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How Does Ibogaine Iboga Plant Root work

 It is very important to understand the scientific explanation of ibogaine healing that was prevalent from 1994 to 2009 – that the actual anti-addictive effect came from a long-lived metabolite (nor-ibogaine) that elevated mood by lifting serotonin levels while weakly binding to opioid receptors “to pre-empt cravings”.  You must understand this or try to. Like many explanations this on was only partially true. The researchers realized quickly this natural plant has the potential of ending cravings indefinitely in 6-8 hours 80% of all test subjects.

In 2005 a University of California researcher, Dorit Ron, discovered the reason ibogaine is so effective for the whole range of abused substance, including meth-amphetamine and cocaine. Within 6 hrs it causes a 12-fold increase in the expression of a growth factor, GDNF, that not only re-sprouts dopamine neurons but back-signals to cell nuclei telling them to make more GDNF, so that neural regeneration persists even after ibogaine washes out of the body, accounting for its persistent effect.

So ibogaine’s effect go thru three stages:
1) A combination of n-methyl-d-aspartate blockade (like ketamine), alpha-3-beta-4 nicotinic acetyl-choline blockade (like wellbutrin) and kappa opiate activity (like salvia divinorum, makes you feel your own endorphins again) knocks out withdrawal in 30 minutes, craving in 45 minutes…too soon for noribogaine to really get going.
2) Flood dose of ibogaine overpowers the liver and depots in body fat (being lipophilic, as the desmethylated, water-soluable nor-ibogaine is not) slowly leaking out and turning into the nor form thru the action of enzymes the blood, so the addict gets this great serotonin high for 6 to 12 weeks helping with mood.
3) Within 48 hrs of taking ibogaine neurons all over the brain are growing new receptors so you don’t need artificially high levels of your drug of abuse to have normal dopamine function. This is the most important effect, since without dopamine, most addicts feel they can’t get anything started, and eventually relapse.

Ibogaine has a cure rate of up-to 80% success rate for 6 months, 

The key element to staying clean is total lifestyle change. A person that detox’s with Ibogaine must have  a plan to change every toxic aspect of his or her life. Change environment, friends, boy friend, girl friend, best friend. They must change the areas they live work or hang out. The only way to win is not to play.  Life is precious, wasting it on drugs is not serving anyone. We have seen powerful shifts in each client we serve. The results are ground breaking and more and more our success at curing all addictions is more rewarding than anything to us.

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