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We cure addiction and will guarantee your results and your success. We are the most renowned drug rehab and addiction treatment cure center in the world, because we offer something other drug rehab programs don’t, Proven methods that heal and repair the brain to a pre-addicted state. Each guest receives over 35 hours of one on one per week! That’s more than any center anywhere 100% Guaranteed!

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Ibogaine Treatment

An all natural psychoactive alkaloid used by indigenous tribes for decades to break destructive habitual behaviors. A one of a kind experience only offered by the Holistic Sanctuary Read more…

Luxury Drug Rehab

Our facilities are 5 star accommodations one would find in a resort. Not only are our facilities relaxing, but invigorating, seamlessly blending both health and luxury. Read more…

Ayahuasca Retreat Centers

Holistic, Natural, Pure, and Effective. Ayahuasca method is time tested and world renowned, specified for each addiction, tailored to each patient, to yield maximum results. Read more…

Pouyan Method

We hold the patented rights to the phenomenal drug detox treatment protocol “The Pouyan Method.” This exclusive treatment offers you a safe, natural, effective recovery. Read more…

Best Drug Rehab

The Holistic Sanctuary Guarantees To Heal, End, and Cure any Opiate Addiction. If you come in addicted to Heroin you will walk out Healed. Read more…

Holistic Drug Rehab

Johnny The Healer

Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie is the founder, creator, and director of the Holistic Sanctuary. He founded The Holistic Sanctuary after he cured himself of a 20 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. Read more…


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What do Our Patients Say about The Holistic Sanctuary

I got hooked on opiates 8 years ago. I have been to 7 rehabs in america to get me off of opiates, I was put on more drugs by them, all of rehabs put me on medications! I was a zombie and could not feel me soul. My parents kept telling me I was a different person, they were right! The toxic medications the doctors put me on were killing me and my soul was gone.

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Johnny, I can’t thank you enough! I really wish I found you sooner.
My life has been so amazing since the moment I started my healing session. The things that have held me back in my life seem to not bother me as much, they simply don’t matter, its as if it just lost its power over me. I am very positive now and do not talk about negative things. I am still doing my affirmations.

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“Every Addiction is  100% curable”

Our Drug Rehab Center Guarantees:

  • Healing to a cellular level

  • Resolution for your addictions underlying causes

  • Safe detoxification of narcotic remnants in your body

  • Healing of the brain to it’s natural state, prior to addiction

  • No prescription drugs, ever, period.

  • No group meetings from morning to evening.

  • Education for a thoroughly new holistic lifestyle.

  • Interruption and breakdown of negative paradigms and mentalities.

Our Number ONE Priority are Our Patients

Heroin Addiction Treatment

The holistic treatment center is a one of the kind treatment center that is unrivalled globally regarding drug rehabilitation. Our world exclusive “Pouyan Method” is unlike any other treatment available. In fact, The Holistic Sanctuary owns the patented rights to this phenomenal drug treatment protocol. Working holistically to heal from the inside out without prescription medication, The Pouyan method gives permanent results. It often reverses what is considered to be “irreversible brain damage” caused by consistent drug / alcohol abuse.  This deep level of recovery heals the mind back to it’s state prior to addiction.


The Holistic Sanctuary does not strive to profit from your treatment. Though we do need to pay our bills, we do not view our patients as income. Our vision is to offer Holistic, natural, effective healing to those faced with severe addiction to our fullest extent. Our patients are our number one priority, not profits. Don’t wait to take your life back. Our doors are always open to anyone searching for the healing they need for addiction recovery. Call us today, and let us help heal you or your loved ones back to normal.


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