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Holistic Modalities We Offer Pouyan Method


Do not be fooled by Holistic Treatment Programs claiming to be a Holistic Rehab Center, this is the new lingo all drug rehabs are using to rake in new clients, yes even conventional Rehabs that base all their therapies from AA 12 Step Model.

 Below is a list of most, if not all, Holistic & Alternative Healing Modalities available out there. If a drug rehab uses anything other than the list below, or uses less of any of these treatments, chances are greater they are NOT 100% Holistic Based, like us at The Holistic Sanctuary.

We Do Not Use Medication to mask symptoms…… EVER!  No Holistic Rehabilitation Program should! 

At The Holistic Sanctuary we offer more Holistic Modalities and Natural Healing Therapies combined under one roof. More than any other Center in the World. Best of all we are the only one using the "Pouyan Method" see 
Brain Scan Page.

We are the leader and authority on this revolutionary approach to actually healing addiction and reversing all damages and underline causes in the brain. No Drug Rehab Center dares break free from an outdate and in-effective disease model approach, but we are here, leading the way. 

Most Treatment Centers that treat alcohol and drug addiction will make claims that their apporach works, but none of them can stand up and show the proof like we can, on brain scans.

We Heal Your Brain So You Can Heal Your Life!
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