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 There is a tragic misconception in the medical world today, and for many years now. This misconception leaves many people struggling and trapped in addictive behaviors. They are trapped because they believe what they’ve been told – that addiction is an incurable illness they are born with. 

Of course there are people who “recover” from their addiction after going to drug rehabilitation or alcohol treatment or going through an opiate detox or seeking medication like methadone for heroin detox. These people are fortunate that they regain some function, but even those who seemingly recover are still not free of the underlying problems. As for those who do not get relief from drug rehabilitation or alcohol detox, they simply continue to get worse. This is quite sad, because there is a solution to chronic addiction problems. This solution is unlike any other non AA rehab, holistic drug treatment, or non 12 Step drug rehabilitation.

The Holistic Sanctuary
is not just a private drug rehab. While we are a holistic drug rehab center, our goal is not recovery. We cure our patients of addiction. We treat alcohol addiction, opiate and prescription drug addiction, eating disorders and sexual addiction.  As an alternative drug rehab center, we understand the bold claim we make in promising to cure addictions. As a holistic drug rehab, we understand that most people have never heard of Ibogaine treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or bio-neuro feedback. 

 We know that addiction is not a medical problem; it cannot be cured through prescriptions. We believe that a lifetime of going to daily or weekly meetings does not constitute “recovery” from addiction. We define a cure as the absence of the addiction.

Our program begins with detox, our Ibogaine Those who choose to continue with a full program after the seven-day detox will go through a holistic drug rehab process to fully cure the entire being and remove the addiction forever.

In our program, we treat the entire being, which means treating the three aspects of the person. 

First, the mind and thoughts, which respond to hypnotherapy, guided meditation, EFT, bio-neural feedback, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and non-punitive motivational/counseling, along with other therapies and modalities.

Second, we treat the body and its biochemistry. This is something that most drug programs think they do. Their approach is medical, and ours is that of an alternative drug rehab. We can bring to bear a variety of different treatment modalities, including nutritional education, infrared light therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, and immune repair. 

The third aspect of the person we address is the soul and spirit. We use yoga, energy healing, reconnection healing, acupuncture, spiritual counseling and other treatments to bring the soul into alignment with the body and mind.

Our Center is a top rated drug rehab and our Pouyan Method is the only program that provides a true cure for addiction.

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