispense massive amounts of prescription drugs, apply invasive and unnecessary procedures, along with attack therapy, which forces patients into submission. These tactics weaken or enslave people, convincing them that addiction is a lifelong, incurable disease.

These people deserve vindication, not vengeance, so they can be healed, empowered and inspired to liberate themselves from the chains of addiction.

In addition, labeling someone an incurable victim – a person with a genetic predisposition to succumb to drugs and alcohol – is one of the most inaccurate and unhelpful things an individual can hear. Still, conventional drug rehab centers persist in harming patients – with drugs and words synonymous with defeat and desperation – while delivering the same, generic, one-size-fits-all approach that does not, cannot and will never work. From street drugs to prescription drugs, these treatment facilities crush the chances of patients to lead productive lives, while further damaging a person’s brain and expanding the areas of addiction.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we cure addiction, period. We heal the brain — the very organ assaulted by alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications and other toxic chemicals. And, regardless of which chemical damaged a person’s brain, our mission is clear: To restore harmony and balance, so a guest can regain their health, function freely and properly, and enjoy a second chance at life.

Most importantly, we never use toxic medications like suboxone or subutex, which cause horrific side effects and are undeniably dangerous. Our therapy works, without any short- or long-term adverse reactions.

You need not take my word for it, since other centers may copy our language, though they cannot duplicate our methods, because we can confirm we have the highest success rate in the world. We have the evidence, from our guests and the brain scans of healed patients, to highlight the safety, success and caliber of our work.

My center also features exceptionally qualified, handpicked (by me) professionals, who are kind, loving and holistic-based practitioners of Alternative Medicine. In a word, they heal. Also, as I continue to diligently labor to enable more people to receive my powerful, all-natural cure, I maintain my dream – it will be a reality – to help anyone dealing with addiction. In memory of my mother and brother, it is my honor to treat you or a loved one.

I promise you will not find a comparable solution elsewhere, which is as comprehensive, measurable, verifiable and effective as the one available at The Holistic Sanctuary.

That guarantee is my solemn oath to you.

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