We are a nationally and internationally recognized Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Center that has been helping individuals identify and overcome their addictions and dependency. Addictive behavior and substance abuse robs individuals of the opportunity to live a full and complete life. Addiction destroys your most important relationships, jeopardizes your career and compromises your identity. However, our comprehensive and integrative Mind-Body-Spirit approach can help you regain control of your life, eliminate your addiction and accomplish more than you have ever imagined.

There are many programs that claim to be Holistic, however, all too often these Drug Treatment Centers do not truly honor the natural art of healing.  Instead they utilize ineffective twelve-step programs that label addicts as diseased and incurable. Worse, they might encourage the use of unnecessary medications and endless group meetings from morning till night. Such approaches have continually failed individuals in need, which is why we offer something drastically different.

We never label our clients as diseased or force submission and have them accept they are powerless. Rather our Holistic Drug Rehab offers cutting-edge modalities, these proven techniques have been shown to reduce, prevent, and heal underline cause that are the real reason for addiction. We are no shape or form like other programs that are cult like.

Our methods include Ibogaine detox, IV amino acid therapy, yoga, hyperbaric chamber therpay, Prana / Reiki energy healing, hypnotherapy, craniosacral, bio-neuro-feedback, metaphysics, personal training and much more. We provide these superior physical, emotional and mental therapies through an individual recovery plan tailored to each of our clients. We honor the body’s natural healing powers, and supply the very best detox by serving only organic foods, superfood shakes, micro and macro nutritional meals, live food and active enzymes that clinically shown to reverse and heal most if not all diseases known and unknown to man.

By successfully and comprehensively integrating all of these components we can truly offer you the very best Holistic Drug Treatment

available today. Further, at our facility you will not only gain the tools and foundation for a complete and lasting recovery, but you will also become empowered to live a more balanced, successful and happy life. Why wait any longer to begin living the way you’ve always imagined.

Contact our Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Center’s  support staff to begin your recovery today. 323-606-9904